The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 710 - White Three, White Seven

Chapter 710: White Three, White Seven

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Tang Wulin glanced at White Seven beside him subconsciously and found her returning the glance. He had no choice but to say that the mask was extremely useful not only in concealing one’s gaze but muffling one’s voice as well.
The rest of the White Fighters were eyeing each other for the most part. The identities of the fighters were kept in top secret to ensure that their daily lives would not be intruded, especially to prevent the enemy’s revenge after they have carried out important missions. Thus, they would never reveal each other’s identity even among themselves.
Tang Wulin nodded at White Seven, and she returned the nod before they continued on a long drive.
The soul bus entered the highway soon after and drove at full speed.
Tang Wulin could sense vaguely that they had entered the mountains after traveling for a day.
Night fell and the soul bus was still traveling swiftly. No one cared to ask how long before they would arrive but the food was being distributed to everyone in intervals.
Tang Wulin was the most miserable because he was still hungry.
The situation of not being fed well immediately weakened his body because his body required a high amount of energy. He was already so famished he could eat a horse.
He should have bought some food before he came over to join the mission if he had known earlier. He reminded himself to always remember this lesson so he would always have food before he joined an operation in the future.
He swallowed a gulp of saliva as he recalled Teacher Mu Ye’s scrumptious delights!
Mu Ye was in disdain when he found out that Tang Wulin was joining Tang Sect’s mission but he did not stop Tang Wulin. He only reminded Wulin to practice with more effort and further taught him some body cultivation techniques before Wulin left. It was said that Tang Wulin had discovered a unique mineral vein on Star Luo Continent, and he was going to conduct some research there to enhance his Divine Mecha.
Tang Wulin did not ask whether it was possible to enhance the Divine Mecha because he was still too far away from that world. Even if he were to ask, he would most likely not have understood.
He would need to spend more time to practice forging as soon as the mission was completed because it had been too long since he last forged.
He missed the pair of giant hammers he gave to Yuanen Yehui. Ever since the hammers were used in the competition, Yuanen Yehui was extremely pleased with the weapon that she decided her future battle armor weapon would take the shape of the giant hammers.
Tang Wulin felt like laughing the moment he thought about Xie Xie’s expression as described by Yuanen Yehui. If there was a word to depict Xie Xie at the time, it would be constipated. Yes, a constipated-like expression as if there was something he wished to say but dared not utter out of fear.
Tang Wulin fancied that pair of giant hammers too. It was fairly heavy and powerful, but his Golden Dragon Spear was even better. He would need to practice more of his spear-wielding skills. However, it seemed like the Tang Sect has no specific spear-wielding technique unlike the giant hammers’ Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer.
Yuanen Yehui had already gone to the Tang Sect especially to acquire this hammer technique before she left Douluo City so she could study it thoroughly.
Tang Wulin wondered where everyone was at the moment.
The sky had gradually darkened outside the window. White Seven leaned her head against the window as if she was asleep. Tang Wulin wished to sleep too, but he could not sleep from his hunger pangs.
It was already midnight by the time the soul bus turned off the highway and traveled along a winding path. It took approximately another hour before the bus seemingly entered a town and finally stopped.
The bus was parked near a three-storey small building that seemed to be built of wood. It appeared quaint and dilapidated.
The Tang Sect’s symbol adorned the small town which belonged to the Tang Sect.
“Everyone get off the bus and check in to your respective rooms. Two people will share a room. Don’t give me some bullshit about how a male and female shouldn’t stay in the same room. Figure it out yourselves. Rest early and we’ll gather when the sun has risen to three poles high tomorrow morning. You can buy some essential items in the small town. I suggest that all of you buy more. We shall depart at high noon.”
“Yes!” the White Fighters answered and got off the bus.
Traveling in a soul vehicle for a whole day was truly an unpleasant experience. Tang Wulin was not bothered by having White Seven in the same room for he was used to sharing rooms when he was a working student.
Tang Wulin got off the bus, then stretched his body strenuously. Just as he felt the pleasant sensations of his blood circulating in his body, his stomach began rumbling again. He was even more hungry now.
“Black One, can I still buy food at this time?” Tang Wulin gathered next to Black One’s side and asked softly.
Black One darted him a look. “Still hungry? I don’t think you can. You should try tomorrow morning.”
“Alright.” Tang Wulin was depressed because he was so hungry! It had been so long since he felt this hungry.
He could gobble up a cow!
‘Hmm.’ He truly felt like he could do that now.
He walked into the tavern to make arrangements for his room. White Seven got the key as she had entered first. Tang Wulin hastily followed her to the room.
They went up to the second floor. White Seven stopped at Room 315, opened the door and stepped in.
Tang Wulin was about to follow her into the room when White Seven suddenly turned around.
“You know that it’s improper for men and women to touch each other’s hand even when passing objects, right?” White Seven’s voice sounded quite pleasant despite the mask’s filter. She sounded rather young.
“Hmm. Don’t worry. I won’t have any improper desires,” Tang Wulin hastily explained.
“Very well then. You’ll sleep in the corridor.” White Seven walked into the room and closed the door with a bang.
Tang Wulin was dumbstruck as he stood outside the room looking at the door. He was speechless as he looked at the room’s number plate. White Seven was really one of a kind.
He turned around and looked at the remaining rooms along the corridor and found everyone else had entered their rooms in pairs! Besides, some were couples too. Anyway, the small tavern was fully occupied.
Tang Wulin raised his hand and knocked on the door.
The door opened. White Seven stuck out her head. “What is it?”
Tang Wulin answered, “How about this? You can wash up first and I won’t enter while you’re washing. I’ll only enter after you’re done. I think there should be two beds? I’ll just sit here and meditate for a while. It’s rather disgraceful for me to sleep in the corridor! Can you please be more considerate?”
“Bang!” That was the answer for him.
‘A good man doesn’t fight with a woman!’ Tang Wulin thought in his heart.
‘Corridor, it is then!’
He could actually comprehend the situation because the other person was a female after all. Moreover, it would be inconvenient for them to stay in the same room for they were strangers.
‘Forget it then. Since I have no place to sleep anyway, I might as well go out and take a stroll. I can buy some food in case the shops are still open.’
Tang Wulin walked outside deep in thought.
White Seven was packing her stuff in the room with her ears perked listening to the sounds from the outside.
‘Eh? That fellow is well mannered! He didn’t even say a resentful word or knocked on the door again. He is truly cultured. But, how can I allow a scoundrel to stay in the same room as me?’
‘If he was truly daring enough to come in by force… Humph!’
Tang Wulin walked out of the tavern. The cool and refreshing breeze carried a plant’s scent that reinvigorated the heart and mind.
He took a few deep breaths strenuously. ‘The air has never fulfilled my hunger no matter how refreshing it is! At most, I can perhaps fart more after inhaling more…’
‘That’s improper. What am I thinking here?’
The small town was mostly paved with flagstones. Pieces of flagstones were paved neatly exuding a tranquil ambiance. The people of the small town seemed to be asleep at this time. Tang Wulin walked quietly on the streets. Soon, he found some shops.
‘There are shops that sell food and even delicatessens as I expected! There should be a shop that sells cooked meat. I want to eat so badly! What a pity, it’s closed.’
‘A pancake shop, oh my god! It’s simply heaven to roll cooked meat in a baked pancake followed with a dash of sauce.’ A person would always be imagining bountiful food when he was hungry.