The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 689 - Complete Dominance

Chapter 689: Complete Dominance

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At the very next moment, starlight shimmered as Ye Xinglan suddenly vanished into thin air. An additional dazzling star was seen in the sky, its starlight illuminating not only the competition stage but the entire Star Luo Coliseum.
The intense life-or-death crisis compelled Xu Xuhang into shouting aloud without the slightest hesitation, “I accept my defeat!”
Then, starlight shone down from the sky and its brightness gradually dimmed. It was then that Ye Xinglan appeared out of thin air, standing in mid-air three meters off the ground. She gently tossed the Stargod Sword in her hand as it rippled with starlight. Her ghastly cold stare only swept past Xu Xuhang once before she took a step forward and landed on the ground.
At present, one could see through the soul screen’s zoom that there were already countless scratches crisscrossing Xu Xuhang’s battle armor.
Although his battle armor was not completely damaged due to his powerful defense, it would still cost him quite some time to restore it to its previous condition.
As Xu Xuhang struggled to stand up from the ground, his eyes were filled with fear. How could the disparity between the both of them be that great when they were both similar one-word battle armor masters?! It was obvious that his cultivation base was higher than hers! Yet, he somehow felt like he would not even stand a chance if he were to go against Ye Xinglan.
The audiences were all stirred up. This was the first time they had ever witnessed the appearance of a one-word battle armor master in Shrek Academy squad, what more one that appeared along with such an intense battle!
Fang’er had already introduced Xu Xuhang as Sky Academy’s captain but to everyone’s surprise, it was also this exact captain who did not even stand a chance when he took Ye Xinglan on in combat. The match had only lasted for about a dozen seconds before it decisively ended. More than anything else, the audience only saw starlight covering the entire battleground.
Fang’er took a deep breath before making a concluding commentary for the match, “This is an utter victory where one dominated the other. I didn’t expect that the most powerful person from Shrek Academy wouldn’t be the captain, Tang Wulin but instead, it’s the contestant Ye Xinglan! She was also equipped with her one-word battle armor that made her so suffocatingly powerful in combat.
She spoke the words from the bottom of her heart as she had never expected that Ye Xinglan would actually be so unbelievably powerful to such an extent.
As Ye Xinglan floated away from the stage and scored the first point for her group, the second person from Shrek Academy’s bench simultaneously stood up. It was Yue Zhengyu.
His expression appeared slightly somber as he strode forward to the competition stage. On the other hand, Sky Academy’s team sank into a momentary pause.
They had lost. Their captain had lost so easily and he was the strongest person from Sky Academy, the captain Xu Xuhang! They had a total of two one-word battle armor masters but the next battle armor master was not as powerful as Xu Xuhang. What would they do for the second match?
Yue Zhengyu spread the wings behind his back and lifted himself up into the air before he landed on the stage. As one of the few assault-type soul masters from the Shrek squadron, this was still his first time on the competition stage after he was severely injured in his defeat against Long Yue.
However, many people still remembered the match between him and Long Yue. He was the first person compelled Long Yue into using his martial soul. Although Yue Zhegyu lost the match, he was still one who was capable of withstanding Long Yue’s for such a long period of time. This fact alone was already a testament to his true power.
The members stood gazing at one another for a moment while before Sky Academy finally sent out a representative.
It was a young maiden that was not a one-word battle armor master. However, she was definitely the prettiest member from Sky Academy. Their goal was simple — since they had already planned to give up on this competition, they would reserve the other one-word battle armor master for the third individual match. They still had a gleam of hope as long as they could win the third match to fight in the group match finals. Naturally, despite having this plan, their ray of hope still seemed rather glum. They had actually known about their impending loss in today’s match when they saw Ye Xinglan’s one-word battle armor.
The female soul master got onto the stage and cracked into a smile with great effort as she stood face to face with the handsome Yue Zhengyu.
Yue Zhengyu still had a tender heart for pretty girls. He launched his Saint Sword and allowed the female soul master to remain standing for a total of one minute.
Two – Nil!
Yuanen Yehui was the third contestant. In all honesty, the Sky Academy students had already lost all hope when they saw her standing up to walk onto the competition stage. She was someone who managed to defeat a one-word battle armor master. Meanwhile, Sky Academy’s other one-word battle armor master was actually much more inferior to Xu Xuhang. The result was clear as day.
In the two-against-two match, Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan ascended the stage. Although they were definitely not the strongest ones amongst Shrek Academy’s teams of duos, they were similarly capable of taking on all the suspense in the competition with their high speed and assault-based skills. In reality, all the following matches for Sky Academy were just for show, especially after they had lost all three individual matches.
The group match was not carried out in the end due to the results being five to nothing. Shrek Academy’s group successfully entered the final eight with absolute dominance.
After the competition ended, the group of students from Shrek did not have the slightest intention to stay at all. They stood up in succession and returned to the hotel.
If Shrek Academy’s overall power could not be seen during the individual matches, then today’s group match for Shrek Academy’s group definitely revealed what power they had in store for the rest.
They had almost managed to achieve victory with utter, unwavering dominance in almost every match with Sky Academy’s group that had similarly entered the final sixteen with them. It was as if Tang Wulin’s absence had not influenced their match at all.
They had proven themselves as a Shrek Academy team!
The news about Shrek’s team competing once again, revealing their impressive powers in the process immediately spread through the entire Star Luo Empire. Soon, it became a major issue that was discussed around every street corner and alley, especially those in Star Luo City.
“The Shrek Academy is participating in the group match. Moreover, their performance was rather powerful! That Ye Xinglan’s one-word battle armor is very powerful indeed,” Dai Yueyan told Long Yue.
Long Yue’s expression was very indifferent. “So what?”
Dai Yueyan cracked into a faint smile. “So what!” Shrek Academy’s position remains the same. They would not stand a chance in the group match as long as Long Yue was here.
“Brother Long, are you alright?” Dai Yueyan asked softly. Long Yue’s emotion had seemed slightly stirred ever since his battle with Tang Wulin that day. It seemed as if his entire person had become much quieter than before.
Long Yue shook his head, “I’m fine… Alright, you should get some rest as well to prepare for tomorrow afternoon’s match.”
“Sure.” Dai Yueyan had never been arrogant in front of Long Yue despite being the fourth prince.
Long Yue could not help frowning after Dai Yueyan left. He was not concerned about the competition. Naturally, he had never doubted his own power.
He was greatly provoked after the match with Tang Wulin the other day. Tang Wulin was not the problem, he was.
No matter how powerful the strength he possessed was, it would be useless if he could not control it, even if he grew more powerful.
He was incapable of controlling his strength when he was fighting Tang Wulin the other day. In the split second where he had almost killed Tang Wulin, the emotions contained within him was only filled with an insuppressible violence.
This was definitely not a good sign. The problem was already appearing with increasing frequency as he grew stronger. This was also the reason why he refused to devote all his effort in fighting a battle.
However, as such a powerful soul master, he naturally wished that he could devote all his effort into expressing his skills! Otherwise, how could he ever train his actual combat capabilities? How could he ever advance himself one step further?
He had been exercising restraint over his emotional changes with great effort for the past few days. Teacher En Ci had only looked for him once as well. He was going to enter closed-door cultivation after the match. It was not to elevate his physical power but instead, it was to elevate his spiritual power as much as possible.
It was difficult for him to change his situation by controlling his body so the only way was to elevate his spiritual power and use it to suppress his bloodline’s restlessness when he was enraged. Only then it could possibly be effective in controlling his combat capabilities.
He had been doing this all along throughout the years but to no avail. The Mountain Dragon King made one’s body powerful as it bestowed natural talent to its bearer. However, its effects on one’s spiritual improvement were much to be desired. The only effect Long Yue managed to get was something quite ordinary despite seeking various methods, including the consumption of heaven and earth treasures, along with profound cultivation methods.