The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 726 - Did He Choose Her?

Chapter 726: Did He Choose Her?

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It raised its haughty head while its entire body was emitting an aura that was indescribable. The Golden Dragon King Bloodline in Tang Wulin’s body fluctuated violently the moment he saw it. In the next instant, he felt the bloodline aura in his body about to explode. Even the remaining twelve Golden Dragon King Seals in his body trembled slightly.
‘This was…’
Tang Wulin suddenly remembered Gu Yue’s mention of the Dragon Clan’s history to him.
“The Dragon God? This is the Dragon God’s dragon soul?” Tang Wulin turned pale with fear.
Could it be that the gargantuan seven-colored dragon soul was the legendary Dragon God? The Dragon God that once led the divine beasts to wreak havoc in the Divine Realm and almost destroyed the entire Divine Realm?
By god! The thing that was calling out to him was actually the Dragon God?
Tang Wulin carried Dai Yun’er as they floated to the ground. Despite having Tang Wulin by her side, Dai Yun’er muttered something incoherent before she fainted.
Tang Wulin hastily grabbed her and checked her vital signs. Fortunately, she was alright although she had fainted. He retrieved Dai Yun’er’s dragon pearl. Using her hand to pinch the pearl, he attempted to activate the pearl only to realize that there was no way he could trigger the dragon pearl.
Tang Wulin could only hang on to Dai Yun’er as he dared not allow her to leave his side not knowing what would happen to her if he did.
He raised his head and looked to the enormous figure of the Dragon God’s dragon soul before him. The bloodline in Tang Wulin’s body flared up momentarily before an indescribable feeling welled up in his heart.
‘Gu Yue once said that the Dragon God died and transformed into the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King. Could the Golden Dragon King bloodline in my body have originated from here?’
‘On the other hand, I suppose it’s not the seven-colored Dragon’s blood that was flowing in Gu Yue’s body, but the Silver Dragon King bloodline. Perhaps, that was the reason why she came looking for me at the academy to be near me.’
An indescribable heartache sensation permeated his heart. ‘No wonder she was close to me after all.’
The Dragon God’s dragon soul remained unmoving in the middle of the mountain valley. Its body was enshrouded with a seven-colored radiance. Tang Wulin took a deep breath and carried Dai Yun’er as he walked forward slowly until he was very close to the Dragon God’s dragon soul.
Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment before he removed a piece of rare metal from his storage soul tool. His wrist flicked once and sent the rare metal flying toward the dragon soul.
The dragon soul shook slightly, then the piece of rare metal vanished. Tang Wulin could see vividly that the piece of rare metal was vaporized.
What a potent force! How terrifying it would be if the Dragon God’s dragon soul was to emit its energy!
Tang Wulin wiped his forehead as he reflected on that. The Golden Dragon Spear enlarged in his palm.
Since he was already here, he would like to see how far he could go.
He laid Dai Yun’er next to his feet before he cautiously probed the dragon soul with his Golden Dragon Spear. He felt nervous and anxious at the same time.
Just as the Golden Dragon Spear came into contact with the Dragon God’s dragon soul, the Golden Dragon Spear vibrated violently. Soon after, a humming sound echoed and grew louder as the enormous Dragon God’s dragon soul seemed to come alive.
A valiant dragon’s roar echoed through the entire Dragon Valley!
In that one moment, all the dragon souls wandering in the Dragon Valley were shaken and crawled up from the ground. All the dragon bones in the dragon graveyard seemed to be awakened as they trembled in their attempt to stand.
Tang Wulin felt as if he had entered a seven-colored world and everything changed before his eyes. A blood-red figure appeared in his mind.
He watched helplessly as the blood-red figure pointed to the sky. There appeared a blood-red giant sword with both its ends that seemed to touch heaven and earth slashing toward him.
In the next moment, everything was colored blood-red. He felt like his body was split apart. The searing pain made him scream in agony.
A silver figure appeared by his side at this moment. She stretched out her right hand and with her rapidly enlarging palm slapped the Dragon God’s dragon soul.
Her body trembled once as she was enshrouded by a seven-colored glow.
Unlike Tang Wulin, she was still conscious of the situation at present.
She turned her head to the side and looked at the guy holding the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand whose face was in agony. She muttered to herself, “Is the god of destiny making a fool out of me? Why are you here, why are you offering yourself? Do you know that I need only to fuse with you now to extract the Golden Dragon King Bloodline from your body to revive part of the Dragon God’s strength? You will undoubtedly die if I were to do so! I’ve done my best to avoid you, to keep a distance from you. Yet, why are you here at this very moment? Why?”
She questioned in rage, yet Tang Wulin could not hear her at all.
All of a sudden, Tang Wulin’s body and hers shook simultaneously as a gushing force radiated forth from their bodies to pull them together.
Tang Wulin’s body was drawn to the silver-haired maiden rapidly while the Dragon God’s dragon soul transformed into a ball of seven-colored radiance. It was surging toward them with unparalleled power.
“Your death will fulfill me and become the strength for me to revive the Dragon God. By then, no one else in the world will be capable of stopping me anymore. No one can stop me from seeking revenge for the Dragon Clan and avenge the soul beasts. Tang Wulin, do you know that? Why do you’ve to be here right now?”
She raised her right hand slowly as her palm with silver scales turned into a dragon claw. Tang Wulin was getting closer to her that she would only need to drop her claw to kill him immediately. She could immediately strip the Golden Dragon King’s strength from his bloodline.
However, her palm made no effort to claw Tang Wulin despite the short distance between them. Her eyes were moist as tears flowed down her cheeks.
“No…” She shook her head in vain as she retracted her right hand. She raised her leg and stomped Tang Wulin’s chest.
Tang Wulin was blasted away together with his Golden Dragon Spear and was slammed almost to the edge of the Dragon Valley afar.
The intense seven-colored radiance surged toward the silver-haired maiden at once.
Dai Yun’er’s body on the ground shook once as if something was about to float out of her body. She was suffused with faint seven-colored radiance that protected her body. However, the seven-colored radiance appeared very weak as if it would shatter at any moment.
It was the dragon soul energy which Dai Yun’er absorbed earlier. The dragon souls were protecting her.
“It’s her. She is with him now. Did he choose her?” Bitterness appeared on the corners of the silver-haired maiden’s lips. She took a deep breath. “Perhaps, this is the best option.”
She took a step forward and lifted her right foot kicking Dai Yun’er into the air. She waved her right hand once as a stream of silver light shimmered, then she pushed Dai Yun’er into the silver light immediately.
The dragon pearl on Dai Yun’er’s body glowed brightly. Her body vanished just as it entered the silver space.
The silver-haired maiden turned around. The seven-colored airflow surged into her body like a swarm of bees causing her aura to rise many-fold.
Meanwhile, the Dragon God’s dragon soul had turned illusory. However, there was a separated portion that flew toward Tang Wulin in the distance. It dragged him into approaching the silver-haired maiden.
He got close to the maiden once again.
Inadvertently, just as he neared her, she kicked him away. Still, she was crying.
The seven-colored airflow was infused into their bodies continually elevating their auras. The seventh Golden Dragon King Seal in Tang Wulin’s body burst open with a loud bang. Nevertheless, his body had the resilience of an iron sheet metal under the seven-colored radiance’s stimulation. He could absorb the seventh seal’s energy into his body with ease and fused with it completely.
Soon after, it was followed by the breaking of the eighth Golden Dragon King Seal which produced another loud bang. Simultaneously, the fourth golden soul ring appeared. Tang Wulin gave out a muffled snort as all his seven orifices bled.
Even though the seven-colored radiance continued to nourish his body, he was only a human being after all. Despite absorbing so many dragon clouds and dragon souls’ energy earlier, his body still could not withstand the stress of breaking through two seals continuously and was close to breaking down.
The silver-haired maiden bit her lower lip gently as she clasped her hands together and gave out a loud dragon’s roar toward the sky. Her body began to enlarge rapidly and transformed into a giant silver dragon a thousand meters in height. The wings behind her back spread out abruptly and blocked the seven-colored airflow from coming into contact with Tang Wulin. She used her body to withstand the seven-colored airflow’s charging force.
Tears flowed continuously down her eyes.
‘Why is it such an agony to be a human being? Is this the emotion of a human being? Is this something that we don’t have?
‘Did human beings evolve because they have such emotions?’
The seven-colored airflow infused into her body such that her silver scales were misted with a seven-colored radiance. Her aura was growing stronger with time until the entire Dragon Valley shuddered.
The enormous dragon head slowly turned around to gaze at the youth bleeding out of his seven orifices.