The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 717 - Don't Go Away

Chapter 717: Don’t Go Away

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“Hey, this is daylight robbery!” White Seven had always addressed him as ‘Hey’, so in return, he called her likewise. He had known earlier that she was awake when he overheard her swallowing her saliva. She was only biding her time to kill with a single strike!
White Seven ignored him. She continued chowing down on the flatbread and beef. Her mask was lifted slightly, exposing her fair chin and red, rosy lips. She was in no way behaving like a princess. On the contrary, she was gobbling up her food like a hungry ghost.
This young lady was ravenous.
She was gulping down the food in one go. All of a sudden, White Seven’s body stiffened. She made some muffled sounds.
Tang Wulin hastily rushed to her side and patted her back vigorously.
“Awk… I almost choked to death. Where are your manners? Get me some soup.”
Tang Wulin shook his head in disbelief. This young girl was incorrigible. He took the pot of soup and shoved it toward her.
Perhaps, eating while wearing the mask was tricky. White Seven subsequently removed her mask. She, then, lifted the pot of soup and took two sips. Later, she continued eating.
The face behind the mask was one of peerless beauty. She had big, round eyes and long, curved eyelashes. Although she looked odious at present, she somehow remained cute.
Tang Wulin was mesmerized. ‘Why does it have to be her?’
He never expected this unruly, young lady to be someone he knew. Without a second thought, he understood White Seven.
‘It’s perfectly normal for her to have a princess complex because she’s a bona fide princess!’
‘No wonder she could knock me over with her spiritual powers the other day. What a shock, it’s really her. Now everything makes sense.’
Dai Yun’er was a Tang Sect disciple, but she was also a Battle Soul Hall’s white fighter. Tang Wulin put on a weird expression which, fortunately, was concealed by his mask.
Naturally, Dai Yun’er felt his awkwardness. She smiled and said smugly, “You finally realize who I am, don’t you? From now on, you’ll have to obey my instructions. You’ll also need to serve me food. Do you understand? If I order you to head east, you should not head west. You’ll execute my orders without fail. Your food tastes bland, but I’ll eat it, nonetheless. Hey, where are you going?”
Tang Wulin answered drily, “A good man does not fight with a woman. Seeing that you’re so pathetic, I’ll be generous for once. I’ll leave this food with you.” He turned and left.
He never had a good impression of Dai Yun’er, much less now, nor did he want to have anything to do with the princess.
“Hey! Hey! Don’t you go away!” Dai Yun’er hurriedly intercepted Tang Wulin, still holding a piece of beef in one hand and a flatbread in the other. She appeared cute, and Tang Wulin could not help but smile in his heart.
He reckoned that she had never been in such a distressed state.
“What does Your Highness have to say?”
Dai Yun’er said fiercely, “You dare ignore my orders. Do you believe when I get out from this place…”
“I don’t.’ Tang Wulin cut her short. “I’m a Tang Sect white fighter, not a dog of the royal family. Here, you and I are equals. Do you believe I can break your neck any time and no one will be the wiser about it?”
“How dare you!” Dai Yun’er instinctively took a few steps back. She wanted to reach for her dragonball, but her hands were occupied with food, and she was reluctant to throw them away.
These days, she had been struggling with hunger. In the beginning, she had some luck and absorbed some dragon essence to replenish herself, but luck was not always on her side. A long time had passed since she had anything to eat.
Besides, she was recalcitrant to the point of not giving up even when the lamp had run out of oil. That was when she fainted after meeting Tang Wulin.
She was not lying. She still had enough spiritual power back then for one hit. She was waiting for an opportunity to destroy the Ironhead Dragon. Had she gotten her replenishment from the Ironhead Dragon, she would not have fainted.
“Get out of my way!” said Tang Wulin coldly.
“You!” Dai Yuen’er glared, but Tang Wulin had raised his hand and jerked her aside. He sidestepped her and strode away.
“Hey, don’t you go away. I know, I’ll hire you. How about that?” Dai Yun’er shouted at Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin stopped abruptly. He turned and looked at her. “What are your terms?” Her Highness would most likely be loaded. Tang Wulin had always been interested in monetary gains.
Dai Yun’er bit her red lips. “When we get out of here, I’ll bestow you with the knight’s title. It’s not nobility, but at least, you’ll have the potential to be a noble. You can even be my guard.”
“Goodbye.” Tang Wulin left without bothering to say another word.
“Hey, hey, hey, what do you want?” Dai Yun’er responded anxiously. She was still very weak. If she was left alone to face another elemental dragon, it would be over for her. She was not the type to give up, but she definitely would not be willing to leave this place without retaliating.
Tang Wulin halted and spun around, “Rare metals. I’ll give you a list, and you’ll write me an I.O.U. In return, I’ll protect you for at least three months.”
“Rare metals? What do you want the strategic materials for?” Dai Yun’er observed Tang Wulin cautiously, “Are you a Green Skeleton Rebellion spy that has infiltrated our Tang Sect’s inner ranks?”
“You must be sick,” said Tang Wulin pointedly.
“Do you have any medicine?” Dai Yun’er asked in agony.
Tang Wulin was taken aback, “Even if I had medicine, I can’t cure your princess complex.”
Dai Yun’er’s eyes were starting to tear up, “It’s not that. I’m hurt. I…”
Tang Wulin returned to her side, “You’re hurt? I don’t see any wounds.”
Dai Yun’er’s delicate face blushed. She mumbled, “It’s on, on my butt. I accidentally grazed it and it’s starting to hurt real bad. Do you have any balm for that?”
Tang Wulin had brought along some medicine, so he handed it to her.
“Thanks. You go ahead and make a list then, and don’t make it too extensive. Otherwise, I won’t be able to procure them.” She held onto the flatbread and beef in her hands as she ran around the back of a big tree.
Tang Wulin snickered as he took out a pen and paper to make a list of the rare metals he needed.
They were exotics of Star Luo Empire. The metals that were not available on Douluo Continent were those that would be useful to him.
“Ouch!” He was halfway through his list when Dai Yun’er let out a painful scream.
A chill ran down Tang Wulin’s spine. He hastily rushed to the back of the tree in a flash.
Upon reaching her, he was frozen to the spot and could only stare with his mouth agape.
Dai Yun’er was sprawled on the ground. She was holding an ointment bottle in one hand while applying the ointment on her buttocks with the other. She must have felt the sting on her wound.
They were whitish, round, and a part of the skin looked red and raw.
That was all Tang Wulin managed to glimpse.
“Ah!” A shrill scream resounded throughout the forest in the next instant. Dai Yun’er immediately pulled down her skirt to cover her exposed derriere. She was glaring at Tang Wulin with seething eyes.
Equally embarrassed, Tang Wulin reacted just as quick and returned to the other side of the tree.
Surprisingly, following the scream, there was complete silence. After a long while, Dai Yun’er walked out from behind the tree looking nonchalant. The flatbread and beef were gone.
She went over to finish the vegetable soup. Strangely, she did not burst into a fit.
Tang Wulin managed a cough. “Just now, I…”
“Silence,” said Dai Yun’er furiously.
Tang Wulin did not utter another word. He sat there continuing with his list.
Dai Yun’er put the pot down. She walked over and squatted next to him.
Tang Wulin looked up at her, “I’m not finished yet. I’ll need more time.”
Dai Yun’er glanced at the piece of paper in his hands. She suddenly snatched them away, “That will suffice for now. You had a good look at my butt just now, so be prepared for a pay cut.”