The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 707 - The Divine Dragon’s Great Calamity

Chapter 707: The Divine Dragon’s Great Calamity

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Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were blasted away. Simultaneously, Ye Xinglan and Gu Yue felt the pull of the force acting on them. They immediately sat down at their spots to free themselves from the pulling force.
All of a sudden, Tang Wulin’s body glowed brightly with golden light as his aura was elevated multiple times. A faint golden dragon emerged on the dragon pattern surface of the Golden Dragon Spear shimmering in golden light.
Tang Wulin transformed into a stream of golden light as he bolted in front of Long Yue and forcefully pierced the Golden Dragon Spear into Long Yue.
Only his Golden Dragon Bloodline aura could suppress Long Yue to a certain level.
The most powerful part of Xu Xiaoyan’s fourth soul skill Star Chain was its ability to connect herself with her comrades to consolidate their soul power! Not only that, but it could also mitigate the damage suffered by any team member.
In other words, if Tang Wulin was harmed during a collision, all the other team members would assist him by undertaking part of the damage. At the same time, his soul power would be the aggregate of all his comrades’ soul powers.
The totality of six people’s soul powers enabled Tang Wulin’s cultivation base to achieve the level of a six-ring Soul Emperor. Hence, the power of the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand was vastly different from before with a wisp of refined radiance spurting forth from the crystal-like tip of the spear.
Long Yue blocked the stab with his double pointed lance. The Golden Dragon Spear gave out a crisp sound as it pierced the lance and shattered a pyramid-shaped scale on the lance.
His wrath provoked, Long Yue roared in rage. He stamped his right foot on the ground abruptly as the tremendous force generated shockwaves that spread out in all directions.
He could sense the source of Tang Wulin’s soul power. The blow was not only targeted at Tang Wulin but his comrades as well.
Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear hummed with a dragon’s roar as the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven was unleashed. A golden dragon that was three times larger than before rushed straight for Long Yue.
The wings on Long Yue’s back flapped once as a surge of extraordinary soul power burst forth. A layer of dark golden mist arose faintly around his body. He made no attempt to dodge. Instead, he used his chest to resist the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven.
Dark golden radiance flashed violently. Long Yue denied the urge to fall back. On the contrary, he advanced with the force of his earlier stomp.
Tang Wulin was blown away by the double pointed lance’s impact. His comrades gave out muffled cries as they endured the collision impact together with him.
On the audience platform.
Fang’er’s commentary had stopped for some time while the audience had been watching so intensely that their breathing turned shallow.
All the guests of honor on the audience platform had expressions of bewilderment on their faces.
This competition defied all comparison! It was truly a battle between a group and one person. Other than Long Yue, everybody else from Monster Academy felt they would collapse at the first blow in the current match, Dai Yueyan included.
They were all one-word battle armor masters, yet when confronted with Shrek’s battle group, they ended up in an inferior position. Even Xie Xie’s elimination was only due to the effect of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Roar.
Six people joined together with Star Chain to provide support for Tang Wulin alone so he could fight against Long Yue. Furthermore, the Earth Element Imprisonment had sealed all of Long Yue’s soul skills.
On the other hand, Long Yue was a six-ring Soul Emperor and a two-word battle armor master. He was fighting against a group of fifteen-year-old opponents who were hardly one-word battle armor masters, yet he still could not end the match despite fighting for such a long time.
Tang Wulin’s gaze was filled with pride for this was Shrek Academy which even the federation respected!
Elder Cai was expressionless but her hands had already formed two tight fists under the table.
She had been telling Wu Zhangkong to observe the group of children who had been creating miracles all this while. However, she was definitely satisfied with Tang Wulin and his comrades’ performance. They had done an excellent job. If Monster Academy had not produced someone defying the heavens such as Long Yue, these children might even be the champions in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition on Star Luo Continent.
She initially had the intention to stop them from participating in the match until she saw Tang Wulin return. It was her sensibility that she allowed this match to go on. The match certainly meant a great deal to them. She was not worried that these children would be disheartened from the defeat because they had already demonstrated their true mettle in the competition.
They would not admit defeat until the final moment of the battle!
His hands grasped the Golden Dragon Spear tightly. It was at this moment when a figure suddenly appeared silently at his side.
“Let’s do it together!”
Tang Wulin turned around and saw Gu Yue’s determined eyes.
Tang Wulin held the Golden Dragon Spear in his right hand while he stretched out his left hand to her. Gu Yue took a deep breath, then placed her right hand in Tang Wulin’s left.
Dense radiance arose from the their bodies instantly. Dazzling golden flares were rising around Tang Wulin’s body, while an iridescent glow arose from Gu Yue’s body.
Golden and iridescent colors coincided as a surge of unusual aura spewed from their bodies.
When Long Yue who had begun to dash toward Tang Wulin sensed the aura, his feet suddenly staggered. He stumbled for a few steps but managed to balance his body with great effort using the double pointed lance to support himself.
His blood red eyes turned crystal clear once again as his eyes shone in disbelief.
“Is that the martial soul fusion skill?” An intensely shocked voice echoed from the audience platform.
A pair of colorful feathered wings spread out behind his back. Gu Yue had vanished but Tang Wulin’s body swelled to three meters tall. Colorful scales replaced the original golden scales while there was an additional iridescent sheen on the Golden Dragon Spear. The spear’s length had extended to over three meters.
This aura was…
Long Yue had just regained his consciousness when he discovered that he could not stand upright. His martial soul and shuddering inner heart were feeling an unease that he had never felt before. He felt subdued and could only relax his mind by curling up on the ground and worshipping the person before him.
“This is i-impossible!” Long Yue roared frantically into the air. The double pointed lance in his hand pushed against the ground to prop him up. He walked in big steps toward Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin lowered his head and took a glance at himself. All the Star Chains snapped off when he fused with Gu Yue. The scales on his entire body were reflecting a multitude of colors seemingly capable of absorbing all within its range. Countless energetic molecules in the air were surging wildly toward his body.
When he realized that Long Yue was heading his way, a feeling of rage arose in his heart for no reason. It almost seemed as if the people were revolting against the emperor. He happened to be the emperor!
“Roar…” a loud and distinct dragon’s roar burst from Tang Wulin’s mouth.
It was not the Golden Dragon Roar, and there was not even a soul ring on his body. Nonetheless, it was this very raging roar that made Long Yue kneel down abruptly on the ground with a thud.
Colorful radiance flashed past and vanished. The Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin’s hand had pierced Long Yue’s body. It penetrated his right shoulder and pinned his enormous body to the ground.
Long Yue saw a pair of colorful eyes. There was utterly no emotion in those eyes. Only domineering lordliness.
Perhaps the effect from the Divine Dragon Transformation would be different if it was used to confront another two-word battle armor master. Yet, Long Yue owned the dragon-type martial soul! When the Divine Dragon Transformation was initiated, even his Mountain Dragon King martial soul was incapable of withstanding such overbearingness.
The shudder in his inner heart gave way to submission. Long Yue’s voice turned hoarse, “I admit defeat.”
Tang Wulin stood with a foot on Long Yue’s chest as he abruptly pulled out the Golden Dragon Spear and howled into the sky!
A colorful giant dragon’s shadow appeared vaguely behind his back amidst the thundering dragon’s roar.