The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 719 - A Tear in the Dimension

Chapter 719: A Tear in the Dimension

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A soul bone does wonders by improving one’s strengths. Not to mention the improvement it brought to the strength of a Soul Master’s body was irreplaceable by anything else. If he could gather the six bones, namely, the left and right humerus, left and right femurs, truncal bone and skull, the strength of his body would reach a formidable level.
In any case, where was the dragon graveyard?
Ever since he came to the Dragon Valley, Tang Wulin had the faint feeling that something was calling on him. Especially when he was infiltrated by the dragon clouds, this feeling became even more apparent.
Due to the immense energy brought by the absorbed dragon clouds, he had to meditate to fully absorb them. He had not been able to truly sense the direction from whence the call came. Tang Wulin had initially planned to explore further since there was no need for him to meditate after absorbing the dragon clouds, but it was then he ran into Dai Yun’er.
Tang Wulin closed his eyes and focused his spirit silently. He was not worried that the dragon souls might appear. In the Dragon Valley, he had the feeling that he had come home. Maybe this was the advantage the Golden Dragon King bloodline brought. Compared to the other fighters, he was like a fish in water. Those dragon souls would hardly be a threat to him.
In the depths of Dragon Valley.
There was a sudden low buzz in the air. The dragon clouds in the skies began rippling violently. Shortly after, the space within the an area of about ten thousand square meters resonated intensely. In the air, the dragon clouds were soon scattered and a pitch-black streak appeared silently in the sky.
It was as if the entire sky was split open. The pitch-black mark elongated gradually. Then, a huge pair of claws brazenly protruded the rift.
Those claws were covered in ink black scales. They pulled the edges of the rift aside slowly, and low roars could also be heard.
When the dragon clouds in the Dragon Valley heard the roars, they descended from the skies. Slowly, they morphed into dragon forms as if they going to worship something.
The huge claws continued pulling on the rift as the opening grew larger. Nonetheless, the surrounding space generated intense energy waves which pressed on the rift, not letting it continue widening.
At a particular moment, scores of figures emerged from the rift to descend from the sky. They dropped straight to the ground with a loud bang.
There were five figures who dropped into the Dragon Valley, three males and two females. One of the males had a big build and bald head. His face was fierce-looking and his stature was buff.
The other male beside him had dry skin, like a withered tree branch. However, his eyes flickered with eerie greenish light and looked particularly odd.
The third male was also of a strong build, but he was not as tall as the bald male. His red hair was slightly curled, even his brows and beard were red. His eyes beamed, and his body appeared to be on the brink of bursting with explosive strength.
Both females were absolutely beautiful. One of them had black hair and wore a black dress, but she had peculiar purple eyes. Her body was extremely hot with an odd protrusion on her body that seemed ready to pop anytime.
The other female wore an aqua green long dress and appeared normal. Her body was well-balanced with peerless beauty, and she had a gentle expression. She had the natural ability to exude a warm gentle feeling with just a glance.
After the five of them had landed, they raised their heads simultaneously to look at the rift in the sky. Light shot forth from their eyes, while dense light rose from their bodies. It seemed that the suppression of soul power did not affect them in the Dragon Valley.
The five of them raised their hands at the same time.Ten beams of light shot forth from their hands and impacted the edges of the pitch-black rift in the sky. Immediately, the rift was stabilized by the jostling between the pair of giant claws and the light beams.
A deep roar sounded from the rift. The pair of giant claws pulled open the rift which formed a gaping hole twice as wide as it had been. A giant body slowly poked out of the hole.
At first, it was just a head. It was a giant dragon’s head which was completely pitch-black, but its eyes were a brilliant gold. The deep golden color seemed to penetrate the entire world. It was only a head, but it was tens of meters tall.
The pair of giant claws pulled outward strongly, and two more dragon claws appeared below them keeping the rift apart. Its humongous body finally squeezed its way into the Dragon Valley.
“Roar!” The black dragon released a furious howl toward the skies. The dragon clouds swarming around it suddenly surged wildly toward its body and were absorbed by it. The black dragon’s aura strengthened instantly. It gave a strong final push to finally emerge out of the rift.
Its humongous body that was at least three hundred meters long unfurled its wings which covered the sun and the skies. Its surroundings was enshrouded in a layer of purplish-black light which appeared like a realm. All the dragon clouds within a range of a few hundred meters descended. They were submitting themselves to its aura.
However, the humongous body of the black dragon began shrinking swiftly before it descended from the sky. When it landed on the ground, it had turned into a tall and handsome middle-aged man.
His black mane was parted in the middle and fell on his shoulders. A thick strand of golden hair drooped from the left center part of his hair.
After he landed, he stood with the five people who had landed earlier. Likewise, he raised his hands and pushed toward the sky. Two beams of dark purplish light shot toward the sky which similarly supported the rift.
The gap in the rift remained as large. A beam of silver light appeared slowly. Silver light flashed brightly as it descended from the sky. Surprisingly, it was another figure.
When she emerged from the rift, the six people who had landed before her shouted in unison, “Welcome, Your Majesty.”
The silver figure landed slowly. She wore a long silver dress with a silver veil covering her face. Her long silver hair flowed freely behind her.
Her body floated down as she did not appear to stir up any energy waves.
The gigantic black dragon which had morphed into a middle-aged man said reverently, “Your Majesty, with the strengths of all six of us, we should be able to stand our own ground against this small world. You must find what you want within seven days.”
“Hmm. I’ve used the space-time circle to seal the time of this dimensional rift. It should last for three hours which coincidentally translates to seven days. When I get out from here, it should only have been three hours in the outside world. You guys stabilize things at this end. I’ll be back in no time.”
After she finished, the silver-haired girl’s body flashed and she vanished without a trace.

“Hey, how do you know that it’s this way?” Dai Yun’er had put her mask back on. She stood akimbo and expressed her dissatisfaction.
Tang Wulin said, “I don’t suppose you know where we should be heading?”
Dai Yun’er said weakly, “Although I’m not quite sure, I know the dragon graveyard should be in the deepest parts of the Dragon Valley.”
“And where is this deepest part?” asked Tang Wulin.
“Let’s go.” Tang Wulin walked in front with great strides. He walked in the direction of the plains. He did not know where the dragon graveyard was, but that direction was precisely where he felt the calling was the strongest.
In the skies, the dragon clouds floated past. The dragon clouds which were faintly tainted with gold had been previously absorbed by Tang Wulin. He had been here before, so he was more familiar with the place.
Dai Yun’er followed behind Tang Wulin. She ate the food Tang Wulin gave her, and she had practically recovered. After all, she had the physique of a four-ring Soul Ancestor. Even if she could not utilize her soul power, her bodily strengths were much stronger than an ordinary person’s.
Tang Wulin walked at a fast pace. Dai Yun’er had a nimble body, so she had no problem keeping up with him. She occasionally lifted her head to look at the dragon clouds in the sky. She hoped that one of the clouds would drop down for her.
“Eh, there’s a black dragon cloud. It’s of the darkness attribute. Do you think that it’ll float down? White Three, can you help me jump a little higher? I want to try attracting it toward me.” Dai Yun’er ran over to Tang Wulin’s to speak to him.
Tang Wulin shot her a glance. He had not given his reply when the black cloud in the sky vibrated slightly. Then, out of a sudden, it descended from the sky and flew right toward them.
“Woah! It’s coming, it’s coming!” Dai Yun’er ran a few steps forward jubilantly. She leaped exuberantly. She knew that White Three could not have been a darkness attribute. This black dragon cloud must be meant for her!