The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 684 - Mu Ye’s Return

Chapter 684: Mu Ye’s Return

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Cries of alarm echoed through the entire Star Luo Coliseum. Shrek Academy’s contingent dashed out from the waiting area promptly.
Even Dai Yun’er could not help covering her dainty mouth. Her gaze was filled with fear.
Madman Long, he was Madman Long!
The audience saw blood splattering all over when he stepped onto Tang Wulin. Even a steel bar would be deformed from such a heavy stomp!
Madman Long did not seem to be satisfied yet. His right leg was raised again and soon, he stomped ferociously on Tang Wulin’s body again.
Meanwhile, a figure dashed toward the competition stage in a hurry. A stream of red light flashed past as he moved to the front of the soul protective shield which was breached by force to everyone’s surprise.
The figure slammed angrily into Long Yue just as his right leg was about to stomp on Tang Wulin for the second time.
A shocking scene ensued. Long Yue’s enormous body was blown away instantly toward the other side of the competition stage from the impact.
On the audience platform, En Ci’s body swayed once, and he appeared on the competition stage in the next moment. He blocked the figure that knocked Long Yue away.
“Who are you? How dare you make trouble in Star Luo City?” En Ci clasped his hands behind his back. His transcendent powerful aura burst forth from his body. In a flash, the entire competition stage’s soul protective shield was shattered instantly to everyone’s amazement.
The individual was suspended in midair as he looked at En Ci coldly. There was a three-meter long epee in his right hand. The epee’s color was blood red while his skin was a ghastly dark golden color as he stared at En Ci grimly, with an aura no less inferior to En Ci’s.
En Ci was astonished as he was the number one man who deserved his title Rank-98 Title Douluo. He was the absolute powerhouse, yet, the person before him had an aura that was no lesser than his. How high was the person’s cultivation base?
Elder Cai had already flown out when Long Yue stamped on Tang Wulin the first time, but the unknown individual managed to arrive first despite moving later. Hence, Elder Cai arrived on the competition stage a moment later, right behind the mysterious individual.
The mystery person who came was no other than Body Sect’s sect master Mu Ye!
For the time being, Shrek Academy’s contingent had made their way near the competition stage. Nonetheless, the aura on the competition stage was so horrendous that there was no way they could approach it.
Gu Yue’s hands and even her lips were quivering. She felt a crushing pain in her heart when Long Yue stepped on Tang Wulin with his foot.
“Roar…” Long Yue had already stood up from the ground afar. His eyes had completely turned a bright red, and he was rushing wildly toward Mu Ye. The aura on his body was growing stronger and his fourth soul ring was about to glow.
“Enough!” En Ci stretched out to slap the back of his hand. A stream of golden light descended from the sky and enshrouded Long Yue’s body like a chain, binding him so he could no longer move.
“Is this a match?” Elder Cai’s furious voice echoed.
En Ci had an apologetic expression on his face. “There’s a possibility of losing control when Long Yue’s martial soul is used at full force. In any case, everyone had signed the death disclaimer form in the individual match. I’m truly sorry. Save Tang Wulin first.”
Mu Ye looked at him coldly. “Very well.”
He only uttered those two words when he tossed the epee in his right hand. The red epee transformed into a stream of red light and vanished silently into thin air. He descended from the sky landing beside Tang Wulin. He pressed his right hand onto his body and carried out a simple examination. Then, he picked up Tang Wulin cautiously.
There was no word fit to describe Tang Wulin’s condition at the moment. The battle armor on his body had disappeared and fused into his body once again. His chest had collapsed. It was apparent that his sternum was crushed. The golden scales on his body had a fading radiance. There was blood all around the surrounding area. He was worse than dead.
Mu Ye picked up Tang Wulin and turned to take another glance at En Ci. Then, he transformed into a stream of light that shimmered once before vanishing.
The Douluo Continent delegation leader Tang Bingyao stood up on the audience platform. He looked toward Dai Tianling. “Your Highness, I wish to ask for an explanation. Why didn’t you stop Long Yue from killing when it was obvious that he had an absolute advantage under the circumstance that his martial soul couldn’t be controlled? I don’t believe that the judge couldn’t do that.”
Dai Tianling’s expression was gloomy. He did not expect such a situation to happen either. “We’ll provide an explanation to your respected delegation. I didn’t expect the match to turn out this way either. We didn’t manage to handle the emergency situation which happened in such a short time. The empire will be providing the best medical services for the contestant Tang Wulin.”
The audience did not cheer because of the match’s result. Everyone could tell that Long Yue had lost control during the last few moments. He was going to kill Tang Wulin as this was no longer a competition to him, but a life and death battle.
No matter how powerful Long Yue was, he would not be an asset to the country if he was incapable of controlling himself. On the contrary, he might even bring catastrophe to the man on the street.
Thus, their gaze as they looked at Long Yue did not seem like they were looking at a hero, but someone fearsome instead.
“What are we going to do? Where is that person taking the captain to?” Xie Xie asked anxiously. He had a very close relationship with Tang Wulin. They were well acquainted with each other having been among the earliest to join the group. He would never be who he was today without Tang Wulin’s help all these years.
Gu Yue’s body was still quivering. Tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably. Her heart was in a chaotic mess at this moment.
“Don’t panic everyone. Since the person has taken the captain away, it means that the captain’s still alive. There’s still a chance to save him. It’s not pragmatic for us to go searching blindly. Let’s return to the hotel and wait.” Ye Xinglan was the most clear-headed person at present.
Yuanen Yehui nodded in agreement and spoke, “That’s right. Tang Wulin’s going to be fine for sure. His ability to take a beating is strong. He’s going to be fine.”
Xu Xiaoyan bawled aloud.
Anyhow, they had seen Tang Wulin’s battered body from all the trampling. There was so much blood on the floor.
Gu Yue clenched her teeth as she turned and ran away. Everybody hastily chased after her in the exit direction.
Elder Cai descended from the sky. Her expression was changing between worried and confused which left her heart at a loss. ‘Was I wrong? Allowing these children to face it all by themselves, was I wrong?’
A figure skittered past her side. It was Wu Zhangkong.
Elder Cai turned her head and looked toward him. Wu Zhangkong’s gaze now was colder than usual. “Elder Cai, I don’t care what sort of place this is, nor do I care whether I’m a delegation team member or not. If Tang Wulin dies, I’ll certainly kill Long Yue.” He turned around and left upon saying that. His figure shot out at a speed that was unusually swift.
A match that was supposed to be fantastic beyond compare had turned into an unforeseen disaster during the grand finale. It was beyond anyone’s expectation.
However, now that the situation had played out this way, everyone had only one question in their minds. Was Tang Wulin still alive?
Long Yue had calmed down gradually on the competition stage under En Ci’s supervision. He was well aware of what happened earlier. His expression was gloomy as he walked down the stage.
The audience had mixed emotions. They were obviously on the winning side, yet not many were feeling jubilant.
“Teacher, is it true that Long Yue’s emotion is uncontrollable once he uses his martial soul at full force?” Dai Tianling asked En Ci.
En Ci naturally understood Dai Tianling’s motive. He sighed. “I have been trying hard to help him control his emotions all along. However, it is very difficult to solve the problem caused by the Mountain Dragon King Bloodline. We can only proceed with caution at the moment. I’ll personally supervise him. If he’s incapable of controlling his emotions, I won’t allow him to leave the academy.”
“Oh, what a waste.” Dai Tianling shook his head.