The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 687 - Participating In the Group Match

Chapter 687: Participating In the Group Match

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Gu Yue spoke coldly, “Whatever Tang Wulin can do, we can do as well. Not only for the academy, but for him.”
Wu Zhangkong spoke with a deep voice, “This is the academy’s order.”
“A field commander must decide even against the king’s orders. Moreover, we have already participated in the earlier rounds and entered the final stage without any problems.” Gu Yue refused to give in at all.
Wu Zhangkong was about to respond when Gu Yue suddenly stood up. She turned around and walked toward the outside.
Wu Zhangkong suddenly sensed a gush of exuberant spiritual energy bursting out from Gu Yue’s body just as she stood up. Even with a cultivation base like his, Wu Zhangkong’s upper body could not help swaying.
As Gu Yue walked out in great strides, Wu Zhangkong looked at her in astonishment. Could her spiritual power be that formidable?
“Teacher Wu, we wish to participate in the match.” Yuanen Yehui also stood up and spoke in a calm yet determined tone.
The rest of them rose one after another and followed behind Gu Yue as they left.
The academy did not provide any guidance to them during the individual competition. How could they not feel aggrieved in their hearts when Tang Wulin was severely injured and then disappeared in the end?
They wished to vent the frustration they felt over the past few days with a fight. They wanted to use their own action to wait for the captain’s return.
Shrek Academy’s seven students announced that they would participate in the follow-up final stage of the group match.
When the news broke out, it caused a great uproar in Star Luo City.
After the individual match’s profoundly disturbing scene, the two-on-two category became much less interesting without the participation of Shrek Academy’s students.
The common people had also gradually calmed down after Long Yue’s victory. On the contrary, they were anticipating the arrival of this exciting match.
Shrek Academy did not disappoint them when they announced that the students were participating in the following group match. The group match would be an all-rounded confrontation for all of them. Of course, Monster Academy had a very high chance of winning, but winning the group match would only reveal that Monster Academy was even more powerful than Shrek Academy.
After the group category entered its final stage, the system would be slightly changed. It was no longer the standard seven-on-seven battle, but it included a few rounds of matches in order to reveal the group’s power in an all-rounded manner.
There would be three matches of one-on-one, one match of two-on-two in addition to one match of seven-on-seven.
Every contesting group member was allowed to join repeatedly in each different type of match. In other words, a contestant that had participated in the one-on-one match would still be allowed to join the two-on-two match and group match again.
Every one-on-one match scored one point, two points for the two-on-two match and four points for the seven-on-seven match. When all the matches were completed, whichever group had accumulated the most points would successfully proceed to the next round.
There were only sixteen groups that managed to enter the final stage of the group category. Thus, the first round of battles would determine the final eight. A group would need to win four rounds in a row to become the champions.
Among the general public in the Star Luo Empire, there was no doubt that the final victory would still go to Monster Academy. Nevermind the rest of their team, Long Yue alone was the champion of one-on-one and two-on-two matches. He was capable of taking three points in the earlier matches by himself, in addition to entering the group match. With him as the Monster Academy’s backbone, it was almost impossible for them to be defeated.
In fact, he would only need to choose to participate in either one one-on-one match or two-on-two match, in order to guarantee the group’s eventual victory.
Seven out of the Eight Heavenly Kings were one-word battle armor masters. Having such overall power ensured that it was impossible for them to fail in the competition.
The group match was different from the individual match. A single mistake in the individual match could cause one’s total failure. However, the margin for error in the group match was comparatively higher with the group members’ cooperation.
Thus, no one felt that Shrek Academy had the possibility to turn the tables in this group match. However, some of the slightly more sensible among the Star Luo Empire’s common people still expressed appreciation for Shrek Academy’s decision to continue participating in the contest. After all, this would allow them to witness even more exciting matches. Despite knowing that the odds were against them, these youths, who were only fifteen years old, were courageous enough to bear the pressure of almost every common people in the Star Luo Empire and compete in the tournament.
The organizer had already made some arrangements during the round-robin tournament. Thus, as the competition entered its final stage, Monster Academy and Shrek Academy would only face each other at the finale, provided that both sides continued being victorious.
In the Star Luo Coliseum…
“Dear audiences and friends, hello and welcome. I’m Fang’er and it is my pleasure to continue my commentary for this year’s Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition for everyone. I believe that everyone is already aware of Shrek Academy’s representative team’s decision to continue participating in the final stage of the group category. Later on, they’ll be appearing in the first round of the final stage.”
“Ever since the individual category, where Shrek Academy’s representative team’s captain Tang Wulin was severely injured and disappeared, the team faded out of our sight for a week. I wonder about their return this time. What sort of excitement will they bring us in the group category? At the same time, I hope that the contestant Tang Wulin can get well soon.”
Fang’er still had a very good impression of Tang Wulin. He was just a fifteen-year-old youth, yet his performance in such a competition was impressive. It was already a rather difficult task for him to fight his way into the finale match. Moreover, the opponent was still Long Yue. Tang Wulin was even at an advantage with his strength during the fight with Long Yue. This showed that his performance was admirable.
When Long Yue lost control of his emotions in the end and almost directly killed Tang Wulin, this made Fang’er feel very regretful in her heart. As a commentator who was passionate about martial souls, she very much wished to see what Tang Wulin would become when he had grown up in the future very much. She wanted to see how powerful that miraculous bloodline power of his could end up.
Of course, it was impossible for her to express this idea of hers. After all, she was representing her own country.
She had already gone to the waiting area to take a look earlier. Tang Wulin was not there. Right! It was difficult to tell if Tang Wulin could even live with such severe injuries, how could he possibly continue to compete anymore?
Shrek Academy’s representative team today was an army burning with righteous indignation. How were they going to display their fighting capabilities in the match?
On the audience platform, Dai Tianling personally attended to watch today’s match. He would never have come if Shrek Academy had not continued to participate in the competition. He wished to see the performance of Shrek Academy’s representative team in the group category.
There was a total of eight matches to be carried out. It was the day with the most group matches. Shrek Academy’s representative team was arranged to appear in the second match, while Monster Academy was appearing in the seventh match so they would not show up in the morning. It was their turn to compete only in the afternoon.
Sitting in the waiting area, Gu Yue was staring at the empty seat by her side. The seat belonged to Tang Wulin. It was still there, but its owner’s whereabouts were unknown.
‘Wulin, let us use our victories to welcome your return.’
Just as Fang’er had predicted, Shrek Academy’s representative team now was an army burning with righteous indignation. The reason for their participation was not only for Shrek Academy but even more for their missing captain.
They were representing Shrek’s moral integrity. They wished to show all of the Star Luo Empire’s people that they were never fearful!
In the waiting area, the rest of the teams waiting to participate in the competition would occasionally look toward the Shrek squadron’s side. They sensed that the seven from Shrek Academy were akin to volcanoes that could erupt at any moment. They sat there, but they did not speak or move. Their eyes stayed closed like statues.
The first round of matches ended after forty minutes. The accumulated points came to six against three, and one of the groups advanced to the next stage.
“The following match would pit Shrek Academy’s representative team against Sky Academy’s. Will the contestants from both teams of the first round of one-on-one matches please enter the competition arena.”
It was apparent that Shrek Academy had already made their choice earlier. Ye Xinglan, who was sitting in the middle seat, opened her eyes, stood up and walked in great strides toward the competition stage. Everybody else opened their eyes as well.