The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 704 - Third Golden Soul Ring

Chapter 704: Third Golden Soul Ring

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Lin San was similarly struck, as well as Dai Yueyan and Hua Lantang. All four of their bodies were frozen stiff.
The Starwheel Ice Staff was shimmering with dazzling radiance. This was the first time Xu Xiaoyan had ever completely unleashed her control ability in Star Luo Empire. She was unleashing her third soul skill which was known as the Dazzling Starlight, an extensive control soul skill.
Even though she could only exercise control for a short period, the paralyzing impact it imparted gave Long Yue a headache.
“Boom…” Yuanen Yehui flung the giant hammer as it appeared out of thin air. The hammer was in her Devil Titan’s right hand and swept across horizontally. Just as Dai Yueyan was recovering from Dazzling Starlight, he watched helplessly as the giant hammer was almost upon him. He had no choice but to urge his battle armor’s defense to come to the rescue.
“Boom…” Dai Yueyan was thrown away.
On the other side, the long sword in Ye Xinglan’s hand shimmered with dazzling star radiance as she continuously broke Su Mu’s halos. The Pagoda King Ye Zhi was rendered incapable of amplifying her comrades where the stars shimmered. This was Ye Xinglan’s power in her ability to suppress two people single-handedly.
Fang’er was a little dumbstruck as she sat on the commentator’s seat.
What was happening here? How was it completely different from her assessment?
Whether it was her or anyone else, they all had the same thought in their minds. They had thought about how long Shrek Academy could sustain themselves during the match. Yet, it seemed like the situation before them was unexpected, to say the least.
Shrek Academy had exercised full control over the entire match from the beginning. Besides being in sync, the team had cooperated well among themselves in every aspect. Gu Yue’s master control, Xu Xiaoyan’s explosive control and Tang Wulin’s abrupt change of power ensured that everyone was in control throughout the match.
They watched as the golden Saint Sword descended from the sky and immediately suppressed Hua Lantang. He utilized the Dazzling Starlight’s radiance to blast away Wolf King Hua Lantang. Despite having donned the battle armor, his body was still burning with flares.
The Tiger King Dai Yueyan was injured from the individual match earlier. He obviously vomited blood when he was blasted away by the hammer!
Only the two agility-type soul masters Teng Teng and Xie Xie were evenly matched. It was evident that Xie Xie’s speed seemed to have increased, but more importantly, his agility had increased many folds compared to before. Even if Teng Teng had his battle armor under such circumstances, it would be difficult for him to triumph over Xie Xie.
Surprisingly, Long Yue was thrown away. This was a situation that had never occurred in the competition. What was the weapon in Tang Wulin’s hand? Why did it look like Long Yue dreaded the weapon?
Gu Yue was still chanting in her high pitch voice. Tang Wulin touched the ground with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. He was moving forward at a shocking speed as he pounced toward Long Yue once again. The Golden Dragon Spear speckling with radiance was targeted not at Long Yue, but the Wind King Lin San.
As the spear struck forth, the soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body unexpectedly switched over. The initial three golden soul rings became four soul rings with the third soul ring beaming with radiance as a blue soul ring rippled away from his body.
It was the Bluesilver Golden Array.
Any element within the Bluesilver Golden Array’s range was stripped.
Lin San was about to dodge when he felt the elemental fluctuation in his body dropped abruptly. Long Yue relied on his powerful cultivation base to overcome the effect. To his surprise, he could not. His speed slowed down and the Golden Dragon Spear loomed before him.
Even Long Yue’s double-pointed lance could be damaged. Could his battle armor withstand the Golden Dragon Spear then?
The threat of death enshrouded Lin San instantly.
Fortunately, he had Long Yue by his side. Long Yue lifted the double pointed lance to block the Golden Dragon Spear.
“Ding…” Tang Wulin rebounded and another chunk broke off the double pointed lance as Tang Wulin howled. Another golden soul ring appeared underneath Long Yue’s feet.
Long Yue was in despair! His body was too enormous that it was difficult for him to evade the Star Chain. Furthermore, Tang Wulin was attacking Lin San earlier. His attack required Long Yue’s reinforcement which resulted in Long Yue’s inability to make any dodging movement.
As a result, he was immobilized once again.
Cold radiance flashed past Tang Wulin’s eyes. He pierced straight at Long Yue’s chest with his Golden Dragon Spear. He could not let such a fine opportunity slip by.
“Ding!” Long Yue was hit.
Unawares, Tang Wulin felt as if he had impaled a rock. The Golden Dragon Spear had pierced Long Yue’s body, but Tang Wulin could sense the resilience of a rock.
He could not sense any life source in Long Yue’s body!
When he looked back, he was astonished to find that one of the mountains released by Long Yue earlier was moving and spreading itself. ‘Isn’t that Long Yue?’ On the other hand, the body he pierced had turned into a great mountain.
‘What’s going on?’
Tang Wulin was trying to make sense of everything that was happening before his eyes. He crossed his hands in front of his chest as his gaze changed ever so slightly. He soon understood that this was the secret of Long Yue’s martial soul. A soul skill that appeared ordinary but worked wonders!
This fellow was truly tough to handle.
Nonetheless, Long Yue felt ill after employing the interchange trick. A moment later, his body was bursting forth evil energy that startled everyone while his eyes turned red.
How could he not be furious when he was compelled into such a situation despite his level of power? He was about to become raging mad.
His gaze fell upon Xu Xiaoyan first. The aura of his entire body bloomed as his third soul ring shimmered with radiance turning the ground into mud instantly and spreading out in all directions.
Long Yue devoted all his effort into releasing his soul skill. This was the definition of terror.
Tang Wulin’s expression turned solemn as well.
Xu Xiaoyan’s body tilted as she sank into the mud. She became distracted when she was about to release her control soul skill. The rest of Shrek’s team faced suppression similarly for they were rendered incapable of extending their dominance.
The double pointed lance in Long Yue’s hand all of a sudden pointed to Gu Yue in the air. The second soul ring on his body glowed brightly as a gush of mighty torrent surged skyward toward Gu Yue.
Although he was frantic, his battle alertness was still sharp as a tack. He was aware that the person who was most threatening to him at the moment was not Tang Wulin, but Gu Yue who had been chanting all along.
Tang Wulin gave out a cold humph. He abruptly pushed the Golden Dragon Spear against the ground to eject his body into the air. While he shot upward, the second golden soul ring on his body shimmered. It was the Domineering Golden Dragon Body.
His battle armor attached to his body swiftly. Together with the Domineering Golden Dragon Body, it allowed him to position himself ten meters in front of Gu Yue instantly. He then used his body to block the impact of the raging water current.
The scales on Tang Wulin’s body was shimmering wildly with radiance as a thunderous dragon’s roar echoed from his body.
Under the circumstances, the river was a continuous soul skill while his Domineering Golden Dragon Body could only absorb the impact for three seconds.
Yuanen Yehui’s hands flung the two giant hammers toward Long Yue which flew across like meteors chasing after the moon.
Dai Yueyan scurried in time to block the giant hammers with his pair of tiger claws resulting in the hammers changing their direction ever so slightly.
Dazzling radiance reflected from the sword in Ye Xinglan’s hand as her fourth soul ring shimmered. She transformed herself into a stream of starlight which struggled free from the swamps with great effort. Later, the starlight turned into a large net in the sky which enshrouded the Fox King Su Mu and the Pagoda King Ye Zhi.
She trusted her comrades because Tang Wulin had said that he would join Gu Yue to fight Long Yue while the rest of them should deal with their other opponents soonest possible.
Even though Su Mu was powerful, he had lost to Ye Xinglan before, while the Pagoda King Ye Zhi was affected by the power of Ye Xinglan’s Star God Sword such that Ye Zhi could not utilize the amplification effect of her Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda.
Meanwhile, Xie Xie was in a critical situation. He was sinking into the swamp while his opponent remained unaffected. He was suppressed by Teng Teng almost to the point of giving in. Fortunately, he had mastered some of the agility system’s profound methods, one of which was to clone himself so as to resist Teng Teng’s attack.
Yue Zhengyu flapped his wings as he flew in the air. His Saint Sword was stabbing Hua Lantang continuously while sacred light rays emanated from his body. He managed to produce an overlapping effect with the Light of Judgement. So, in that one moment when Hua Lantang was suppressed by Xu Xiaoyan, he managed to injure the defenseless Hua Lantang.
The Wind King Lin San’s body flashed as he dashed toward Xu Xiaoyan who was trapped in the swamp. In spite of being severely injured, he knew that Xu Xiaoyan the control-system soul master was not to be dismissed easily.
The situation at hand seemed like it was about to take a turn.
The radiance on Tang Wulin’s Domineering Golden Dragon Body had already shimmered to its limit so he jabbed with the Golden Dragon Spear to release the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven. The dragon-shaped shadow appeared at once to resist the River soul skill by force.
Long Yue gave out a raging snort. He stamped his left foot on the ground to push his enormous body into the sky, and fused into the river instantly combining with the lance as he charged straight at Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin could possibly end up in a worse condition than being stomped previously if he were to face the collision.
In the meantime, the third golden soul ring that newly appeared on Tang Wulin’s body finally glowed.
“Roar…” A valiant dragon’s roar burst forth from his mouth abruptly.