The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 735 - Dragon Spear Goddess’s Big Brother

Chapter 735: Dragon Spear Goddess’s Big Brother

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Therefore, after Tang Wulin paid a certain amount of contribution points, he boarded Tang Sect’s steamer which was headed toward Douluo Continent.
This steamer had encountered a few attacks from oceanic soul beasts, which delayed his arrival somewhat. However, he still managed to return nonetheless!
This was the feeling of coming home. This feeling was truly too wonderful for him. Tang Wulin had never thought that there would be a day where he would love Shrek Academy this much.
The ten bowls of noodles entered his stomach. His excited feelings had also calmed down somewhat.
With everybody’s talents and strengths, they must have entered the Inner Court by now. After three years, they should have already reached the level of one-word Battle Armor Masters by now. ‘However, I…’
When he thought about this, Tang Wulin could not help but be slightly depressed.
He had spent more than three years in Dragon Valley. Although his blood essence had improved a lot and his body’s strength has reached the level at which it struck fear into people’s hearts just by the mention of it, his soul power had not grown in the slightest because it was sealed for more than three years. He was still at a cultivation base of four rings. Maybe it was due to the passage of time — he was currently at rank-44.
When he was fifteen years old, he was at rank-44, and that was powerful enough. However, he was almost nineteen years old now, and he was still at rank-44. He might pass as above average among ordinary people, but he would not be that outstanding in Shrek Academy. It must be known that if a person had not reached the level of a one-word Battle Armor Master by the time they reached twenty, they would be disqualified from entering Shrek Academy.
‘This time, after my return, I must utilize all the time that I can get. I can’t get left too far behind by my companions!’
After he ate his fill, he paid the bill. Tang Wulin ran straight toward Shrek Academy’s Inner Court. He knew very well that his companions must be there. More importantly, it has been more than three years since he had met his younger sister. He decided to look for Na’er first, Na’er must have been very worried about him. He would go and report to her before anything else.
When he walked up to the entrance of Shrek Academy’s Inner Court, Tang Wulin discovered that he could not go in.
There were now two guards who stood at the Inner Court’s entrance. They were both Inner Court disciples. Without an Inner Court identity certificate, nobody was allowed to enter the Inner Court.
Tang Wulin took out his soul communication tool which had not been used for more than three years. He recharged it with his own soul power and dialed the familiar number.
The ringtone rang for a moment before the other end was connected.
“…” There was no sound. After the call went through, there was no sound from the other end.
“Na’er?” Tang Wulin called out probingly.
“Ah!” shortly after, Tang Wulin felt as if his eardrums were about to be broken from the volume. A scream came from the other end of the transmitter.
Tang Wulin was startled with a jump. He almost threw the soul communicator in his hand away.
Even the two guards heard the shrill voice that came from the transmitter.
“Brother, brother, is that you? Is that you?” Na’er’s excited voice reached him instantly, which made Tang Wulin felt that his veins had expanded without him being able to help it. When he heard that familiar voice, he almost cried.
“It’s me, Na’er, it’s me. I’m back. Where are you? Where are you now?” Tang Wulin asked hastily, his words jumbled up.
“I’m on Sea God’s Island. Brother, where are you?” Na’er’s breathing obviously became hurried.
Tang Wulin said, “I’m outside the Inner Court’s gates. There are guards now, I can’t get in.”
“Wait for me there,” Na’er left him with these four words. Tang Wulin immediately heard a whistling wind from the transmitter. “Brother, don’t you hang up! I’ll be right there.”
“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” Currently, Tang Wulin’s face was a complete picture of excitement.
Almost within a dozen breaths, Tang Wulin saw a beam of silver light flying toward him as quick as lightning from within the Inner Court. He did not even have the time to react when that silver light had already rushed into his embrace.
Fragrance filled his nostrils. That beautiful and elastic frame stuck close to him in his embrace, and his vision was now filled with silver long hair.
Tang Wulin’s heart trembled. He did not have to ask to know who it was that pounced into his embrace.
Na’er has gotten taller, her body was well-developed, and she was a young woman now. She was very tall and was only half a head shorter than Tang Wulin who was already taller than 1.9 meters. She leaped and locked her legs around Tang Wulin’s waist with her arms tightly around his neck.
Tang Wulin did all he could to pull her hemline lower so that she would not be exposing her inner glory 1 .
The two Inner Court disciples who stood guard at the entrance were already flabbergasted.
Silver hair! There was only one such person in the academy! She was the person known as Sea God’s Island’s goddess!
Dragon Spear Goddess, Na’er!
Na’er was already given the nickname Dragon Spear Goddess more than three years ago. Although Na’er seldom made an appearance, she had crushed a group of experts in an Inner Court Tournament. With her Silver Dragon Spear which was honed to perfection, she had defeated all her opponents and became the greatest expert among the Inner Court disciples.
She could be regarded as the goddess of the entire Inner Court. She was the goddess of every male Inner Court disciple. On usual days, this Dragon Spear Goddess always stayed on Sea God’s Island, which was off-limits to ordinary Inner Court disciples. Even simply meeting her was very difficult for them. If they could have a word with her, they would be so happy that they would faint.
However, in this current moment, their perfect goddess in their hearts was surprisingly stuck intimately on a man’s body, and not in the most becoming of manners. As they witnessed her excited expression, it was exactly like…
Tang Wulin gently caressed Na’er’s long hair with one hand and silently made a gap between his body and hers with his other hand. The current Na’er was not the Na’er from all those years ago. She had grown up. When her women’s special parts stuck intimately onto his body, this made Tang Wulin slightly awkward, even if he was her brother.
“Come now, don’t cry, Na’er. Brother has returned. It’s all brother’s fault, I’ve made you worry.”
Brother? When they heard this, the two Inner Court disciples who stood guard were immediately filled with a profound respect.
He was surprisingly the Sea God’s Island’s great goddess’s big brother! They had been refusing to let him into the Inner Court before this. ‘What’re we supposed to do now? You should’ve told us your identity sooner! Even if it’s against the rules, we won’t bar you from entering!’
Tang Wulin patted Na’er’s long legs. Na’er got down and stood in front of him. In the next moment, under the stares of the two guards with their mouths agape, she raised her head and gave him to kisses on each cheek. She only loosened her arms around him after that.
When he looked at Na’er up close, Tang Wulin could not help but felt his heart beat faster. Na’er was truly too beautiful. Her long silver hair fell freely behind her, her purple eyes were brilliant and sparkled like purple crystals. Her body was slender, she had a slim waist and long legs. She had grown wonderfully.
Her big eyes were moist as they looked at him. She looked as wronged as one could be.
The Tang Wulin in Na’er’s eyes had changed as well. Compared to more than three years ago, he was taller and bigger. The beauty he had in his youth had turned into his current handsomeness. His gaze was deep and penetrating. His body was already full of the masculinity of a man.
“Brother, you’ve been away for more than three years in one go. I’ve not heard from you ever since, I miss you so much I can die,” Na’er pounced back into Tang Wulin’s embrace and started crying loudly.
Tang Wulin hastily hugged her and comforted her, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Haven’t I come back now? Brother won’t leave you again, alright?”
“Mm, mm. You can’t leave anymore, ever.”
Na’er suddenly raised her head and looked at Tang Wulin with teary eyes, “Brother, do you love me?”
“I do! Of course I do. You’re my most treasured Na’er,” Tang Wulin smiled and pinched her nose.
Na’er smiled as well, “I’ll hold you to that.”
“Can I go in now? Is everyone in the Inner Court as well?” Tang Wulin asked Na’er.
Na’er noded, “They’ve all entered the Inner Court, and they’re the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters. They’re very popular right now.”
“Did you not become one of the Shrek Seven Monsters as well?” Tang Wulin looked at Na’er with shock. He remembered that before he left, Na’er was already very strong.
Na’er shook her head, “I don’t want to. Brother, let’s go. Let’s get inside first, I’ll tell you everything as we walk.”
Then, she pulled on Tang Wulin and they walked toward the Inner Court. When they reached the entrance, she smiled at the two guards with her peerlessly beautiful face which was like a pear blossom bathed in rain. The two of them were stunned, and Na’er pulled Tang Wulin as they entered.
“Is this alright?” said Tang Wulin as he stared with his mouth agape.
Na’er giggled. “I’m your access card!”
The Inner Court was still the same. There were the familiar statues at the end of the road. The statues were routinely maintained, and they remained firm and looked as though they were new every time. Na’er pulled Tang Wulin all the way to the edge of Sea God Lake.
“Brother, let’s go to Sea God’s Island first. I have something to tell you.” As she said this, Na’er took a step forward. Suddenly, a layer of silver light suddenly shone on her body.
Spots of silver light flickered on her joints. These silver light were like silver stars that shone with brilliant light.
In the next instant, pieces of armor covered Na’er’s body. When Tang Wulin saw the heavy and complicated patterns on her silver armor and the pair of silver dragon wings which unfurled behind her, the words escaped his mouth, “Two-word battle armor!”
Also, this was not only a couple of pieces of two-word battle armor, but it was also a complete set of two-word battle armor!