The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 705 - Earth Element Imprisonment

Chapter 705: Earth Element Imprisonment

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In that instant, the phantom image of a pair of golden feathered wings spreading out behind a ginormous golden dragon emerged on Tang Wulin’s back out of thin air. The golden dragon’s shadow with its wings spread out was over thirty meters wide. Its gigantic head was no less inferior to the Overlord Dragon’s.
All the soul masters on the competition stage sank into a catatonic state momentarily except for Gu Yue who was still chanting during that split second when it appeared.
Long Yue who stood in front of Tang Wulin was affected the most. The wild redness vanished turning Long Yue’s eyes crystal clear once again. The soul skill he was launching vanished instantly while the six soul rings on his body all dimmed at once.
The Golden Dragon Spear flashed once and lashed onto Long Yue’s shoulder in a forceful attempt to bring his body crashing down onto the ground.
The golden dragon’s phantom image flashed once and vanished without a trace leaving Tang Wulin’s face ghastly pale for a moment.
This was the Golden Dragon Bloodline’s third soul skill known as the Golden Dragon Roar!
Tang Wulin only had a faint notion of his soul skill’s attribute. He used it during that short period earlier only as a last resort when he realised its true power. He did not expect it to make such a shocking impact.
Long Yue as well as a few others on the scene were affected. The Wolf King Hua Lantang whose martial soul was a dragonwolf crouched on the ground upon hearing the Golden Dragon Roar which resulted in him being stabbed three times continuously by Yue Zhengyu. Yue Zhengyu’s entire body was covered in the Light of Judgement’s radiance as he forcefully struck Hua Lantang until he hit the soul’s protective shield with multiple damages inflicted on Hua Lantang’s battle armor.
Xie Xie’s clone immediately vanished upon hearing the dragon’s roar. Tang Wulin’s soul skill attacked without discrimination regardless of whether it was friend or foe.
Fortunately, Teng Teng was startled as well. Xie Xie managed to switch over to the clone in time, but he still tumbled onto the ground.
It would be difficult for him to continue fighting.The nine-tailed fox martial soul owner, the Fox King Su Mu derived his power from the bloodline albeit not the dragon-type bloodline. As a result, the superior bloodline interrupted his soul skill immediately. Ye Xinglan’s sword attack on his body was more agonizing than Yue Zhengyu’s because she had a full set of battle armor! Su Mu was blasted away at once.
Fortunately, the judges were protective of the match’s contestants. Hua Lantang, Xie Xie and Su Mu were declared unfit to fight by the judges. So, they were barred in succession from continuing in the match.
This was…
Such was a roar’s terrifying power.
Long Yue’s eyes were filled with fear. It was most shocking to him that he would lose control of his emotions when he was provoked or when he devoted all his efforts to launch his power. Yet, he was calmed immediately by Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Roar. He had his emotion under control once again but his bloodline was tremendously suppressed.
It was also at this moment when Gu Yue’s incantation stopped. The Elemental Staff in her right hand seemed to turn incomparably heavy while the crystal ball on top had completely turned dark yellow. Then, a dark yellow soul ring emerged from the crystal ball and spread out swiftly. It transformed into an enormous dark yellow soul ring that descended from the sky and repressed the entire scene.
What followed next was a startling sight. The swamp on the ground vanished instantly while the gigantic mountain ranges gradually disintegrated and disappeared without a trace when enshrouded by the yellow soul ring.
Visually, it was obvious that a yellow layer enshrouded Long Yue’s body weakening his aura by a third.
Monster Academy’s President En Ci who was sitting on the audience platform earlier and watching the match attentively suddenly sat upright. Fear flashed past his eyes as he cried out involuntarily, “That’s the Earth Element Imprisonment. Can a four-ring soul master launch this soul skill? It’s impossible! Unless her natural endowments are of earth element control, she still needs to offer her fire of life as a sacrifice in order to complete the ritual. How can this be?”
Gu Yue’s face did appear a little pale, but she was still far from offering her life flame as a sacrifice. She appeared to be slightly lethargic due to soul power overexhaustion.
“It’s the Spirit Abyss spiritual power!” En Ci had thought of another possibility in the next moment being the number one powerhouse in Star Luo Continent. However, the shock on his face was even more intense when he thought of this possibility.
‘Fifteen, she’s only fifteen years old, yet she has achieved the Spirit Abyss spiritual power. This is absolutely unbelievable, no wonder Dai Yun’er’s spiritual assault earlier had no effect on her, even Su Mu’s soul ring hardly had any effect on her. It turns out her spiritual power has achieved such a profound level. She’s only fifteen years old! How powerful will her spiritual power be in the future?’
A cold sensation rushed upward his spine. Shrek Academy’s youths were truly shocking. At the beginning, everyone assumed that Tang Wulin was the most powerful among his team. That was why their attention were all on him.
However, the rest of Shrek Academy’s students began to stand out conspicuously in succession through the matches as the competition went on. None of them was weak. Yuanen Yehui was capable of suppressing Dai Yueyan, not to mention the powerful Ye Xinglan who owned a full set of one-word battle armor. Last but not least, Xu Xiaoyan revealed her ultra-powerful control ability earlier today.
However, they were still not considered the most powerful ones remarkably. To everyone’s surprise, the most powerful person was this female student who had not appeared much in the earlier matches.
Her spiritual power was at a level that even a six-ring Soul Emperor could not necessarily achieve. Yet, she had launched such a powerful soul skill that anyone below a six-ring cultivation base could not possibly unleash.
The Earth Element Imprisonment soul skill was rarely seen, and it was different from Elemental Stripping. The Elemental Stripping skill reduced some or gradually the whole element, but the Earth Element Imprisonment skill could wipe out all the earth elements within its range instantly.
The earth element was absolutely not allowed in its range.
Such a pure elemental imprisonment soul skill’s effect was not striking ordinarily. Thus, most people would prefer to skip the learning of this skill if they had the choice.
Nonetheless, it was obvious that she chose to learn this skill, to say the least. It was not even her soul skill! To put it correctly, it was not a soul skill that was connected to her martial soul! This was truly awesome!
Every Mountain Dragon King martial soul’s soul skill was related to the earth element regardless of how much bloodline power was added, as the Mountain Dragon King’s source was controlled by the earth attribute. Even the river was no exception because it was not really water but an energy produced in the form of water utilizing the earth element.
Thus, the Earth Element Imprisonment skill had exterminated all of Long Yue’s soul skills such that his soul skills could not be launched within this range.
This was definitely a targeted attack!
Everyone assumed that Shrek Academy’s participation in the group match was just a mere formality. On the contrary, Shrek Academy’s students demonstrated their objective in the competition which was to contend for the championship!
Shrek had always strived for number one!
On the competition stage, Long Yue could not help but stand sluggishly when he realized that the earth element that had always been so intimate to him disappeared unexpectedly.
She spent such a long time chanting the incantation just to overwhelm him with such horrendous stress.
All the soul masters who recognized and understood the Earth Element Imprisonment soul skill were all shocked beyond words.
The elemental imprisonment soul skill only existed in legends not because it was an impossible skill to acquire, but its existence was trivial, and it had many limitations. For one, the elemental imprisonment could only be targeted at one specific element, hence only effective at dealing with a specific type of elemental soul master.
Moreover, the elemental imprisonment was a high level soul skill. Generally, only soul masters with six rings and above could cultivate it. As every soul skill required much effort and time to acquire, who would be willing to sacrifice their precious resources just to cultivate a non-significant soul skill?
Yet, at this moment, a targeted soul skill appeared on the competition stage. The four soul rings on Gu Yue’s body shimmered alternately. It was difficult to ascertain which soul skill was hers, but the elemental imprisonment’s effect was revealed instantly. Apart from his strength and power, every soul skill and elemental control of the powerful Mountain Dragon King martial soul was restricted at a stroke.