The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 686 - Eight Extraordinary Meridians

Chapter 686: Eight Extraordinary Meridians

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In his heart, Tang Wulin was feeling a little uncertain.
Old Tang asked with a deep voice, “If I were to give you another chance, would you still choose to do it again?”
Tang Wulin shook his head. “No, I’d certainly do it better next time. I’ve already got a feel for some of Long Yue’s skills. When he was focusing all his efforts to launch his abilities, it seemed like he had trouble controlling his emotions. That’s an opportunity that I can take advantage of. Although I may not triumph over him, at least I won’t lose so badly.”
Old Tang’s voice was heard again but this time, it was gentler, “Seems to me like your courage mounts as the battle progresses.”
“Heh-heh.” Tang Wulin chuckled. “Haven’t I been like that all this time? Since you say I’m still alive, when can I return?”
Old Tang spoke, “Of course you’re still alive! You can return when your body has healed sufficiently. Moreover, as long as I’m alive, you can’t die as well.”
“Oh?” Tang Wulin was confused by Old Tang’s statement. However, he immediately recalled Old Tang’s assistance in the past when he encountered immense danger while he was breaking the Golden Dragon King Seal.
“Old Tang, how is that you actually exist within my body? You seem to have a thorough understanding of everything. It’s as though… you’re omniscient,” Tang Wulin asked curiously.
Old Tang spoke flatly, “I’m but a wisp of spiritual consciousness. You’ll naturally understand when it’s time to understand. When you’re powerful enough to protect yourself, all traces of my spirit will vanish.”
“How about your real body? Who are you, actually?” Tang Wulin inquired intently.
Old Tang was quiet. “I’ll tell you when I’m about to leave.”
Tang Wulin was baffled for a moment. “So why can’t you tell me now?”
Old Tang smiled. “Silly little child. Everyone has his own life. If I were to tell you what’s going to happen in your life including your encounters and everything that happened around you, wouldn’t I be giving you spoilers of your future? In that case, is there anything else that is exciting in your life anymore? You’re actually already doing well now. You have a positive attitude and with that comes your hardworking nature. I’m satisfied with your performance. I only hope to see you grow up healthily and happily. Then, bring these memories to a place far away.”
Tang Wulin spoke in astonishment, “What do you mean to a place far away?”
Old Tang was quiet. His emotion suddenly became slightly depressed. Tang Wulin could even sense the sorrow in his aura.
“Old Tang, what’s wrong? Don’t be sad. I won’t ask anymore,” Tang Wulin hastily added.
Old Tang shook his head gently. “I’m fine. Alright, since you’re going to be here for a while, don’t waste the opportunity any longer. Your foundation is already built rather impressive now. I’m going to teach you something. There’s one skill from the Tang Sect Technique which you’ve learned that can be adjusted. I’m going to help you to adjust it a little. We’ll begin with the Mysterious Heaven Method first.”
Tang Wulin’s Mysterious Heaven Method was learned from the precious recordings in addition to Wu Zhangkong’s guidance. He could not help feeling surprised upon learning that Old Tang wished to guide him on the Mysterious Heaven Method. ‘Is Old Tang skilled in the Mysterious Heaven Method as well?’
Tang Wulin suddenly sensed some changes in his body. He lowered his head subconsciously to take a look only to find veins of his meridians emerging on his body. Every single one of his meridian veins were glowing and appeared unusually obvious.
Old Tang allowed him to sit down cross-legged before speaking with a deep voice, “Your overall cultivation is correct but there’s more to the Mysterious Heaven Method’s excellent uses than what you’ve comprehended. You can begin trying out some things after your foundation is firm. You can draw support from its blood essence power the next time you have achieved your breakthrough to the Golden Dragon King Seal, and start attempt to open up your Eight Extraordinary Meridians. It’s extremely dangerous to open up your Eight Extraordinary Meridians, that’s why it’s not recorded in Tang Sect’s Mysterious Heaven Method precious recordings. With your firm and tensile meridians in addition to your body’s excellent foundation, you can start attempting it now. Next, remember the details of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. Don’t miss anything out or make mistakes on that part.”
‘Eight Extraordinary Meridians?’
Tang Wulin’s spirit was refreshed when brand new knowledge was revealed to him. He began listening to old Tang’s explanation in all apparent seriousness.

“This brat has already used up my third tub of liquid medicine. He’s actually capable of absorbing it at such a speed. Is his body a bottomless pit?” Mu Ye put his hands on his hips as he stood in the bathroom, truly feeling a slight gloom.
Tang Wulin had already been soaking in the liquid medicine in the bathtub for five days and five nights. Tang Wulin’s body was like a gigantic sponge that continuously absorbed the energy within the liquid medicine.
A tub of murky liquid medicine would gradually turn clear after soaking him for more than a day’s time. Tang Wulin’s aura had also turned from its initial weakness, gradually becoming denser and heavier. Although it was apparent that his life was no longer in danger any longer, he had yet to wake up. His entire person still remained in a deep sleep.
In order to ensure that Tang Wulin was not in danger, Mu Ye changed the liquid medicine for another two times. The liquid medicine was extremely precious, and it took him great effort to acquire these. However, he could only grit his teeth and continued what he was doing to save Tang Wulin.
The blood essence in Tang Wulin’s body was gradually growing exuberant. His bones and meridians were healing at an extremely fast speed. Mu Ye had already realized that his bones were healed when he examined Tang Wulin’s body after the first time he used the liquid medicine. It was extremely miraculous.
What kind of self-healing was this! His body was deformed after he was stamped by Long Yue at the time yet surprisingly, he was capable of healing so quickly! Aside from still being unable to regain consciousness, his vital signs were already no different from when it was under normal circumstances. It was only that he could not tell how long it would be before the young lad would completely regain consciousness. Before that happened, he was still not completely out of danger.
However, it was a fortune within a misfortune that his brain remained unharmed during that fateful day.
Today was the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s dual match grand finale. It was not out of the expectation that the final champion was from Long Yue and Dai Yun’er’s team.
Long Yue’s powerful performance during the individual match terrified his opponents who were lined up to fight him. Shrek Academy’s team chose to give up the match so it was almost an easy advance for him during the final stage of the competition. He received the laurel crown in the end.
The runner-up was Dai Yueyan and Su Mu’s team. Monster Academy took the top two spots for the match. If it was not due to Hua Lantang and Ye Zhi who were eliminated by Tang Wulin and Gu Yue during the elimination round, the first three places would belong to Monster Academy.
In the Grand Star Luo Hotel, during dinner.
“Let’s participate in the group match’s finale!” Gu Yue placed her eating utensils down and spoke with a deep voice.
Everyone’s gaze was focused on her instantly.
Gu Yue continued in a deep voice, “Wulin isn’t here. I’ll be the captain. If he’s still with us, he’ll definitely never give the upcoming matches up. We shall seek back what we’ve lost earlier and use our victories from the matches to welcome his return. Are all of you willing to do it with me?”
Ever since Tang Wulin was brought away by Mu Ye, the atmosphere during meal times became especially depressing because they were missing that captain who could eat more than everybody else alone.
Even Xu Lizhi was eating lesser than usual. Tang Wulin had never returned since the incident, and they did not even know if the captain was still alive. The Star Luo Empire’s government had called in many forces for the search and yet, Tang Wulin’s whereabouts continued to evade their watchful eyes all along.
Elder Cai and Wu Zhangkong had been working together in the search with the Star Luo Empire government. They had even called in the Tang Sect’s forces in Star Luo City. However, it was as if Tang Wulin had vanished into thin air without leaving any traces behind.
They could not but feel like their hearts were wavering. ‘Was the captain already…’ There was only Gu Yue that firmly believed Tang Wulin was still alive all along, that he was still alive for sure.
“Yes!” Ye Xinglan replied.
“I’ll join in to avenge the captain.” Xie Xie’s eyes were slightly reddened. His tightly fisted hands pressed onto the table.
Yuanen Yehui spoke indifferently, “I’ll join.”
Xu Lizhi spoke, “I’ll be making meat buns for all of you.”
Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan gazed into the eyes of one another before nodding firmly at the same time.
It was as if there were seven flames burning around the round table. Everyone’s aura was becoming more exuberant in an obvious manner.
For Shrek’s honor… For Tang Wulin… They were going to participate in the group match.
They would wait for their captain’s return as they participated in the competition.
“No, all of you aren’t allowed to participate,” an icy cold voice echoed from nearby at this moment. It was Wu Zhangkong.
He walked in great strides and stood next to the table. “Wulin’s whereabouts is already unknown. I can’t allow all of you to risk your lives again. Don’t participate in the matches afterward. I’ve already discussed this matter with Elder Cai. I’ll be bringing all of you to tour the Star Luo Continent for a period of time before our return to the Douluo Continent.”
Gu Yue raised her head and looked at him. She spoke coldly, “Teacher Wu, since the academy didn’t interfere and intervene with us since the earlier matches, I hope that the academy will act as such and not intervene with us in the following matches as well.”
Wu Zhangkong frowned. “I’m very sorry about the incident that happened during the individual match. However, I can’t allow all of you to risk your lives again.”