The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 723 - It Turned Out To Be Him

Chapter 723: It Turned Out To Be Him

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The Blazing Fire Dragon in the air was still badgering them. Its mouthful of fire balls were spat one after another exploding into fiery balls of scorching flames.
Waves of intense heat seared Tang Wulin’s back. His clothes were singed with a burnt odor. He relied on the dragon scales to protect his body so he would not suffer any injuries temporarily.
“Yun’er, Yun’er!” Tang Wulin called out softly.
“Huh?” Dai Yun’er raised her head fearfully from his cradle.
Tang Wulin spoke, “This is not okay. We cannot escape it. I’ll toss you out in a while. Be careful alright while I deal with it.”
“Huh? Are you sure? It’s a very powerful fire dragon,” Dai Yun’er spoke slightly concerned.
Tang Wulin was quiet for a moment before he spoke, “Yun’er, if you were to discover that I’m actually not as good as you think, or perhaps I may possibly be your enemy, what are you going to do?”
Dai Yun’er was stunned. “What do you mean?”
The blazing heat radiated from Tang Wulin’s back as he leaped up and sighed in his heart. The circumstances dictated his actions, but he was unwilling to leave the Dragon Valley.
‘Forget it!’
Tang Wulin tossed Dai Yun’er from his arms toward the open space afar. The moment his feet touched the ground, he turned around and sprung up again.
He raised his head. Staring at the Blazing Fire Dragon in the air, he shouted aloud, “I think I’ve been too nice to you.”
Three golden soul rings arose from underneath his feet as he was saying that. Soon after, his third soul ring shimmered as thick blood essence burst forth from his body.
The powerful golden soul ring glowed instantly as a giant Golden Dragon Head emerged and roared in rage toward the sky!
Compared to its previous appearance at the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, the Golden Dragon Head with a glossy shine was even more ferocious at present.
The dragon’s thunderous roar made a deafening boom in the vast expanse of the open space.
The Blazing Fire Dragon that was spitting fireballs suddenly stopped for a moment. Its wings shuddered once, much to Tang Wulin’s surprise, and it just fell from the sky.
The Golden Dragon Roar had such immense power!
Perhaps the Golden Dragon Roar could not have been as effective on other soul beasts. In this case, the Blazing Fire Dragon, a true dragon with a purer bloodline, could feel the terror of the Golden Dragon King’s aura even more. It was purely the bloodline’s awesome power.
Just as the Blazing Fire Dragon dropped from the sky, Tang Wulin pushed his right foot against a tree ejecting himself toward it like a cannonball.
Dai Yun’er landed on the ground afar. The booming roar shook her mind tremendously. Her bloodline had a portion of dragon-type aura after absorbing so many dragon souls. Hence, she was similarly affected by the Golden Dragon King bloodline.
When she landed firmly on the ground, she was just in time to witness the giant Golden Dragon Head appearing on Tang Wulin and roaring in rage at the sky.
Did the Golden Dragon Head have three golden soul rings?
She felt it looked familiar at first glance, and she was shocked. However, she came to realize in the next moment.

‘Yun’er, if you were to discover that I’m actually not as good as you think, or perhaps I may possibly be your enemy, what are you going to do?’

She understood now. She finally understood what he meant earlier. ‘He turned out to be… So, it turned out to be him?’

How was it possible that the person who was with her all along was actually that guy? Why was he participating in the trial of Star Luo City’s Tang Sect headquarters?
How could it be him?
Dai Yun’er was stunned. Her heart was weighed down with mixed emotions and feelings all at once when she saw Tang Wulin shooting toward the Blazing Fire Dragon.
Once, she was attracted to the guy who was almost killed by Long Yue’s stomping.
She had also witnessed how he led his comrades into defeating the invincible Madman Long and his team.
He was powerful, unwavering, and tenacious. He once left behind an indelible impression in her heart.
Even though she was reluctant to admit it, she knew in her heart all along. Perhaps, she would have yielded to her father’s choice for a husband if he had not appeared. Maybe, his rejection toward her initially made her feel unwilling to accept him for some reason.
Nonetheless, Dai Yun’er did not expect him when she participated in this mission. Somehow, their paths crossed when she arrived in this little world. All along, the person wearing a mask and escorting her, not to mention helping her to absorb dragon souls, was actually him.
No wonder he had such a reaction when he found out that she was a princess. Yet, he did not give up on her nor target her afterward, but instead treated her like a sister.
It was him, it was actually him.
She did not realize that it had been him while they were together, that it was him who once left behind such a deep impression on her.
If Tang Wulin was seen as a bit arrogant and an outstanding person before, it was due to his strength and tenacious character that Dai Yun’er had such an image of him.
Later, White Three was regarded as a gentle and considerate elder brother with profound secrets. A man whom she could depend on.
With the two diametrical characters of White Three, Dai Yun’er could only feel mixed emotions flooding her heart all at once.
“Boom…” The Blazing Fire Dragon fell into the forest and crashed on a tree leaving it dizzy and confused.
Tang Wulin descended from the sky. He pointed the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand forward and landed on top of the Blazing Fire Dragon in the next instant.
The Blazing Fire Dragon flapped its wings in a struggle to stand, but its pair of eyes with the soul flames dancing was obviously filled with fear.
Such a powerful dragon soul lost the will to fight when it was confronted by the suppression of the Golden Dragon King’s aura.
“Pop!” The Golden Dragon Spear shimmered with golden light as it pierced into the dragon head. Tang Wulin felt a gush of blazing hot energy surged into his body through the Golden Dragon Spear and fused with his body at lightning speed.
What a powerful dragon soul energy. The positive feeling was far different from when he consumed the dragon clouds.
The Blazing Fire Dragon’s body gradually turned illusory while the Golden Dragon Spear received its vital energy to slowly transform into a reddish gold with the dragon pattern on the spear’s surface becoming vivid.
It took a whole minute before the dragon soul completely vanished. Tang Wulin’s entire body was filled with an intense feeling of satiation. The blood essence fluctuation in his body felt unusually strong with the Golden Dragon King Bloodline absorbing the dragon soul’s energy rapidly into its own bloodline.
Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King Bloodline did not repel a true dragon’s dragon soul as much. The golden dragon scales on Tang Wulin’s skin were exuding a fiery red when he was absorbing the dragon soul.
He could sense that his resistance to the flames was elevated after absorbing the Blazing Fire Dragon’s dragon soul.
He had felt the sensation of elevating his elemental resistance when he was absorbing the dragon clouds earlier, but it was not as intense as it was now.
The dragon soul of a true dragon was extraordinary!
He stood upright with the spear in his hand as he took a glance at the Golden Dragon Spear. The Golden Dragon Spear seemed to sense his intention as it gave out a soft humming sound.
Tang Wulin waved his right hand while the Golden Dragon Spear transformed into a stream of golden light before vanishing into the skin between his brows. His hands were fisted tightly as he sensed his body’s overall strength had increased further.
Suddenly, he realized that Dai Yun’er had recognized him by now.
He turned around slowly with a slight hesitation. He would need to face her anyhow.
Meanwhile, Dai Yun’er had walked over. Her face was expressionless as she stood in front of him and looked directly at his face.
Tang Wulin sighed softly. “Yun’er, I…”
“Remove the mask, and let me have a look.” Dai Yun’er suddenly interrupted him.
“Hmm.” Tang Wulin raised his hand to remove the mask revealing his handsome face.
Dai Yun’er was stunned for a moment when she saw his crystal clear yet deep set eyes, long lashes, straight nose, full lips with adequate thickness, and a jawline that was almost perfect.
This was her first time seeing him up close and in such a quiet manner.
“Brother Three, you’re rather handsome actually. Let’s go.” She acted as if nothing happened and headed straight to the front.
Tang Wulin was stunned. What was she doing?
“You are Brother Three in my heart. I don’t know about anything else.” Dai Yun’er’s voice floated by.
Tang Wulin smiled. ‘The little girl is pretty quick at adapting!’
He hastily picked up his mask and caught up to her. He gave her head a rub. “Hmm, you’ve grown.”
“Hey, don’t touch my head. You’re ruining my hair!” Dai Yun’er was smiling at ease.
She had suddenly come around and displayed that there was no enmity between them. Maybe it was because of her attraction to him that she had to prove she was more powerful than him. Yet, was there truly a need for a girl to be more powerful than a boy? Perhaps, there was no need.