The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 701 - Coordination

Chapter 701: Coordination

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The team members from both teams were already on the stage.
On Shrek’ s side, Tang Wulin stood at the front with Gu Yue behind him. The two who stood at the rear at an angle were Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan.
Yue Zhengyu stood at the back of the formation. In front of him, Xu Xiaoyan and Xie Xie stood beside each other They stood in a formation that was rhombus-like which looked a little odd.
On Monster Academy’s side, Long Yue stood at the front. Behind him were Dai Yueyan and Hua Lantang who stood beside each other. Behind them in the third row was their master control soul master Su Mu who was in charge of central command. Two agility system soul masters stood beside Su Mu, while Pagoda King Ye Zhi was behind everyone. Their formation loosely resembled a triangle.
Both sides looked at each other from afar. Collectively, there was a strong glow emitting from everyone’s gaze.
From the commencement of this year’s Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, Monster Academy and Shrek Academy had battled time and time again.
From the outcomes of the previous matches, Monster Academy had a greater advantage. They were able to suppress Shrek Academy at every turn, and they had won in the solo and paired competitions.
However, Shrek Academy had given them a fair share of trouble throughout the entire competition. They had made Monster Academy’s journey to victory more difficult than the previous years.
Under such circumstances, it was tough to guess which side would attain the final victory in today’s match which kept everyone in suspense. In terms of strength, Monster Academy had the upper hand, but nobody has seen the full strength of Shrek Academy in a team battle.
Hence, this was inevitably a battle between two strong teams.
Tang Wulin and Long Yue were facing each other again in a finals match. Both of them were proud sons of the heavens, and they both thirst for victory.
“Ten, nine, eight, …, three, two, one, let the match begin!” The referee’s excited voice announced the commencement of the competition.
On the platform, Dai Tianling had sat at attention to watch the match. He had also wished to witness an interesting match with a delightful grand victory. He was confident that Long Yue would lead his squad to defeat Shrek Academy. The only thing left was to observe how they would win.
Tang Wulin moved swiftly and was the first to charge among all the contestants on the stage. The moment he charged, three golden soul rings under his feet shone. He unleashed his Golden Dragon Body. His body enlarged with scales covering his body, he extended his pair of Golden Dragon Claws. His entire body shone with a dazzling golden light as he aimed straight toward his opponents like a golden arrow.
Gu Yue tapped the ground with the tips of her toes and followed right behind Tang Wulin. As green light encircled her body, she moved with great speed while the others followed suit, maintaining their formation as they pressed toward Monster Academy.
Long Yue took a great stride in Tang Wulin’s direction. He unleashed his martial soul. His body enlarged and his double pointed lance appeared within his grasp. His eyes flickered with a gleam and his gaze was fixed upon Tang Wulin.
The previous insult could only be cleared away by a victory. Knowing Tang Wulin well, he wanted to achieve victory in one swift stroke and defeat his opponent in the shortest time possible. Once Tang Wulin was defeated, there would be no one from Shrek Academy who could match up to him.
Behind Long Yue, the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda shone. Beams of light shot forth from it which fell on her comrades. It was Pagoda King Ye Zhi unleashing her powers.
Ye Zhi, who was of Soul King rank, had excellent control over the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda. The beams of enhancing light which fell onto her comrades tremendously improved their cultivation bases. Their cultivation bases were enhanced by as much as fifty percent. For a time, they utterly crushed Shrek Academy in terms of aura.
The two assault systems, Tiger King Dai Yueyan, and Wolf King Hua Lantang took great steps under her enhancement. They flanked Long Yue as they charged toward their opponents from Shrek Academy.
A ring of light released by Su Mu flitted past beneath their feet. Their control system soul master had also made his move. The moment Shrek Academy’s team stepped into the halo’s boundaries, they would be immediately affected by it.
One enhancement and one suppression. Control system and support system. Once the effects of the two systems were completely unleashed, they would immediately put Shrek Academy at a big disadvantage.
During the match, Monster Academy had no intention of holding back. What they wanted was to fight with all their might and defeat Shrek Academy in the shortest time possible. They wanted to prove themselves with a grand victory.
Lin San and Teng Teng moved separately. Lin San’s body turned illusory. He was like a breeze, even the outline of his figure was not clearly visible. When his body floated forward, pieces of battle armor flew out to cover his body in silence which increased his speed further. He was practically a fleeting shadow. He had reached the sidelines of the battlefield at an amazing speed.
This was the true strength of the Wind King. On the other side, Teng Teng had also unleashed his own battle armor. As an agility system battle soul master, it was highly probable that he would be the first to make contact with their opponents. They did not hold back, nor were they reckless. In fact, they were all guarded in their fight.
Tang Wulin proceeded with great strides. He was almost within the range of Su Mu’s halo. This time, Su Mu had unleashed his second soul skill, Soul Power Stripping Halo. Once a soul master steps into its range, his soul power consumption would be instantly accelerated.
Wind King Lin San had shot past Tang Wulin from the sidelines. He did not attack at the first opportunity he had. Instead, he paused. For an agility system soul master, the most important thing was to wait for an opportune moment to strike and finish off the opponent with one hit.
Silver light flashed. Gu Yue suddenly vanished into thin air. Spatial Retreat.
When she appeared again, she was behind Long Yue, to everyone’s surprise.
To be precise, she appeared behind Long Yue, Hua Lantang, and Dai Yueyan. The three of them were in front of her, while behind her were Fox King Su Mu and Pagoda King Ye Zhi.
Over Gu Yue’s surprise attack, Su Mu was not in the least bit shocked. He unleashed a Debilitating Halo, followed shortly by a pitch-black Devouring Halo which spread outward.
Ye Zhi was close behind him, and he had a godly protective skill such as Reversal Halo. So, he was not afraid of close-range combat in the least. Moreover, in their judgments, Gu Yue was a control system battle soul master.
Due to Gu Yue’s sudden teleportation into their ranks, he was puzzled. What was she thinking of infiltrating their ranks on her own?
The members of Monster Academy reacted quickly. Long Yue did not turn around, but Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan stopped in their tracks. They turned around swiftly.
Gu Yue’s ability was extraordinary. She could teleport herself together with her comrades. That was why they had to guard against this ability of hers.
As for Long Yue’s situation of being alone at the front, they were not worried. In their eyes, Long Yue could unleash his entire strength and defeat everyone from Shrek Academy all by himself.
Gu Yue pointed at something in the air. She seemed not to have noticed the Debilitating Halo and Elemental Stripping Halo which covered her. A gust of wild wind blew with her body as the center. Shortly after, she smacked forward with her right palm. A patch of glaring light halo suddenly rose up. It turned into a huge blue fireball with a diameter of one meter. It shot out straight toward Su Mu.
Wind attribute? Fire attribute?
“Contestant Gu Yue has unleashed elemental attacks of the wind and fire attributes at the same time. What is her martial soul?” asked Fang’er in surprise.
The wild wind swept across the stage and spread outward. At the same time, it pressed toward Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan who were charging toward her from behind.
Amidst the wild wind, the wind blades resisted the advancement of Hua Lantang and Dai Yueyan.
The power of the Devouring Halo was formidable when faced head-on. However, when it collided with the wind blades, the effect of the Devouring Halo weakened quickly.
The huge blue fireball drew a parabola in the air. It rode on its momentum and passed over the Devouring Halo from above. Its target was Pagoda King Ye Zhi behind Su Mu.
Ye Zhi had unleashed and donned her battle armor the first chance she got. Her battle armor was mainly used for defense. Her defensive powers were the strongest among her team with the exception of Long Yue.
Fox King Su Mu felt a chill running down his spine. He instinctively took a step back and raised his right arm. A pitch-black halo was unleashed toward the skies. It was another Devouring Halo.
The power of the Devouring Halo was stronger although the range it covered was relatively smaller. Each time he unleashed it, he could only cover an area with a ten-meter diameter. It was unleashed vertically instead of emerging from the ground as the other ordinary halos.
However, a situation which astonished him occurred. The blue fireball swayed gently in the air displaying horizontal movement and fell from the skies. It had surprisingly sidestepped his Devouring Halo and fell directly on Ye Zhi’s body.
A loud rumble was heard. Ye Zhi’s battle armor shone brightly, and she reeled from the explosion. The enhancement she was giving her comrades was interrupted abruptly.
What just happened?
The team from Monster Academy was stunned. Their support system soul master was attacked at the beginning, which cut off the support they received. This has never occurred in the history of their team battles.
However, this was only the beginning. A faint circle of light rippled outward from Gu Yue’s body. She raised her right hand and another blue fireball flew out. This time, it headed straight toward Su Mu.