The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 699 - Tricked

Chapter 699: Tricked

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“Long Yue, do you remember what you did to me the other day? If I kill Her Highness the princess today, I wonder how much of a responsibility you will have to bear.”
“Don’t you dare!” Long Yue glared and shouted. Shock and anger were in his eyes.
Tang Wulin laughed. He almost seemed insane. “Don’t I dare? When you were stomping on me back then, did you ever consider this? I’m someone who has died once. What is it that I dare not do? I’ll make you die with regret to return the favor of your stomps.”
As he talked, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claws suddenly shone brightly.
On the platform, Star Luo Empire’s emperor, Dai Tianling stood up the instant Tang Wulin delivered his threat. His face was full of fright. President En Ci moved swiftly and charged onto the competition stage. The four referees had charged toward Tang Wulin at the same time. However, nobody dared to get too close. No matter how powerful their cultivation bases were, under such close range, they could not stop Tang Wulin from killing Dai Yun’er.
Tang Wulin smiled unexpectedly, an exceptionally brilliant smile. He lowered his right Golden Dragon Claw and shrugged. “Thank you for your cooperation. The match has ended, four to one.”
As he spoke, he raised his right arm. He turned around and waved at the spectators’ stand.
Long Yue was stunned. Dai Yun’er whose face was pale and ghastly had shut her eyes. She was equally stunned. President En Ci and the four referees who had charged onto the competition stage were all dumbfounded.
What had just happened?
‘We were tricked!’ En Ci cursed in his heart.
Everyone was frightened by Tang Wulin’s fierce looks that were filled with a killing intent just now. Dai Yun’er was the Empire’s princess! She was the apple of Dai Tianling’s eye whom he cherished the most.
In addition, everyone remembered how badly Tang Wulin was beaten up by Long Yue the other day. Imagining themselves beaten to that extent, what would they do?
So, when Tang Wulin said that he wanted to kill Her Highness the princess, almost everyone believed it to be true. This was the most satisfying revenge he could get. This was a competition where life or death did not matter. If he truly killed her, nobody could fault him for committing the act.
It was sensible for the referees to charge onto the stage. After all, they were the ones to keep the competition in order. However, President En Ci, as an outsider, had broken the rules of the competition when he charged onto the stage. Although Long Yue did not utter the word to surrender, the match had ended without a doubt.
Gu Yue loosened her grip on Dai Yun’er’s neck. Dai Yun’er gasped forcefully.
Tang Wulin smiled and said politely, “I’m sorry Your Highness. I hope we have not frightened you, have we? How can I bring myself to crush a flower? That’s not what a gentleman would do. Again, I apologize.” As he said this, he turned around and descended the competition stage with Gu Yue.
“Tang! Wu! Lin!” Long Yue released a furious howl through gritted teeth.
Tang Wulin retracted his smile and looked at him coldly as he said, “See you in the team battle.” Immediately after, he leaped down the competition stage.
President En Ci descended from the sky and landed on the competition stage. He sighed inwardly, ‘I’m truly flustered whenever I concern myself with them.’
At that moment, even if he was a terrific expert, he must care for the princess’s life. All things considered, Tang Wulin’s grudge came from being gravely injured by his disciple. If the princess had died as a result, Long Yue would then be accountable.
However, when he was being outsmarted by a young man, how could he not feel angry?
Long Yue’s breathing had become heavier. He looked at Tang Wulin’s departure. The double pointed lance in his hands trembled slightly as he tightened his grip.
Four to one!
This outcome could not be changed. The party that broke the rules would be regarded as forfeiting the match. With Star Luo Continent’s citizens as witnesses, even the emperor Dai Tianling could not alter the outcome.
On the platform, Tang Bingyao’s brows were tightly knitted together. He said angrily, “This Tang Wulin, what’s he doing? How can he do that? Don’t worry Your Majesty, I’ll ensure that he gets a good scolding later. As one of the representatives of the Federation, how can he compete with such tactics? He’s truly gone too far.”
Dai Tianling shot him a glance and thought inwardly, ‘That’s enough, stop your acting. You can hardly hold back that smile on your face.’
In fact, even Dai Tianling himself wanted to laugh. Tang Wulin had them confounded. In the previous match, he had fought with his all might narrowly escaping death as he defended Shrek’s honor. However, in the match just now, did he use such tactics because he knew that he was no match for Long Yue?
Regardless of the reason, this young man was outstanding. From this perspective, when his own daughter had fallen for him at first sight, it reflected that his daughter had a sharp eye. At the age of fifteen, he was already exceptional. Thus, given the room for growth, it would be anyone’s guess as to his potential. At the very least, he would not be inferior to Long Yue.
As the emperor, he had a generous heart. His daughter was not injured, hence, his magnanimity in not harboring any ill feelings. Instead, he had some peculiar thoughts. The expression on his face was a little odd, but he nodded toward Tang Bingyao acknowledging that he heard him. Then, he returned his gaze to the competition stage.
After the solo competition and paired competition ended, both teams had half an hour to rest and recoup themselves. After all, the contestants who were going to participate in the final team battle had participated in the earlier matches. Only when they were given some rest could they unleash their most powerful combat strength in the final match.
“Captain, you’re so bad.” Xie Xie laughed loudly as he welcomed the return of Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. Tang Wulin chuckled, “How was I bad? This is called tactics, don’t you understand?”
Xie Xie smiled. “I do and I like it.”
Tang Wulin said with a straight face, “We’ve obtained the overall victory in the solo and paired competitions, but, the final battle will be the battle that determines the final outcome.”
The team battle was worth four points. So long as Monster Academy wins the final match, they could turn their defeat into a victory and end up the overall victor.
Even if that were the case, Shrek Academy’s representative team could still be proud of themselves. However, Tang Wulin did not want to lose. Nor did the team members from Shrek Academy. They had worked hard for so long, and this was their golden opportunity.
“We’ll let you devise our strategy, captain,” Yuanen Yehui said in a low voice. She rarely addressed Tang Wulin as the captain. In her heart, she had carried some dissatisfaction all along. Nonetheless, she had called out ‘captain’ with heartfelt admiration.
Tang Wulin said in a hushed tone, “Long Yue is extremely difficult to handle, but we must still give it a shot. Gu Yue and I should be able to stall him for some time if we work together. During this time, I need you guys to defeat the other members on his team. Dai Yueyan has suffered some serious injuries in his battle with Yuanen Yehui just now, so his combat strength will be greatly diminished. It’s the same for Su Mu. Xinglan, how’re you feeling?”
Ye Xinglan muttered, “I’m alright.”
Tang Wulin said, “Alright, in the team battle later, I need you guys to defeat the other members in the shortest time possible. Then, we’ll fight Long Yue with all our might. Leave Long Yue to Gu Yue and me at the beginning. As for the others, we’ll see how everyone turns out. Lizhi, you’ll stay in the waiting area.”
They numbered eight in total. As a food type tool soul master, Xu Lizhi had given much help to his comrades before the competition despite not joining in the battle.
Xu Lizhi nodded and said softly, “Shall I make some buns for you guys to take along?”
Tang Wulin shook his head. “There’s no need. Everybody, let’s eat first. Eat as many Recovery Pork Buns as you can to regain your strengths. We must win impressively and with dignity in the competition. We’ll not eat any buns during the match.”
The others nodded. Tang Wulin’s return had raised everyone’s battle fervor to their peaks. They had never been filled with this much confidence in facing their next battle.
Tang Wulin removed a bracelet from his wrist and passed it to Yuanen Yehui.
“Captain, what’re you doing? She’s mine.” Xie Xie was astonished. He quickly planted himself before Yuanen Yehui.
Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. Yuanen Yehui raised her hand and pulled Xie Xie to the side. “Go away.”
She received the bracelet from Tang Wulin and wore it on her wrist. She nodded toward Tang Wulin.
Xie Xie complained with grief and indignation, “Captain, how can you be like this? You’ve always minded your own business. How am I going to live after this?”
Tang Wulin pointed at his own head, “Where’s your brain?”
“Tsk!” Xu Xiaoyan could not suppress her laughter as she stood at the side. “You’re so dumb. Captain was giving Yuanen a weapon.”
Xie Xie was embarassed, but he was not dumb. Nonetheless, he was flustered because he cared for Yuanen Yehui. Upon hearing what Xiaoyan had said, he understood immediately. It was a sudden enlightenment. “The pair of hammers?”
Tang Wulin said pointedly, “What else?”
“Cough! Cough! Captain, I misunderstood. I’d thought that…”
Yuanen Yehui’s delicate face blushed. She grabbed his neck and flung him to the side. Sometimes, she really wanted to beat this guy to death!