The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 718 - The Tue Dragon Soul Bone?

Chapter 718: The Tue Dragon Soul Bone?

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“I, I barely saw anything,” said Tang Wulin meekly.
Dai Yun’er gave him a scowl. “How much would you have liked to see? Do you know that you could have been dealt with the death penalty? However, since you were concerned about my safety, I’ll pardon you.”
Having said that, she signed her name on the piece of paper. She then passed it to Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin remarked, “I see that you know how to appreciate what’s good.”
Dai Yun’er’s exquisite eyebrows were raised. “Why wouldn’t I know how to appreciate the good? I’m just being difficult at times. Do you think I can’t even distinguish between a good and a bad person? You’re not bad actually, and I know that.”
Tang Wulin put the piece of paper, apparently a legitimate contract away. “Okay, it’s a deal. How long has it been since we were here?”
Dai Yun’er replied, “It’s been two months.”
Tang Wulin was shocked. “Has it been two months already?” He thought he had only been in here for twelve days, but he did not expect it to be two months.
Dai Yun’er produced a small round instrument. “I have a comparison table of the time in this small world and the world outside. I went through much trouble to obtain this. To date, it has been two months and a day. We’ll have to keep going for at least another month.”
Tang Wulin’s brows were furrowed. He did not believe that he had spent that long a time here. His meditation sessions were getting longer, and his bodily strength had improved tremendously.
Sadly, his soul power had remained stagnant despite the two months of meditation practice. If only he could cultivate his soul power while he was in deep meditation, he would have improved his cultivation base by a rank.
“Hey, I don’t know your name yet. Since you already know who I am, isn’t it about time you remove your mask as well so I can have a look at your face?” Dai Yun’er prodded Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin shook his head. “No, just call me White Three.”
“Do you have something to be ashamed of?” Dai Yun’er pouted.
Tang Wulin made no comment. Suddenly, Dai Yun’er in an aggressive move reached for the mask on his face.
Tang Wulin was quick to react and nimbly blocked Dai Yun’er’s hand. Her strength was no match for his. She lost her balance and landed on her behind.
“Hey, aren’t you suppose to be a gentleman?”
“No! And I’ve told you before.” Tang Wulin avoided her and sat down. “Tell me what you know about the Dragon Valley. We need to know our adversaries, only then will I be able to ensure your safety for a month.”
Dai Yun’er snorted. “What’s so great about you? I won’t look at you even if you asked me to. It’s said that the Dragon Valley is a small world operated by the Dragon Clans. There are many bodies of the Dragon Clans buried here and many dragon souls as well. We’re prevented from connecting to our soul power by the dragon souls. However, they will fuse with the auras to which they have a high affinity. During the fusion process, the bodily strength will improve plus the bloodline will even gain a dragon-type aura. This would be of great advantage to us especially when we’re at the higher ranks during our future cultivation.”
Tang Wulin nodded slightly as a sign of agreement.
Dai Yun’er continued, “The clouds are how the dragon souls manifest themselves. These clouds have instincts but not their own wills. When a compatible aura appears, they will descend from the sky, but these situations rarely occur because these dragon clouds are high up in the sky. If we want them to sense our auras, it’s only possible if our auras are in harmony with theirs. That’s why most soul masters cannot receive their providence. Take, for example, my martial soul’s attributes are the spiritual and darkness elements, and dragon clouds with similar attributes are rare.”
“Once we entered this place, I tried my luck on the plain. As you know, I didn’t even attract a single cloud.”
When she said this, Dai Yun’er could not help pouting. She was a little disappointed.
However, Tang Wulin who was listening intently had a skeptical expression. ‘Is it really that difficult to attract those dragon clouds?’
Dai Yun’er did not notice his incredulous look. She continued, “Other than the dragon clouds, there are the dragon souls, just like the one we encountered. There are strong and weak dragon souls. Compared to the dragon clouds, their energy rankings are lower, but they have some consciousness. Most of the dragon souls are highly offensive. If we are able to destroy them, their dragon-type auras will fuse with our bodies and improve our physique. The origin energies they have also provide nutrition for our bodies. I’ve tried destroying a few. As I don’t have my soul power, it’s like trying to carry water in a sieve. Fortunately, these dragon souls aren’t that powerful. Compared to their original bodies, they possess at most one percent of their original strengths.”
Tang Wulin replied, “I see. So, are these the only two situations? Well, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be facing any serious threats.”
Dai Yun’er shook her head. “No, but there are other baffling objects, and they haven’t been thoroughly explored. I’ve heard of a dragon graveyard in the Dragon Valley. All the most powerful dragon souls are there. The true dragon souls guard the graveyard to protect their ancestors’ and their own bodies. I think you are aware that every part of a dragon’s body is precious. Even a dragon bone is invaluable to us. In ancient times, the Dragon Clans, who once ruled over Douluo Continent, were a clan destined to produce soul bones. I have heard that someone among the Battle Soul Hall seniors owned a true dragon soul bone from Dragon Valley. In fact, the benefit of a true dragon soul bone, an object of the highest worth, is beyond valuation.”
“Oh? true dragon soul bone?” Upon hearing the name, Tang Wulin could hardly contain his zeal. He had experienced the multitude of benefits a soul bone could bring. His right metacarpal bone came from a Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear which was his most powerful weapon before he obtained the Golden Dragon Spear. Golden Dragon Dreadclaw was his most powerful weapon, his ace in the hole.
If it was a true dragon soul bone, would that not mean that his powers would be elevated to the next level?
“Why don’t we look for this graveyard?” Tang Wulin asked Dai Yun’er.
Dai Yun’er replied without hesitation, “Alright! If there is truly a true dragon soul bone, we’ll split it in half.”
Tang Wulin shook his head. “You’re worthless with a combat strength of five points. You do not merit a soul bone. However, I’ll let you tag along to enrich your experience.”
“You!” Dai Yun’er’s eyes bulging. “White Three, don’t you have any conscience? If I hadn’t told you about the dragon graveyard, you wouldn’t know about the true dragon soul bone.”
Tang Wulin shrugged. “You said it yourself. There are powerful dragon souls protecting the true dragon soul bone. Would you be able to find it just by knowing that it’s there? With or without me, you don’t warrant having it!”
“No way, if there really is a true dragon soul bone, I want my fair share. If not, I won’t take you there!” Dai Yun’er stood akimbo.
“Suit yourself. I’ll look for it myself. But, you’ll have to fend for yourself.” Tang Wulin stood up and prepared to leave without yielding to this obstinate princess.
“Don’t you run away!” Dai Yun’er hastily stood up. Her body was still weak, and she struggled to maintain her balance.
Tang Wulin stopped walking and turned to look at her. “What? Have you thought it through?”
Dai Yun’er gritted her teeth. “No wonder you won’t reveal your face. You’re worried I’ll take my revenge on you after I get out from here!”
Tang Wulin mocked. “Hehehe!”
Dai Yun’er replied, “How about this? If we find the true dragon soul bone, I’ll trade you for it with something of equal value. What about some heaven and earth treasures or equivalent? I’ll ensure you won’t incur any losses. How’s that sound?”
The negotiation was hardly over when he noticed that she was on the verge of tears. Tang Wulin’s heart immediately went soft. “We’ll discuss that after we actually find it. It’s meaningless to carry on this conversation.”
Dai Yun’er sat down. She then hugged her knees and started sobbing softly.
Tang Wulin was a little stunned. He thought, ‘What are you crying for?’ However, he did not offer her any solace. He reckoned that Dai Yun’er cried because she felt helpless in this place.
These experiences were invaluable and would help her mature. He might be the bad guy now, but in a few years, she would be grateful that she met him.
Dai Yun’er cried for a while. Her sobbing sounds faded as she leaned against the big tree and fell into a deep sleep. It was apparent that she was exhausted. No matter how much she hated Tang Wulin, she trusted him enough to have her first peaceful slumber since she entered the Dragon Valley.
Tang Wulin kept watch beside her. The information Dai Yun’er gave him resounded in his mind.
He had absorbed quite a number of dragon clouds. If the dragon souls were not as beneficial as the dragon clouds, they were worthless to him. Searching for the dragon graveyard might just be the most meaningful thing in this sojourn to the Dragon Valley.