The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 725

Chapter 725: The Heavens Are Unjust and The Immortal World Is Intolerant

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Dai Yun’er did not dare to go forward to touch as the energy fluctuation seemed to be repelling her presence.
‘What a terrifying place!’ Dai Yun’er retreated to Tang Wulin’s side.
It was rather peculiar that the terrifying aura surrounding the dragon bones seemed to not affect her when she was within three meters of Tang Wulin. He, on the other hand, felt nothing at all.
As they continued walking inside, Tang Wulin touched pieces of the dragon bones and as they went further in, he noticed the bones growing in size to the point that there were piles that looked like hills.
At that moment, the roars of dragons echoed next to his ears, making him feel as if the heavens were falling as the earth crumbled beneath him. Tang Wulin seemed to have returned to an ancient battleground where gigantic dragons were struck down as an onslaught of formidable enemies descended upon them from every direction.
With that, the once powerful clan that dominated the entire continent gradually grew lonelier as these great battles came to pass.
‘What… actually happened? What kind of situation had to happen in the beginning to have caused the powerful Dragon Clan to end up this way?’
If his memory served him right, to be witness to a true dragon soul beast on the Douluo Continent was something as rare as phoenix hairs and was possibly even non-existent. A powerful beast once existed in legends of past and was known as the Beast God. It was the Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King.
If the dragon bones before him were from true dragons, how powerful did they use to be?! Even the weakest and the smallest among their ranks could fight on the level of a human Titled Douluo.
The power of the true dragons to whom those humongous skeletons that stretched hundreds of meters belong to were, in Tang Wulin’s mind, already at a level beyond his comprehension.
‘Did the Dragon Clan really fall here?’
Tang Wulin sighed secretly as he sensed the bloodline aura surging within his body. However, he still continued to venture deeper, taking step after step.
In the distance was a silver figure that had descended into the Dragon Valley as well. Surprisingly, she was performing the exact same actions as Tang Wulin as she advanced step by step, touching the skeletons that once belonged to a great race with tears faintly glimmering in her eyes.
‘Why are the heavens being so unjust? Why did they treat my Dragon Clan this way?
‘Why was the immortal world so intolerant, to the point where they forced my Dragon Clan to rise up in resistance?
‘The Dragon Clan’s downfall was due to the jealousy of the gods! It was the humans, those abominable humans!’
The dreariness coming from the silver figure grew stronger as she continued walking forward step by step. A layer of silver light began to ripple around her body, relaxing the aura coming from the dragon bones where she passed.
After walking for some time, Tang Wulin suddenly stopped walking when he saw an incomparably huge skeleton in front of him.
It was more than a thousand meters and was dark brown in color, making it different from the other dragon bones. There was an incomparably thick aura coming off it that strengthened the gravitational pull within a thousand-meter radius around it.
The skeleton lacked the skeletal structure for dragon wings and seemed to possess an extremely brawny body, with limbs that seemed strong enough to be pillars to support the heavens above them!
‘What a familiar aura! This is…’
“Why is it so similar to Brother Long’s aura!” Dai Yun’er’s words aroused Tang Wulin.
‘Yes! Isn’t this the Mountain Dragon King’s aura?’ Tang Wulin’s entire body shook violently. In other words, the incomparably huge skeleton before his eyes probably belonged to the Mountain Dragon King!
‘Did the Mountain Dragon King fall in this place as well?’
He slowly walked forward as he sensed the energy fluctuation from the Mountain Dragon King’s bones. Tang Wulin could only feel an indescribable sensation around his body.
The aura emitted from Mountain Dragon King’s skeleton was even more intense compared to the other dragon bones. It was a kind of rage that defied all comparisons, but it also gave off an unparalleled hostility.
Tang Wulin saw an enormous fissure in the middle of the Mountain Dragon King’s huge skeleton that extended all the way from its head to its tail as he approached it. In other words, its amazingly huge body was chopped in two by someone with something extremely sharp.
Tang Wulin had once experienced the Mountain Dragon King’s defensive prowess on Long Yue but the genuine Mountain Dragon King before his eyes had defenses that were thousands of times stronger than Long Yue. However, even such a powerful creature tragically fell here.
Tang Wulin closed his eyes. The bloodline in his body surged and his chest felt like it was blocked by a boulder with an unspeakable discomfort.
It was possible that there would not be him without the Golden Dragon King bloodline. He probably would not have made it into Shrek Academy either. One victorious battle after another, the endless elevation of his abilities and his forging were all related to his Golden Dragon King Bloodline.
A thought suddenly came into his mind that he should do something for the Dragon Clan. His mind lost all restraint when a thought suddenly appeared in his mind.
Yes, he would definitely do that.
Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath and gently patted the Mountain Dragon King skeleton that stood before himself. He nodded toward it before circling around the side and moved on.
After circling past its skeleton, Tang Wulin discovered another valley in front of him. It was a valley within a valley.
The ground behind the Mountain Dragon King collapsed and revealed an enormous ravine with a diameter of more than ten thousand meters.
When Tang Wulin walked to the edge of the deep pit, the voice that was calling out to him seemed to instantly and suddenly grow louder in his heart.
‘This is it. The aura that was summoning me came from here.’
Tang Wulin peered into the valley. It was more than a thousand meters deep and there seemed to be a shimmering shadowy ball within it. The shadow appeared to have a seven-colored mist that made the contents of the valley rather difficult to see.
‘Something is calling out to me inside this very mountain valley.”
Tang Wulin could immediately sense it.
He turned around and looked to Dai Yun’er. “Yun’er, you should use the dragon pearl and return now. The giant dragon aura here is simply too oppressive. I can’t bring you to the lower levels because it’s very dangerous. Just in case you…”
Dai Yun’er interrupted him, “No, I’m going to follow you. How can a person as curious as me stop at such a crucial place? Brother Three, I don’t feel I’m affected by the dragon bone’ aura when I’m close to you. I can’t leave like this! I think it’s best that you carry me to the lower level, then I’ll leave if it’s really dangerous. Is that alright?”
Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment. It was true that he did not sense anything that would threaten him on the depths of the valley. He considered for a moment before he nodded and spoke, “Alright then, you’re not allowed to keep a distance from me when we’re there.”
“Of course, why would I ever keep a distance from you!” Dai Yun’er giggled as she suddenly jumped onto Tang Wulin’s back.
Tang Wulin used the same method to slide downward. The feeling that something was calling out to him grew stronger the closer he got to the bottom of the valley.
‘What is this place actually?
‘Could it be that there’s a creature that was more powerful than the Mountain Dragon King within the deep pit?’
His body dropped down slowly and soon, they were close to entering the seven-colored haze.
It shook ever so slightly and parted on its own to allow Tang Wulin’s passage.
He was unaware that the location of this Dragon Clan Graveyard was the most dangerous part of the Dragon Valley. The dragon souls did not guard this place because there was no need for that.
The remnants of the deceased giant dragons here were so strong that if a regular human being came here, he would have died from the overbearing aura present here. On the other hand, regular human powerhouses would still be affected by the rules of this area and would not be able to enter.
Tang Wulin was gasping with astonishment after he passed through the seven-colored haze. He could only feel his vision blur before he saw a giant dragon.
To be more precise, it was a giant dragon soul.
The dragon soul was twice the size of the Mountain Dragon King. Its entire body was shimmering with a seven-colored radiance. Even its scales were seven-colored and every piece was irregular and had a different shape. However, they still retained a kind of harmony to it that made it seem like the scales were jeweled with countless gemstones.