The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 692 - Ye Xinglan’s One-word Battle Armor

Chapter 692: Ye Xinglan’s One-word Battle Armor

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Monster Academy has similarly studied about Ye Xinglan before and found that she was undoubtedly an assault-type soul master with an extremely powerful sword martial soul. They learned that she was a four-ringed spirit alloy one-word battle armor master and that she was exceedingly powerful herself as well. She was most skilled in a frontal assault and the control she had over her sword was one of extreme precision.
Su Mu once lost to Tang Wulin so he did not look down upon Ye Xinglan at all.
“Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Begin!”
The first round of the final group match! Stargod Sword Ye Xinglan versus the Fox King Su Mu officially began following the judge’s announcement.
Radiance flashed in Su Mu’s eyes as his body seemed to turn into an illusion for a moment. Then, the audiences saw as five enormous fox tails bore out from his back as they swayed gently along with five soul rings from his tails.
His first soul ring rippled apart just as his martial soul was released. The process of releasing his martial soul and soul skill was almost complete within only a mere second. The process that seemed simple was actually a top-tier skill.
Ye Xinglan was being her usual self when she dashed in great strides toward Su Mu.
A white soul ring rippled outward on the ground. It was Su Mu’s first soul skill, the Debilitating Halo.
The Debilitating Halo’s effect once troubled Tang Wulin a lot. However, Ye Xinglan did not slow down at all when she was faced with the halo. She continued dashing toward her opponent.
A sparkling radiance then began shimmering on Su Mu’s body. As he flung his arms, pieces of his battle armor shot out into the air before they converged toward his body.
His battle against Tang Wulin taught him a valuable lesson so this time around, he decided to put his battle armor right from the very beginning. He refused to be defeated in as sullen a manner as he was the other day. Su Mu had already prepared himself to devote all his efforts to deal with today’s match to acquire a victory and rectify his tainted reputation.
The battle armor covering his body was a spotless white while faint iridescent striations rippled on its surface. It seemed gorgeous as the gentle spiritual radiance shimmered on its surface. His helm was slightly larger than those on regular battle armor. It completely covered his head and a dazzling jewel was encrusted in the middle of the helmet.
Spiritual power was something extremely important to control-type soul masters and to make full use of this, his battle armor had an exceedingly powerful amplification effect on his spiritual power.
The only reason Tang Wulin managed to defeat him the other day was because his battle armor was not that powerful in the defense department.
The Debilitating Halo that he had already released glowed brightly as the battle armor covered his body. The range of his Debilitating Halo that was initially fifty meters suddenly instantly increased a tremendously, enshrouding Ye Xinglan in it.
It reduced Ye Xinglan’s speed instantly from its influence.
It was also at this moment that starlight began glowing on her body. Naturally, since the opponent had already brought out his battle armor, she did not have to hesitate bringing hers out.
Ye Xinglan’s body flashed past and soon, her entire being was already mid-air. Soon, the starlight that had appeared so many times in the past bloomed once more.
It was her first soul skill — Sword God’s Star!
Ye Xinglan’s speed increased exponentially as she fused with her sword, becoming one in the air. She stretched herself across the distance of a hundred meters almost instantly and arrived directly before her opponent.
Had her sword skill already achieved such a level? Su Mu could not help feeling startled as he watched the sword’s radiance expanding before himself. Ye Xinglan had never launched this human-sword fusion skill in the earlier matches! As it turned out, she had been concealing her power all along.
Although Su Mu was startled, his reaction did not slow down at all. The second and third soul ring on his body began shimmering simultaneously.
His second soul skill, the Soul Power Stripping Halo was capable of exhausting his opponent’s soul power.
His third soul skill, the Reversal Halo was also a powerful soul skill that Su Mu was most adept at. He could easily reverse any form of attack launched against him that did not exceed the limit of his endurance by too much.
However, it was also at this moment when Ye Xinglan suddenly changed. Just as her starlight appeared to almost collide with the Reversal Halo, it suddenly soared into the sky and dashed five meters upward before it cut through the sky with a peculiar arc.
She dodged it?! She could actually control her abilities when she was one with the sword to that extent?
Then, Su Mu witnessed an even more terrifying scene unfold before his eyes. The starlight suddenly diffused and he could indistinctly see the fourth soul ring on Ye Xinglan’s body glowing brightly. Then, an endless array of starlight burst from her body but instead of shooting at his body, they shot toward the Reversal Halo that was heading toward her feet.
“Oh no!” Su Mu was shocked. He could not launch his second Reversal Halo before his first halo vanished. He did not even hesitate slightly as the fourth soul ring on his body glowed radiantly. Everything surrounding his body instantly sank into a pitch black darkness.
It was also at this moment when countless radiant rays shone before his body and bore into the devouring dark world of his. If Su Mu was even a little slower, the sword’s radiance would have struck his body.
Ye Xinglan made use of Su Mu’s own Reversal Halo to find the best angle and dropped her Sword Meteor Shower onto the Reverse Halo so the angle it rebounded at aimed directly toward Su Mu. If not for Su Mu’s impeccable timing when launching his Devouring Halo, he would be in deep trouble just from receiving that one strike, especially since her Sword Meteor Shower was amplified by her battle armor.
Ye Xinglan had almost already expected Su Mu’s response earlier. She swayed her body as a total of thirteen rays of radiance from her sword surged skyward. The thirteen rays transformed into an ultra-large Stargod Sword in mid-air as Ye Xinglan transformed herself into the final ray of radiance, fusing with the other thirteen. The Stargod Sword was suspended in the air with its blade pointing downward. Instantly, a radiance resembling the shape of a star bloomed on its hilt before it descended from the sky.
Ye Xinglan’s was simply too swift. Her Sword Meteor Shower had yet to end but this terrifying, gigantic Stargod Sword that seemed as if it could pierce through the world had already arrived atop Su Mu’s head.
Had she already reached such a level of control of her martial soul?
Just as the Stargod Sword descended, Su Mu simultaneously launched the one power that gave him his title as one of Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings.
Radiant rings suddenly bloomed with his body as their center. Five soul rings then began glowing like ignited torches as five dazzling rays rose, enlarging the original Devouring Halo.
The first white halo was the Debilitating Halo.
The second iridescent halo was the Soul Power Stripping Halo.
The third dark green halo was the Reversal Halo.
The fourth black halo was the Devouring Halo.
The fifth golden halo was the Destruction Halo.
Five great soul rings and five great soul skills instantly merged into one and transformed into an enormous tornado that swirled violently in the sky. Five different attribute-related, debilitating and offensive skills instantly burst out.
Tang Wulin once faced such an attack in the past and had to rely on his bloodline suppression effect to finally defeat Su Mu.
There was no doubt that Ye Xinglan did not possess this bloodline suppression ability over Su Mu but she had her battle armor.
The giant sword that descended from the sky did not pause at all. Instead, it bored straight into that enormous tornado and immediately, a speck of golden light ignited the pitch black vortex. Then suddenly, dozens of specks began appearing, then hundreds. If Su Mu’s earlier attack was described as a black hole, then his vortex had just turned into a galaxy.
“Boom…” The intense energy fluctuations transformed into a terrifying storm that broke out.
The four judges standing in the surroundings had already subconsciously taken a step forward when both parties began fighting to be prepared to interfere at any time. At present, they had no choice but to launch their own defenses to resist the terrifying air flow that blew against their faces.
The protective shield on the competition stage was shimmering with a radiance that made it seem as it would all shatter at any moment.
The two figures parted. Ye Xinglan touched the ground steadily after the golden light flashed, her Stargod Sword clutched in her hand behind her. Her body shimmered faintly with a multi-colored radiance that originated from the opponent’s negative energy.
Su Mu was not feeling well either. There was no way to tell the color of his face because of the helmet. However, the people could clearly see a deep gash from the sword stretching from his right shoulder to his lower-left torso. The gash was cut deep into the battle armor and it was rippling with faint starlight.
It was very obvious that Ye Xinglan was under the effects of his five overlapping soul skills but he was also slashed by Ye Xinglan. Both parties had suffered losses.
Dai Yueyan, who sat in the waiting area could not help frowning when he saw this.
He had a very good understanding of Su Mu’s abilities. His most powerful attack was his Five Rings as One which relied on his bloodline and natural talent to trigger the formation of a five-ringed tornado. Even Long Yue would tread carefully when facing such an attack, what more one that was amplified by Su Mu’s battle armor.
However, he was still a control-type soul master after all and was most skilled in exercising control. He would only be in trouble when his opponent broke through his most powerful attack.
Dai Yueyan concluded that he did not have the ability to break through Mu Ye’s Destruction Tornado and yet, Ye Xinglan managed to pull it off.
The defense of Su Mu’s battle armor was limited to amplify his spiritual power. He was still fine after being slashed by the sword but it was difficult to predict if his battle armor could still protect him against another slash.