The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 696 - I Yield

Chapter 696: I Yield

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Yuanen Yehui was also on the move. Her body flashed and she leaped into the air with the Shadow Demon Sword in her hands. She slashed the sword in Dai Yueyan’s direction, and a crescent-shaped purplish-black energy blade was instantly upon him.
Dai Yueyan swept his right Tiger Claw. The tips of his claw showed their abilities to their fullest extent as he blocked the attack of the Demon Shadow Sword. However, the demonized Yuanen Yehui vanished and reappeared in front of him. A purple soul ring rippled around her body.
Immediately, Dai Yueyan felt his body weakening. Even his battle armor did not block the effects of her soul skill.
This was the Weakness Curse!
Dai Yueyan spread his claws and slashed at her again, but Yuanen Yehui only smiled slightly and said with a gentle tone, “Can you do it?”
Her voice was sweet and moving. It sounded like stimulating music to his ears.
She had used the Demon’s Voice Fills the Mind!
Yuanen Yehui was already descending from the skies. While Dai Yueyan was affected by the Demon’s Voice Fills the Mind, her body was increasing in size as she transformed into the Titan Giant Ape.
“Boom!” Dai Yueyan was sent flying by Yuanen Yehui’s single punch.
The Yuanen Yehui still had a beautiful smile on her face. She raised her right hand, and a Shadow Demon Sword appeared in her grip.
If Hell’s Gates had such an enormous problem and the ability to possibly demonize its user, naturally it would have its own strengths as well. When Yuanen Yehui switched back to her Titan Giant Ape martial soul, her demonized self was not affected at all.
Given the that, Dai Yueyan’s situation had turned from facing one Yuanen Yehui to two Yuanen Yehuis, namely the Titan Giant Ape martial soul and a strengthened version of the Fallen Angel martial soul.
The demonized Yuanen Yehui possessed Fallen Angel’s soul skills just like her main body. In addition to that, she also had some demonic cursing abilities. As he faced both of them at the same time, the tide of the battle immediately changed course.
Yuanen Yehui took one step forward. She charged toward Dai Yueyan with heavy footsteps, flapped her wings behind her and flew into the air. The Shadow Demon Sword in her hand was pointed toward hum. Dai Yueyan felt his heart tightened, and an intense sense of fear arose spontaneously within him.
Still afflicted by the Weakness Curse, he was then struck by the Fear Curse.
Faced with both curses, his own strength was immediately weakened greatly.
The demonized Yuanen Yehui in midair slashed downward with the Shadow Demon Sword in her hands. However, unlike Yuanen Yehui’s original attack, her sword’s energy had turned into halos of light which wrapped themselves around Dai Yueyan’s body.
“Boom!” Yuanen Yehui charging head-on immediately sent Dai Yueyan flying with her tackle. In midair, she flapped her wings and caught up to his body as it flew upward.
“Be careful.” It was another dose of Demon’s Voice Fills the Mind.
Dai Yueyan, who had intended to break free of the shackles, froze immediately. The humongous form of Yuanen Yehui’s Titan Giant Ape martial soul had already leaped brazenly. She grabbed Dai Yueyan’s ankle in midair and flung him downward. Then, she brought along her own heavy body and they fell from the sky.
The audience instinctively shut their eyes. With a bang, Yuanen Yehui mercilessly smashed Dai Yueyan onto the ground with the force of her own body.
Although he had the protection of his battle armor, the impact from this smash still disoriented him. Shortly after, an intense pain shot throughout his entire body, and he could not help but convulse.
From the demonized Yuanen Yehui came the Pain Curse. It could intensify the pain experienced by the body of the afflicted by several folds.
Yuanen Yehui had no intention of letting him go. She lifted Dai Yueyan’s body with her hands and smashed him mercilessly into another spot on the ground. Then, she picked him up and smashed him back into the previous spot. His body was flung to the left and right by her, just like that. She was smashing His Highness, the fourth prince on the ground repeatedly like a gunnysack.
The booming sound was deafening. Dai Yueyan had clearly lost the ability to resist.
The audience stared with their mouths agape. Fang’er had also abruptly stopped her commentating.
“Stop, stop!” Four referees charged onto the stage at the same time. They sprinted in Yuanen Yehui’s direction.
Yuanen Yehui swung her right hand and flung Dai Yueyan outward. He crashed heavily onto the ground once again.
“I’m sorry, I lost control earlier,” said Yuanen Yehui drily.
When she said this, the entire coliseum went into an uproar. Her calm tone did not contain any element of losing her calm. There was nobody who could not see that she was deliberately taking revenge for Long Yue stomping on Tang Wulin.
Also, she had done this to His Highness, the fourth prince who was in line to be the crown prince! She had given them a loud slap, but nobody could find any fault in her actions based on the rules.
In the waiting area, the atmosphere had instantly turned grave on Monster Academy’s side. Even Long Yue’s gaze seemed to burn with a faint fire.
Naturally, Dai Yueyan was not as seriously injured as Tang Wulin the other day. However, the repeated heavy flinging of the Titan Giant Ape’s full force had shaken him so violently that blood was coming out of seven of his orifices. Fortunately, he had the protection of his battle armor or just one fling would have cost him his life.
The demonized Yuanen Yehui placed a hand on the Yuanen Yehui who had returned to her human form. She whispered something in her ear before turning around to go back into Hell’s Gates with nimble steps. The black light retracted and Hell’s Gates shut tight as it disappeared.
Yuanen Yehui’s expression instantly turned pale. Although her body swayed a little, she still managed to control herself. She went down the competition stage and returned to the waiting area.
In the waiting area, Yuanen Yehui took no notice of the unkind glances from the Monster Academy members. She received the Recovery Pork Buns Xu Lizhi passed to her and ate them.
Two — zero!
Monster Academy had lost two consecutive matches in the solo competition while Shrek Academy already obtained two cumulative points. They had simply lost too tragically, especially in the second match. After being attended to, Dai Yueyan only managed to return to the waiting area with the support of the staff. His body was still uncontrollably twitching slightly from the intense pain brought about by the Pain Curse a few moments ago. Although he was not too badly injured, they were slapped rather hard in their faces.
Long Yue slowly stood up, keeping the gleam in his eyes in check. Then, he walked outward with great strides.
The final match of the solo competition, and the captain of Monster Academy’s team finally made his appearance. No matter what, Monster Academy could not lose any more matches.
As for Shrek Academy, Gu Yue did not stand up. She merely replied, “We’re changing our plans slightly.” Then, she uttered something in a whisper. Smiles appeared on the faces of the others for the first time in so many days as a person stood up and strode toward the competition stage.
“Eh, this contestant is?” Fang’er finally regained her bearings. The commentating of the competition must go on!
The audience was also slightly stunned when they saw the contestant who walked out ofShrek Academy’s waiting area.
“Who is this person?”
“How is it that we don’t recall seeing him?”
“Did he really join the competition?”
“I’ve just looked through the contestant information files. The name of this contestant is… Xu Lizhi from Shrek Academy’s squadron. He had participated in the team battles and paired competition before this but had given up on the competition for some unknown reason afterward. B-but, he seems to be a…”
Yes, the person who walked out from Shrek Academy’s waiting area was none other than the big, fleshy Xu Lizhi who always wore a silly smile on his face.
“He, he’s a food type tool soul master!” Fang’er’s voice changed slightly.
When faced with Long Yue, Monster Academy’s strongest captain, Shrek Academy surprisingly sent a food type tool soul master? What was the meaning of this?
As everyone wondered about the matter, Xu Lizhi was already on the competition stage.
After Long Yue entered the protective barrier, he could no longer hear the commentary outside the barrier. He similarly could not recall any information on Xu Lizhi.
When he saw his smiling, big, and fleshy opponent, he could not help but frown.
‘Could it be that this person Shrek Academy sent out is their secret weapon? Is he more powerful than the previous two? Is he the finale for the solo competition?’
“Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Let the match begin!”
The referee did not care about the identities of the contestants sent out by both sides. He still announced for the competition to be continued.
“Hold on.” The commencement of the match was just announced when Xu Lizhi suddenly raised his fleshy hand in Long Yue’s direction.
Long Yue did not even move from his spot. “What do you have to say?”
Xu Lizhi laughed naively and muttered to himself, “Don’t judge a meat bun by its folds.” A white large bun appeared on his palm. “Do you want a bun?”
Long Yue was stunned. ‘Eat a bun? What trickery was this?’
“You don’t?” Xu Lizhi answered his own question, “Very well then, I yield.” After he finished, he shoved the large bun in his hand into his mouth. He finished the bun in a few bites. Then, he turned around and leaped down the competition stage.
‘This… This… This…’
Long Yue was stunned. Fang’er was stunned. The higher-ups of Star Luo Empire were also stunned.
‘What situation was this? How did it turn out this way?’
‘He yielded? He yielded without even putting up a fight? This was the finals of the team competition, the strongest collision between the two academies.’
Also, under the condition where Shrek Academy had won the first two matches, they had surprisingly chosen to surrender in the third match.
No matter how dumb Long Yue was, he could still tell that the fatso who had just ascended the stage earlier was a food type tool soul master. What was the meaning of his opponents sending a food type tool soul master on stage? Were they insulting him on purpose?