The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 703 - Golden Dragon Spear

Chapter 703: Golden Dragon Spear

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It appeared to be a golden needle enlarging rapidly and becoming a spear that reached a length of about five meters. The spear was golden and dazzling with faint dragon-shaped dark fringes all around.
These dark fringes flickered and materialized on the surface exuding an unusual luster.
What was it? What was the double-edged spear meant for?
“This is the item that only you can hold for breaking through the sixth layer seal. It’s your true weapon. Its name is the Golden Dragon Spear,” Old Tang’s voice echoed in Tang Wulin’s mind at the moment.

Yes, it was indeed the Golden Dragon Spear that was in Tang Wulin’s hand at present.
The spear was full of texture, yet it was light as a feather. It was as if it was part of his body. Tang Wulin could sense the amplifying rings on the inside of the spear that continuously strengthened and amplified his bloodline power when he perfused it with the spear.
He did not know the extent of the spear’s power as he had yet to test it.
“Ding!” A deep dragon’s roar echoed when the golden spear touched the double pointed lance in Long Yue’s hands.
The Golden Dragon Spear was completely illuminated. The dragon-shaped dark fringes turned crystal clear the instant the scales on Tang Wulin’s body with the indistinct dragon-shaped dark fringes emitted a dazzling glare.
Long Yue retreated a step as if he was electrocuted. The front end of his double pointed lance cracked into a breach unexpectedly.
The double pointed lance comprising sixteen types of rare metals was forged by Monster Academy using the latest technology. Without the stimulus of adequate soul power, even a divine mecha’s resilience was limited.
It was simply unbelievable that his lance could be damaged by direct contact with Tang Wulin’s spear. ‘What’s the spear in his hand? Why didn’t he have it in the previous match? Could it be that he only received it after the previous match?’
‘It’s impossible!’
It seemed like the spear was a battle armor-compatible weapon as there was no other explanation for its incredible power.
Different ranks of battle armor had different types of special features.
The two-word battle armor was more impressive than the one-word battle armor in its entirety. For example, the two-word battle armor was thicker and heavier with the addition of wings.
Not that the one-word battle armor could not be forged with wings, but the crafting of wings was complicated. An ordinary one-word battle armor master was incapable of forging wings, not to mention it would be a waste of time to forge wings for a one-word battle armor and having to replace it later with a new metal for the two-word battle armor.
In contrast, an ordinary battle armor-compatible weapon was only owned by three-word battle armor masters. This was because the process of producing the weapon was complex and required the skill and precision of the forger together with one’s nourishment. Thus, battle armor masters would not spend a large number of resources and time to produce their own battle armor weapons before they had the confidence to produce weapons capable of injuring a Title Douluo.
This was the most fundamental rule in a battle armor master’s development. So, Long Yue concluded that it was impossible for Tang Wulin to be wielding a battle armor weapon. Otherwise, if he were to own a battle armor weapon with his current cultivation base, he wouldn’t need to forge in the future.
Moreover, it had been approximately ten days since the last match. He could not possibly have forged a battle armor weapon within such a short time!
Everyone was shocked. Tang Wulin had damaged Long Yue’s weapon which had taken Long Yue aback. This signified that the weapon in Tang Wulin’s hand was even more powerful.
This was not suppression by strength, on the contrary, it felt like an overall suppression.
Radiance flashed in Long Yue’s eyes as the aura around his body changed abruptly. He shouted aloud, “Mountain!”
Immediately, pandemonium erupted on the entire competition stage. Boulders in the shape and form of mountains protruded with powerful spiritual fluctuations sweeping over the entire scene.
Long Yue was not only an assault-type Soul Master, but he could also exercise control over the entire stage during a group match.
Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan had landed onto the ground and were faced with protruding boulders. There were enormous mountains emerging from the ground rising toward Yue Zhengyu and Gu Yue simultaneously. Even Xu Xiaoyan was similarly affected in the ensuing chaos.
Tang Wulin descended from the sky at the moment when Long Yue launched his martial soul Mountain. Tang Wulin released the bloodline aura furiously as a valiant dragon’s roar echoed.
For a moment, this caused the mountains’ movements to slow down. Tang Wulin raised the Golden Dragon Spear and smashed it toward Long Yue’s head.
All of Shrek squad’s members seized the moment, when the mountains slowed down, to hide. Their earlier dominance was diminished due to the current assault impact.
Gu Yue muttered unintelligibly as she was suspended in mid-air. All of a sudden, the Elemental Staff in her hand was raised high into the air as the monotonous incantation suddenly turned high pitch.
Some form of elemental fluctuation in the air became violent abruptly that even the imposing mountains began to shake and quiver as well.
This was…
Long Yue raised his head and looked up to Gu Yue in the sky and felt a distinct threatening sensation.
This was his first experience of being threatened in the competition. The feeling had never appeared when he fought against Tang Wulin previously.
‘What’s she doing? What’s the incantation for?’
He crossed the double pointed lance in his hand and blocked the Golden Dragon Spear. Tang Wulin rebounded while Long Yue fell back a step amidst the violent booming sound.
The second soul ring on Long Yue’s body shimmered with radiance as he was about to launch his River soul skill.
Meanwhile, a golden soul ring appeared out of the blue beneath his feet.
Long Yue did not pay any attention to it initially. Any ordinary attack or control-type soul skill was ineffective on him.
Not a moment too soon, his body was entrapped as golden chains crept up from the soul ring and interrupted the second soul skill he was about to launch.
Tang Wulin turned halfway and pointed the Golden Dragon Spear straight at Long Yue’s body. A stream of golden radiance flashed past as he was about to hit Long Yue.
Thoughts of refusing to be pierced by Tang Wulin filled Long Yue’s mind instantly. Yet, it was precisely the moment when a stream of green radiance swept past and positioned itself right in front of Long Yue.
“Ding!” The green radiance gave out a muffled cry within the crisp sound and revealed a figure. It was, undoubtedly, the Wind King Lin San who had appeared in front of Long Yue.
He had relied on his battle armor to struggle free from the blue fireball. He was not skilled in defense and there were many scorched marks and even cracks on his battle armor. Nevertheless, he still had his speed. He could sense Long Yue’s helplessness a moment earlier. Thus, he managed to protect Long Yue from Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear in time.
In any case, that one hit was detrimental to him. The energy in that Golden Dragon Spear was almost boundless. Lin San felt like he was being devoured by a golden giant dragon during the collision. The pain inflicted was beyond words.
His mouth spurted fresh blood. He was actually a Soul King donned in a full set of one-word battle armor! It was rash of him to block Tang Wulin’s spear as he now suffered severe injuries.
Tang Wulin was reluctant to show mercy to those in the wrong. In fact, not only did he refuse to retract his spear, a tiny golden dragon was released from the tip of his spear as a dragon’s roar sounded. The dragon widened its mouth and pounced toward Lin San.
However, the effect of Star Chain’s one second of absolute immobility had gone. Long Yue’s body flashed past and he used his shoulder to withstand the impending impact.
“Boom…” Long Yue was blown away by the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven released by Tang Wulin. He was about to release his soul skill when a stretch of starlight shone on his back.
Long Yue’s entire body stiffened as he immediately lost his ability to release his soul skill again. What sort of martial soul was this? How was its controlling ability so powerful? He had no way to fight it at all.