The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 695 - The Gates of Hell

Chapter 695: The Gates of Hell

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Both their bodies shot backward. The complete set of one-word battle armor had closed the gap between their strengths. Yuanen Yehui no longer had much of an advantage in terms of strength.
Dai Yueyan’s body glittered. He advanced with Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track as his pair of tiger claws’ sharp blades danced in the air. He unleashed a heavy assault on Yuanen Yehui.
With her Demon Titan and her battle armor, Yuanen Yehui fought safely and steadily. She was as stable as Mount Tai. Her large hands unleashed Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon as she tried her utmost to diminish her opponent’s agility advantage.
Dai Yueyan was disheartened when he was suppressed by her. Currently, he regained the upper hand after going through many challenges. His attacking form became more ferocious. Yuanen Yehui could not help but retreat slowly. She was suppressed by him until she had difficulty breathing.
“His Highness the fourth prince has temporarily gained the upper hand with the advantage of his battle armor. He’s no longer inferior to his opponent in terms of strength. He even has the advantage of his tiger claws’ sharpness. If we look closely, we will notice that some parts of Yuanen Yehui’s battle armor have been marked by tiger claws. Under such circumstances, the exhaustion of her soul power will be accelerated. His Highness the fourth prince’s cultivation base is over rank 50. Although Yuanen Yehui is a twin martial soul, she wouldn’t have any advantage in terms of her soul power. The odds are in the fourth prince’s favor. What remains to be seen is whether contestant Yuanen Yehui is able to utilize the advantage of her twin martial soul to turn the tides of battle as their match progresses.” Fang’er’s commentary was pertinent despite being biased toward His Highness the fourth prince.
The audience finally sighed in relief. Previously, when they saw the fourth prince being slammed onto the ground, their hearts skipped a beat.
Although Yuanen Yehui was continually receding, she was not flustered in her retreat. Her gaze was determined as she waited for an opportunity to counterattack.
“Boom!” A pair of tiger claws struck on Yuanen Yehui’s vambraces. She retreated after being shaken by the impact of the attack. There were ten more claw marks on her vambraces.
With the enhancement of his battle armor and the improvement from his three White Tiger Transformations, Dai Yueyan’s attacking power had reached a fearsome level.
Dai Yueyan let out a long roar from his mouth. His body shone brightly. He leaped in an attempt to unleash his White Tiger Demonslaying Kill for a final assault to end this battle.
At this moment, Yuanen Yehui’s body shrunk rapidly, and a pair of pitch black wings unfurled behind her.
Dai Yueyan snorted inwardly. ‘I’ve waited for you for a long time.’ He unleashed his White Tiger Demonslaying Kill all the same. However, the black and white lights which should have been concentrated were dispersed outward. Countless tiger claws covered the skies. This skill was a variation in the application of White Tiger Demonslaying Kill. The attack combined the attacking techniques of the royal family’s Hell Civet martial soul and Hell Hundred Claws which made its attacking field larger.
After she transformed into the Fallen Angel, Yuanen Yehui’s agility undoubtedly increased greatly and she would be nimbler still. However, she encountered another problem. When her agility was raised, her defensive powers would be greatly diminished. She would be a far cry from when she possessed Diamond Titan and Demon Titan.
Dai Yueyan had launched an attack which covered a wide area to seal off Yuanen Yehui’s routes of evasion. He would not give her the opportunity to extend the distance between them to unleash her soul skills. As long as he kept a firm control over the battle, he could win the battle.
Faced with the sky-covering tiger claws, all possible evasion routes for Yuanen Yehui were sealed. After she had transformed into the Fallen Angel, she was no longer ferocious nor charming. The fourth soul ring on her body flashed, and a peculiar scene materialized. An ominous black gate appeared suddenly.
Yuanen Yehui was behind the black gate. The claws’ shadows fell onto the pitch-black gate and vanished into thin air.
Was this possible? What soul skill was this?
The young ones from Shrek Academy, not to mention Dai Yueyan, were witnessing Yuanen Yehui unleashing her Fallen Angel martial soul’s fourth soul skill for the first time.
Usually, she used her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. She rarely used her Fallen Angel martial soul which was why she had never displayed this fourth martial soul of hers.
When he saw his own claw shadows being blocked by this strange black gate, Dai Yueyan instinctively retreated ten meters immediately.
The unknown attributes of a Soul Master’s soul skill were the most formidable. Soul skills were infinite in variety. It was only when one had witnessed its powers could one defend against it. Soul Masters were most powerful when they had obtained a new soul skill.
Out of prudent consideration, he chose the safer course of action.
Yuanen Yehui’s body flashed and she appeared at the side of the black gate. It was only now that everyone could clearly see that it was a dark purple gate. There were indistinguishable complex patterns above the gates, and they seemed to be shifting constantly. Moments later, a faint formless terror appeared as if the devil himself had opened his jaws and transformed into the gate.
Shrill wails arose one after another from within the gate. Suddenly, a slender leg stepped out from inside. Its skin was fair while the leg was slender and thin. A little later, a slender figure walked out from within.
She was wearing pitch-black leather clothes that covered her vital parts. Her long flowing hair was dark purple and fell elegantly behind her. She looked exactly like Yuanen Yehui. The only difference was that she had two bright red small horns on her forehead.
In the waiting area.
Yue Zhengyu suddenly sat upright in his seat. He said hysterically, “Hell’s Gates. I’m surprised that she has a soul skill like this. No wonder she doesn’t use it often.”
Xu Xiaoyan asked with shock, “Hell’s Gates? What is that?”
Yue Zhengyu said gruffly, “That’s a true demonic power. She can summon a demonized version of herself to aid her in battle. However, this soul skill involves another plane of existence. The demon’s power is not so easy to use. If her own will isn’t firm enough, she may put her own soul in peril if she uses this soul skill frequently. She will assimilate into her demonized form and eventually turn into the demon’s avatar in the mortal realm.”
When he said this, his gaze turned intricate. According to his clan’s rules, he must immediately subdue a person who used such a soul skill. He must at least render the person’s cultivation base to naught to prevent any mishap that might arise after such a person was demonized.
All the Soul Masters who underwent demonization had powerful natural gifts. Once they were demonized, the improvement of their cultivation base would accelerate. They would most likely bring untold disasters. In this regard, they might be even more terrifying than the evil soul masters. It was said that the most powerful evil soul master would have inevitably gone through some degree of demonization.
Yuanen Yehui’s original Fallen Angel martial soul was better in a sense that she was still able to control it. Also, she was no evil Soul Master. However, with the appearance of Hell’s Gate, whether she could keep it under control aside, the evil soul master’s organization would spare no resources in abducting her and coerce her into demonizing herself. They might even exploit her as a tool for their own gains.
Thus, there was a great potential for troubles to arise.
“Let’s wait until the match is over, then we’ll talk.” Gu Yue obviously picked up on the unspoken meaning of Yue Zhengyu’s words. She glanced at him, then spoke gravely.
On the competition stage, due to the appearance of another Yuanen Yehui, waves of incredulity swept through the audience. Even Fang’er could not help saying, “What soul skill is this? I’ve never seen this before. Another Yuanen Yehui has appeared. This is clearly not a clone type soul skill. I just don’t know how much this soul skill will increase her strength.”
Meanwhile, the battle on the competition stage was still ongoing. When he saw that there were now two opponents instead of one, Dai Yueyan felt scared. However, the demonized double of Yuanen Yehui did not have any battle armor on.
Without hesitation, Dai Yueyan opened his mouth. A beam of White Tiger Intense Light Wave shot toward the demonized Yuanen Yehui. The demonized Yuanen Yehui smiled sweetly, a tantalizing smile that could mesmerize the masses. Even Dai Yueyan was a little stunned when he saw her smile. He cried out in his heart, ‘Such beauty!’
In the midst of demonized Yuanen Yehui’s gaze which was filled with bitterness, the White Tiger Intense Light Wave landed on her body. In an instant, her body erupted with a “Poof!”. She transformed into a mass of black smoke which then condensed as she regained her form in the next instant.