The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 712 - Enter the Dragon Valley

Chapter 712: Enter the Dragon Valley

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The group departed in the afternoon. They did not board a bus this time because there was no way a bus could maneuver through the mountains. To reach their destination, they would need to go on foot.
However, it was certainly not a problem for anyone as each of them had achieved at least four rings.
Under Black One’s lead, they marched deeper into the forest.
Upon entering the forest, Tang Wulin could immediately feel the kindness radiating from the surrounding plants due to last night’s meditation. The plants were like his children that admired him with awe.
Simultaneously, Tang Wulin’s soul power was fluctuating intensely. The origin energy surged within his body. Even when not meditating, he was being subtly transformed under the influence of the origin energy.
“You look a little odd. Isn’t there an aura emanating from your body?” asked White Seven as she walked past Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin shrugged. “How do I know?”
White Seven frowned under her mask. ‘How did his aura suddenly turn fresh and fragrant? Moreover, there’s a faint sense of harmony that’s radiating from his body.’
White Seven had potent spiritual powers especially her acute senses. It suddenly dawned upon her that White Three’s martial soul was related to plants. That explained why a plant-type soul master would have increased powers in the forest.
The horde advanced swiftly despite the forest’s rugged terrain.
The forest’s atmosphere in the afternoon was exuberant and refreshing. With his origin energy accumulating, Tang Wulin felt increasingly energetic.
The terrain’s elevation was now higher as they had trekked for over two hours. It was becoming an arduous climb.
Black One studied the weather and spoke urgently, “We’ll need to pick up the pace a little. Otherwise, we won’t arrive before sundown. Everyone follow closely and don’t fall behind.” He then stretched his legs and sped forward.
The White Fighters stepped forward rapidly one after another behind him.
Although their cultivation had improved significantly, it was still difficult to assess their rankings.
Tang Wulin was running like a fleeting cheetah, its gait sturdy yet balanced.
White Seven appeared as agile by his side. Her agility gave her the speed in overcoming the obstacles in the forest and also conserved her energy.
Just as how she could tell that Tang Wulin was a plant-type soul master, Tang Wulin could also figure out that White Seven was an agility-type soul master.
Finally, after crossing a few mountains, they arrived at the top of a high mountain peak just as dusk was approaching.
Vegetation was sparse here. It was, at least, two thousand meters above sea level with snow covering the ground. The temperature had dropped quite a bit.
There was a stone cottage on the mountain peak. It could sense their presence as someone walked out from the cottage.
The tall elderly man was hunched. He held an ebony cane in his hand.
“Elder Wu.” Black One strode forward and saluted the elderly man with much respect.
Tang Wulin was surprised. Black One already had a high ranking in the Battle Soul Hall. He was, at least, an eight-ring Douluo-ranked powerhouse, and also a three-word battle armor master. Yet, he treated this ailing elderly man with such respect. It was apparent that this elderly man was no ordinary person!
Elder Wu nodded to Black One as his gaze swept through the thirty White Fighters standing behind Black One. He raised his head ever so slightly and spoke, “The quality of this batch of youths is acceptable. They have prepared well.”
Black One nodded.
“Get ready then.” Elder Wu did not speak much as he walked toward the summit next to his stone cottage.
Black One turned around to face the White Fighters. “I’ve already briefed you on this mission. What you have to do is simple. Stay as long as you can in Dragon Valley. This is the best opportunity for all of you to benefit from the Battle Soul Hall. Anyone who is capable of staying for more than three months will be immediately promoted to a Yellow Fighter. Those who stay for less than a month will be dismissed as a fighter.”
‘Will it be better the longer one stays in Dragon Valley?’
Tang Wulin heart skipped a beat since he was curious about the Dragon Valley.
Elder Wu had already walked to the side of the summit’s cliff. He tapped the ground lightly with his ebony cane. A rush of surging soul power suddenly burst forth from his body.
His soul rings had crept up his body.
Yellow, yellow, purple, purple, purple, black, black, black, black. Amazingly, there were a total of nine soul rings!
He was a nine-ringed Title Douluo.
Many of the White Fighters unwittingly stood upright upon seeing those brilliant nine soul rings. A Title Douluo was the peak in a soul master’s world. It was also the goal which everyone pursued diligently!
A white soul ring rippled through Elder Wu’s body. It was only then that they saw beams of light radiating from beneath Elder Wu’s feet.
They were in awe as the light patterns were complicated, yet appeared magnificent. The lights were like soul circuits but looked more primitive.
Those White Fighters aware of soul circuits could not help frowning because these light patterns did not belong to any type of modern soul circuits.
The light patterns radiated outward extending to a radius of fifty meters. Mist arose from the light beams as its aura grew in intensity.
Elder Wu’s soul power kept increasing, so much so he was using his soul power to illuminate the light beams beneath his feet.
Tang Wulin stood there feeling his pulsating heartbeat. He felt a little queer as if something was summoning him.
His heart skipped a beat each time a white soul ring rippled, but his heart was thumping stronger than usual.
His blood surging with a pulsating heartbeat, Tang Wulin felt as if his arteries and veins were about to explode. He was trying his best to control the aura enveloping his body.
Elder Wu suddenly raised the ebony cane in his hand as he straightened his hunched back. In the next instant, he turned into an awakening dragon. There was no longer any glistening soul ring. His body began to swell, while a pair of enormous wings spread out behind his back. Finally, he was a fifteen-meter long giant dragon with its entire body shimmering in bluish purple radiance.
‘Is this… the martial soul avatar? A seven-ring soul sage’s unique ability?’
Elder Wu’s martial soul was akin to the legendary martial soul Blue Electric Overlord Dragon!
“Roar!” snarled Elder Wu. The white light fluctuating on the ground suddenly grew in intensity. The light ripples formed a halo with a multitude of colors and transformed into a column of light that surged skyward.
The sky was torn apart by the light pillar. The multicolored radiance then diffused revealing an enormous gap.
This was…
The legion of White Fighters gawked in bewilderment at the pitch black gap in the sky. This was the first time anyone had ever seen such a remarkable and bizarre sight.
“When you face an imminent crisis in Dragon Valley, activate the dragon pearl. Then you’ll be teleported out. Begin to enter!”
Black One hollered as his body flashed past and halted behind a White Fighter. He grabbed hold of the White Fighter’s shoulder while his other hand grabbed the companion’s shoulder. “Hold your partner’s hand.”
The two White Fighters promptly held each other’s palm and, in the next moment, Black One extended his arms and threw them into the gaping black hole. The two figures plunged into the breach and vanished.