The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 731 - The Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone

Chapter 731: The Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone

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He spread out the thought of his connection through the ground and the entire Dragon Clan graveyard shook gently. WIth his closed eyes, Tang Wulin could not see the layer of mist that had risen from beneath the ground. Within it was countless colors that eventually converged and turned into a seven-colored halo that spun soundlessly around his body.
A sensation filled with a gentle kindness surrounded him, and it was as if there were countless dragons that were now roaring out of joy and happiness, not out of sadness.
Finally, the seven-colored halo converged into the shape of a water droplet that had nine-colored crystal pearls in it. Then, it descended downward and dropped onto Tang Wulin’s right wrist, causing a nine-colored chain to appear and connect soundlessly before it transformed into a bracelet around his wrist that exuded a faint radiance.
When it was complete, Tang Wulin’s body shuddered ever so slightly. His spiritual world felt as if it was being torn open within that split second, causing his spiritual power that was originally stagnant to be elevated several folds.
It did not take long before Tang Wulin felt like his world was growing wider. Although he was not seeing with his eyes, everything around him became clearer.
He could clearly sense his bones getting coated with a dazzling light. This included his spine, sternum, and ribs, making it feel as if he had just donned battle armor made of diamond onto his torso. This indescribable sensation filled him to the brim with strength!
It was the Torso Soul Bone!
The Mountain Dragon King gifted him with an impressive Torso Soul Bone.
There were several types of precious soul bones that were capable of fusing with a soul master’s body.
These were the Skull, Torso, and External Soul Bone. They were the rarest and most precious soul bones, even without considering their age.
The External Soul Bone was precious because it existed independently of the other six more commonly seen soul bones, making it extremely rare and unusual.
On the other hand, the Skull and Torso Soul Bone were the most beneficial to a soul master’s elevation and were also the hardest to obtain.
The Mountain Dragon King was a creature with the most powerful defenses from the Dragon God’s legacy. The Torso Soul Bone gifted by it was undoubtedly the highest grade among all the ones that existed. Tang Wulin’s defense would be elevated to an entirely new level with it and in fact, it might even make the fusing of the soul bone with the Golden Dragon King seal much easier in the future.
Aside from sensing the additional soul bone in his body, Tang Wulin’s senses continued extending outward and clearly reflected everything in the external world onto his mind. It was so clear that he no longer felt the need to see but instead, he only had to feel.
This was a clear sign that his spiritual power had been elevated to an entirely new level.
One would require their spiritual power to reach level 500 before they could reach the Spirit Sea. This was an important threshold and a benchmark that would determine if one could become a high-ranking soul master for most people. One would not be able to fuse with a powerful soul bone without adequately powerful spiritual power.
However, Tang Wulin had already achieved the Spirit Sea level much earlier, and his current breakthrough at this exact moment felt like something more than just the Spirit Sea.
It felt like an abyssal prison. If one’s spirit was the world, then the upper plane would be the heavens while the lower plane would be hell. Everywhere his consciousness reached was his. This, was the Spirit Abyss. The realm that was reputed to be the ultimate limit of a human’s spiritual power!
Tang Wulin was only acquainted with two soul masters who managed to reach the Spirit Abyss at this age. The first was Gu Yue while the other was Dai Yun’er, who possessed a spiritual power martial soul.
Top-grade spiritual power was the foundation of possessing a legendary spirit soul. When a soul master reached this realm, they could fuse with either an orange or red spirit soul of any level, and if one fused with an orange or red spirit soul, then one would be able to fuse with other spirit soul abilities that were on par with the Spirit Sea. However, if one did not possess an orange or red spirit soul, it would still be possible to fuse with a maximum of five spirit souls of any color without being limited by rank. Under regular circumstances, the Spirit Abyss was already the ultimate limit of a human being but at the same time, it also signified that a soul master would no longer be affected by worries of spiritual power once they achieved this level — they would already possess sufficient spiritual power to sustain their cultivation to the level of a Title Douluo regardless of what happened.
Tang Wulin never expected that his spiritual power would achieve such a breakthrough despite neglecting his spiritual power for such a long time while he was in the Dragon Valley. This was clearly due to the generous contribution of the numerous true dragon skeletons!
His consciousness gradually faded as he entered deep meditation once more. He would need some time to completely fuse his body with the Mountain Dragon King’s diamond Torso Soul Bone and also to adapt to his newfound spiritual power which was now at the Spirit Abyss.
The Spirit Sea required one’s spiritual power to be level 500 while the Spirit Abyss required spiritual power as high as level 5,000. At the Spirit Abyss, a soul master would almost definitely become a Title Douluo in the future as long as their body remained in good condition. That being said, would anything even go wrong with Tang Wulin’s body? The answer is a resounding no.

In Shrek Academy.
The academy had appeared very calm for the past two years, and everything was in proper order.
Ever since Shrek Academy’s sudden announcement of the candidates for the new generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters two years ago, there were changes that happened in the academy.
The first-grade class that was reputed to be most outstanding had already advanced to the second grade. Even the core students like Gu Yue, Ye Xinglan, Xu Lizhi, Xie Xie, and Xu Xiaoyan had been received into the inner court.
There were also the class monitors Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu who had advanced to third-grade class that managed to get into the inner court as well.
Soon, Shrek Academy announced that these seven people would become the new Shrek Seven Monsters. They were allowed to accept any challenge from six-ringed soul masters for a year. If they remained undefeated by teams of soul masters with a six-ringed cultivation base or lower within a year, then the new generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters would be cemented in stone.
According to Shrek Academy’s rules, the title would always remain with this generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters once confirmed. That is, of course, until they choose to give up the title, when they become a Sea God Pavilion’s member, or only during death.
Because of this, Shrek Academy was always exceedingly cautious when it came to selecting a new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters. They would only make the decision when geniuses with extraordinary talents appeared or when someone made an enormous contribution to the academy.
The academy did not mention much about the contribution that this generation of Shrek Seven Monsters made but only informed that they guarded Shrek Academy’s honor in the process of heading to Star Luo Empire such that they made a permanent contribution to Shrek Academy.
Naturally, there were some uncooperative people like those that had already entered the inner courts that encountered countless challenges during the following year. However, they still managed to defeat the formidable enemies they faced under Gu Yue’s leadership.
A year ago, the title for the Shrek Seven Monsters was finally confirmed.
Life in the outer court went on as it did before. The current second-grade class one was once the most outstanding disciples from first-grade class one. Wu Siduo had taken the class monitor’s position with Luo Guixing by his side as the vice monitor. Second-grade class one remained as outstanding as ever despite losing Gu Yue and the rest. Wu Siduo, Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia, and Zheng Yiran had already become one-word battle armor masters and would only need to pass the inner court entry examination to become official inner court disciples this year. With their abilities, it was clear that their entrance to the inner court would only be a matter of time.
Before the second-grade’s term even ended, there were already more than ten students who made it into the inner court, further proving the prowess of this batch of students.
In Shrek Academy’s inner court.
Gu Yue sat by the side of Sea God Lake. Her entire being seemed like it had already merged with the sky and water, being of the same color. As she gazed into the distance at Sea God Island in a daze, there was no way to tell what was she thinking.
A figure swiftly came from the direction of Sea God’s Island.
It had silver hair and purple eyes as it moved with the calm serenity of a god.
Na’er had grown after three years. She was already sixteen-years-old this year and was even more astonishingly beautiful. She was reputed to be an unrivaled beauty that possessed beauty never before seen in Shrek Academy for ten thousand years. She was even crowned with the title of the number one beauty in Shrek Academy.
Na’er landed gently next to Gu Yue’s side.
Sea God Island was the home of the Sea God Pavilion’s elders. Only certain heirs of the elders were allowed entry to the island while ordinary inner disciples had to live and study on the outer regions of Sea God Island.
The inner court afforded its residents more freedom to study compared to the outer court. Students were allowed to choose their subjects and make appointments to study with their teachers by themselves. They had an exceedingly high amount of freedom.
Graduating from the inner court was also far easier. One could graduate just by becoming a two-word battle armor master but that was easier said than done. Every single student who managed to enter the inner court would never slack off at studying but instead, they would work their hardest.
Shrek Academy had always had a peculiar phenomenon. Very few students would be willing to leave after becoming two-word battle armor masters in the inner court. They were even likely to be more willing to remain cultivating in the academy or become teachers in the academy.
This virtuous cycle through ten thousand years was the exact reason why Shrek Academy was the power it was today.
Na’er appeared to have already grown into a big girl with a slim and tall figure. There was no way to tell about the age difference between both of them when she stood beside Gu Yue.
Although they stood side by side, no one spoke.