The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 708 - They're the Winners!

Chapter 708: They’re the Winners!

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Every soul master on the scene possessing the dragon-type martial soul lowered their heads subconsciously at this moment. Even those Title Douluo powerhouses were no exception.
Shadows flashed past as Tang Wulin and Gu Yue parted. Their faces turned ghastly pale as they sat on the ground.
There were about a hundred thousand members of the audience on the scene.
Monster Academy President En Ci, Star Luo Empire’s emperor Dai Tianling, Douluo Continent Federation’s representative team leader Tang Bingyao, Shrek Academy Sea God Pavilion member Elder Cai were all stunned at this particular moment with no exceptions.
The atmosphere inside and outside Star Luo Coliseum with more than a hundred thousand in the audience was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop at this very moment.
If not for Long Yue lying on the ground in a coma, nor the distinctive hole Tang Wulin pierced into his two-word battle armor, nor the people on the competition stage were all Shrek Academy’s students, no one was willing to believe the scene before their eyes were real!
Yes! Shrek won!
They were the champions!
The winner of the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s group match was Shrek Academy!
At present, the glory belonged to Shrek Academy, to Tang Wulin and his comrades. They had won!
Tang Wulin smiled. Even though he was extremely weak after the Divine Dragon Transformation, his face was beaming with pride at the moment. It was a smile full of pride.
Gu Yue smiled as well. It was a feeling that he had returned and it felt so good.
Shrek’s squad members were all smiling. In spite of the silent victory, it did not come easily for them at all.
They had won and obtained the final victory. In the end, the Divine Dragon Transformation’s suppression and the Earth Element Imprisonment’s restriction had led them to become the champions of this competition.
Yuanen Yehui waved her hand at Xie Xie who was below the stage. Upon seeing Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie came around from his stupor. He hastily rushed to a spot next to Yuanen Yehui on the competition stage.
“Did we win?”
“We won!” Yuanen Yehui cracked into a smile. For Xie Xie, it was a rare occasion indeed.
“We won!” Xie Xie’s voice suddenly turned high pitch as he swirled around to hug Yuanen Yehui’s alluring body.
Yuanen Yehui struggled subconsciously but she could clearly sense the tremendous joy in Xie Xie’s heart. In the end, her heart melted and she succumbed to the hug.
“We won!” Xu Xiaoyan jumped up abruptly. She hugged Yue Zhengyu standing nearby and kissed him on the cheek unexpectedly.
“We won!” A chubby figure crawled onto the competition stage and hurried to the middle.
“We won!” Ye Xinglan cracked into a faint smile on her otherwise expressionless face. She wrapped an arm around Xu Lizhi’s wide shoulders who had just appeared next to her.
“We won!” Xu Lizhi smiled shyly.
Tang Wulin propped himself up with the Golden Dragon Spear, then walked over to Gu Yue with great effort. He pulled her up and let her lean her weak body against him.
The two people gazed into each other’s eyes. Gu Yue rested her head on Tang Wulin’s shoulder. “We won!”
Long Yue struggled to sit up at present. His enormous body had shrunk back to its norm. He looked at the both of them snuggling oblivious to him.
His eyes were filled with disbelief and sadness, but then there was something else too.
The rest of Monster Academy’s students were staring at the fifteen-year-olds standing on the competition stage.
They had lost against all expectations. Moreover, it was an outright defeat.
They lost the battle between Monster Academy and Shrek Academy. Even someone as powerful as Long Yue could not do anything to alleviate the depressing situation.
The final score for the group match was eight to one. The disparity was alarming to say the least.
The ending said it all.
The president En Ci stood up and frowned as he looked in the direction of the competition stage. A shadow flashed past and was gone without a trace.
In the waiting area, Wu Zhangkong stood there as he watched the group on the competition stage. His face had a warm smile. They had won. His normally stoic face had finally turned into a cheerful face for once.
A figure appeared silently next to him. He was stroking his chin with his right hand while his eyes were filled with thoughtful radiance. “That final strength was…”
Wu Zhangkong turned around when he heard the voice to discover it was Mu Ye. The same Mu Ye who had saved Tang Wulin back then.
“Thank you,” Wu Zhangkong spoke from the bottom of his heart.
Mu Ye answered indifferently, “He is my disciple too.”
The group match ended and with that ended the three most exciting matches, while the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition’s remaining matches received less attention.
Shrek Academy’s name was seared into the memories of Star Luo Empire’s common folks. The name that once shocked Star Luo Empire before it became Star Luo Continent was now familiar to the people once again.
“Are you going alone?”
As Wu Zhangkong looked at Tang Wulin standing before him, he could not help frowning.
Tang Wulin nodded. “Yes, this is Tang Sect’s mission that belongs to the Battle Soul Hall. I think we are going to explore some area.”
Wu Zhangkong suddenly raised his hand and stopped Tang Wulin from speaking any longer. “Wulin, remember this. No matter what your relationship with the person means to you, even if it’s me or your comrades, you must never reveal Tang Sect’s secrets. That’s the rule. Since it’s the Battle Soul Hall’s mission, then you shall go. Do you know how long it will take?”
Tang Wulin shook his head slightly confused. “It won’t be a short mission.” They would be traveling to another place. In addition, it was an expedition type mission, so it would require a significant amount of time.
Wu Zhangkong nodded. “How about this? I’ll purchase some soul communicators later, so you can notify us when your mission has ended. It’s possible that we may not remain in Star Luo City but travel to other places in Star Luo Empire. You can join us when the mission is over by then.”
The competition was conducted over a long period. Soon, it was time for the Battle Soul Hall’s expedition mission to Dragon Valley. Based on Black One’s description at the time, it seemed like a worthwhile mission that would benefit every fighter. That was why Tang Wulin was the envy of everyone when he was rewarded with a slot in the mission.
“You’re going to go alone?” Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin in astonishment.
Gu Yue’s eyes widened. The atmosphere at the dining table during dinner was a little tense.
Tang Wulin nodded. “Yes, it’s a Tang Sect mission but I won’t be going into the specifics. The mission originates from Star Luo Empire, so I must go. I’ve already requested for a break from Teacher Wu. Gu Yue’s the captain when I’m not around. I’ll be joining you all when my mission is completed.”
Everyone gazed into each other’s eyes.
The rest of the squad did not discuss any further. Everyone was a Tang Sect disciple, so they had a strong sense of belonging except for Gu Yue.
“I want to join Battle Soul Hall badly!” Xie Xie spoke his mind in a loud voice.
Tang Wulin smiled. “It shouldn’t be much of a problem for you to join Battle Soul Hall based on your power. However, we’ll discuss further when we return to Douluo Continent. It’s not convenient to do so here. I don’t know how long this mission will take. It could be twelve days if it’s smooth going. It’s difficult to tell otherwise. Teacher Wu gave me a soul communicator, and all of you have one as well. I’ll be in touch when I’m done.”
“Alright,” Xie Xie spoke with a hint of helplessness.
Gu Yue had not spoken a single word since the beginning to the end. She lowered her head and continued eating in silence.
Tang Wulin looked toward her while she ate. Tang Wulin believed it was impossible for her not to feel his gaze with her spiritual power.