The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 713 - A Small World

Chapter 713: A Small World

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“Hold hands!” Black One’s figure sped by reaching both Tang Wulin and White Seven who were second in line.
Tang Wulin turned to look at White Seven and extended his right arm. White Seven was reluctant, but she eventually reached out to hold his hand. Both of them leapt as if they were treading on clouds and floating on mist. They headed straight toward the breach.
The instant they took flight, Tang Wulin felt White Seven’s tightening grip on his hand revealing her anxiety.
‘Is she afraid? She’s a fighter, but she’s so timid.’
The thought occupied his mind when Tang Wulin felt his vision go dark. Soon, he felt the sky and earth twirling and whirling. Everything started to blur, and he felt as if space itself was warped.
Acting on reflex, he clutched White Seven’s hand tightly.
The tugging persisted for a while in the darkness. Suddenly, light reappeared. Then, a weightless feeling.
Tang Wulin realized then that they were free-falling. He quickly drew a deep breath to activate the soul power within him.
However, he did not notice that a special energy had channeled into him. His soul power was suppressed until he could hardly unleash an ounce of it.
Black One had mentioned that they would be unable to utilize their martial souls in Dragon Valley. ‘Is this what he meant?’
As expected, Tang Wulin could not activate his Bluesilver Grass. Meanwhile, they were plummeting at a blinding speed.
“Ah! My martial soul!” White Seven screamed. She was obviously flustered, and she struggled with all her might.
Tang Wulin looked down. The ground was coming up fast toward them. With his quick wit, he yanked White Seven toward him and hugged her tightly. As soon as he touched the ground, he rolled sideways with White Seven still in his embrace.
He was blessed with the Golden Dragon King bloodline which gave him formidable strength. He had broken much of the fall with his powerful legs. Rolling upon impact, he managed to disperse the remaining energy.
White Seven’s arms were tightly wrapped around his neck. Her body shivered as she was obviously in shock.
Tang Wulin had wrapped his arms around her waist. His arms acted as supports to cushion their fall.
By the time they stopped moving, White Seven was prostrated on Wulin’s chest, and her petite frame shaking. Her body was soft and supple with a sweet scent. Wulin felt awkward with her body pressing on his chest.
“Ugh!” White Seven had also noticed the impropriety of their situation. She quickly shoved him away, putting some distance between their bodies.
Tang Wulin gently nudged her and sat up.
White Seven’s breathing was a little labored. Simultaneously, they looked up at the cloudless, azure sky.
“We seem to have been sent to another dimension,” Tang Wulin said amazed.
White Seven appeared to have calmed down. She stood up abruptly and executed a few jumps on the spot.
“What other dimension? This is a small world in a dimensional rift.”
“A small world?” Tang Wulin looked at her in surprise.
White Seven said, “Don’t you know, on Star Luo Continent, there are many similar small dimensional rifts? A majority of them are highly unstable and may be destroyed at any time. But, there are also a few dimensional rifts that are stable with their interiors connected to various unique places. These places are like fragmented continents. They have their own ecosystems but aren’t planets. They are a world unto its own. If the dimensional rift becomes unstable, these small worlds could be destroyed. Moreover, all the small worlds are attached to the big worlds. For example, Douluo Star is a big world. When the small world is forming, it represents a segment of the big world. How did you become a white fighter? Haven’t you taken the small world space theory class?”
Of course, Tang Wulin had not. This was knowledge that was exclusive to Star Luo Continent. After White Seven’s exposition, which he did not fully comprehend, he got the impression that Star Luo Continent was indeed unique and amazing.
“I can’t activate my soul power, and my martial soul too,” remarked Tang Wulin to White Seven.
“I can’t as well, but my physique is still intact,” murmured White Seven.
Tang Wulin nodded. He was not flustered because he was not your typical Soul Master. Even without his soul power, he had his bloodline power and his inborn superhuman strength. His bloodline ring was not affected by soul power, thus, his strength remained.
However, Tang Wulin had no intention of using his bloodline ring on a whim, because it would be too conspicuous.
News of Shrek Academy’s victory over Monster Academy had spread throughout Star Luo Continent. He was reluctant to reveal his identity as he did not want to be discriminated, like a mouse in a crowded street, in Star Luo Continent’s circle of Soul Masters.
If White Seven knew his identity, he was afraid that they would not be able to cooperate further. After all, in her eyes, he was still an outsider.
Since the other Soul Masters accomplished their missions in Dragon Valley without revealing their identities, he should be able to do it too. He would expose his bloodline ring only as a last resort.
Tang Wulin got up. His spiritual powers stirred as he instinctively connected to his storage space. Fortunately, although his soul power was suppressed, he managed to use his storage soul tool. He blended it with his spiritual power and soul power. His spiritual power consumption was higher than usual.
A light flashed. Two small hammers appeared in Tang Wulin’s hands.
Concurrently, two daggers appeared in White Seven’s hands. Obviously, she was also prepared.
When she glanced at the two Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers unleashed by Tang Wulin, White Seven asked incredulously, “You’re also a blacksmith?”
Tang Wulin nodded. “Of course! In Dragon Valley, it would be better if we had a mecha. Too bad.”
White Seven snorted, “Don’t you wish? In this small world, you can’t use a mecha even if you had one. The power source for a mecha is still soul power. Even the soul power batteries would be suppressed here. There seems to be a mechanism suppressing soul power in this small world. I’ve heard that whoever fully understands the dynamics of the small worlds will be able to alter the structure of the Continents’ Soul Masters’ realm.”
“Oh?” Tang Wulin queried, “Has anyone understood it then?”
White Seven shook her head. “Not yet. Soul Masters with five rings and above can’t enter this space. It may be possible that these Soul Masters won’t be suppressed in here, but will be rejected by the space instead, making them unable to enter this small world. It’s not easy to study and understand the dynamics of a small world. Stop thinking and let’s explore the area. It has been said that the fighters who stayed in Dragon Valley for a certain duration would feel as though they were born anew when they got out.”
Tang Wulin nodded. He wielded his Thousand Refined Heavy Silver Hammers in his hands and took the lead.
He had, only now, begun paying attention to his surroundings. They seemed to be in a hilly area. There was vegetation around them, but it was not lush. They stood atop a hill and gazed into the distance. However, they could not see far due to the mist.
In the unseen world, Tang Wulin was suddenly overcome with sadness. Even he himself was uncertain why such a feeling would arise, but he had the emotion nonetheless.
No animals were seen. The entire small world appeared tranquil. Tang Wulin surveyed his location before he commenced walking.
White Seven clasped her daggers as she followed behind him. They traversed several hills, finally, reaching an open space in the distance.
After they started their journey, Tang Wulin noticed a subtle difference in this world.
The gravity of this small world was slightly stronger than Star Luo Continent’s. It was not much stronger, only about 0.5 times. That was why they did not feel it initially. However, as time went by, it became apparent.
After walking for about two hours, White Seven was gasping. With her four-ring Soul Master’s physique, she would not be in such a state normally. On the other hand, Tang Wulin, with his gritty physique, was hardly affected.
“Shall we rest a while?” Tang Wulin turned to look at White Seven.
White Seven nodded.