The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 736 - Na’er’s Boudoir

Chapter 736: Na’er’s Boudoir

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They had not met each other for more than three years and Na’er was already a two-word battle armor master. On the other hand, he was not even a one-word battle armor master.
Na’er smiled beautifully. She raised a hand and pulled on Tang Wulin before wings on her back started flapping, bringing them both into the air as they leaped.
A gentle soul power enveloped their bodies. Tang Wulin could faintly sense that Na’er’s soul power was extremely dense, it was not at a level which he could hope to be compared with. Their bodies flickered and before he knew it, they were already in the skies of Sea God Island. She retracted her wings and brought Tang Wulin with her as they floated down.
Then, the battle armor turned into specks of light and fused into Na’er’s body once more.
“Na’er, you’re already a two-word battle armor master. If I’m correct about the months, you’ve only just turned sixteen right? My heavens! You must be the continent’s youngest two-word battle armor master. You probably broke the record!” Tang Wulin looked at Na’er with an astonished expression.
Although he and his companions were already highly talented and were working very hard, he could be completely certain that his companions could not possibly attain the level of a two-word battle armor master in such a short period of time.
‘This talent of Na’er’s is truly unnatural! Even if it was that Long Yue, he was almost twenty years old when he became a two-word battle armor master. From the looks of Na’er’s the soul power emanating from Na’er’s body, she would be very close being a Soul Emperor even if she did not have the six-ringed cultivation base required of one. He was surprised that his own younger sister had attained such a powerful level.
Although Tang Wulin had not reached the point of feeling inferior, the shock he felt inwardly was quite huge.
Na’er giggled. “All these aren’t important. What’s important is that you’ve come back!” As she said this, she pulled on his arm and ran toward the interior of Sea God Island.
Na’er was all too familiar with this place. They made a series of turns and she brought Tang Wulin to a little wooden hut constructed on the hillside.
The wooden hut was not big, it was a small apartment, but it was very clean and refreshing. The air on Sea God Island was definitely the freshest among all the places Tang Wulin had visited before. Even the air in the middle of the forest could not compare with this.
There was a table, chairs, and a wooden bench inside the wooden hut. There was also a cupboard and a hammock. There was a layer of large dark green leaves on the hammock, the material was unknown.
“Na’er, do you normally live here?” asked Tang Wulin.
Na’er nodded. “Yeap! I live here. I like it very much.”
She pushed Tang Wulin and made him sit down on the chair. Then, she poured him a glass of water. When she shoved the glass of water into Tang Wulin’s hands, her eyes could not help but reddened again.
“Big brother, do you know how much I’ve missed you all these years? Have you been thinking of me at all? What took you so long to come back here?”
When he saw Na’er’s reddened eyes, Tang Wulin could not help but felt a stabbing pain in his chest. He sighed softly and said, “I should’ve been back a long time ago, but something happened. There was something that I must do and I used three years just to finish that task. That’s why I came back this late. Every time I felt sleepy or tired, I’d think of you and everyone else to regain my motivation. Although this has taken three years of my time, I don’t regret it. A man mustn’t leave something undone when he wants to get something done. After I’ve taken care of that matter, I felt… more at ease. When I cultivated my soul power on my journey back, it felt much smoother and better, there were no distractions. Throughout my voyage of several months, my soul power had increased by two-ranks. This was unthinkable if it were the old me.”
Yes, throughout the voyage which lasted for a few months, his soul power cultivation base had increased from rank-44 when he had just left Dragon Valley to rank-46. What was more important was that he had connected two more of his Eight Extraordinary Meridians. The other four of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians had become a few times tougher compared to what it was before. Currently, Tang Wulin was very confident in his ability to continue breaking through and reach greater heights of strength.
“Brother, you must’ve suffered a lot.” Na’er pulled on Tang Wulin’s hand.
Tang Wulin smiled. “Not really. It’s just that I felt a little lonely sometimes. I was alone in that place.” He had never feared pain and exhaustion since he was already tempered from his forging days since his youth. Throughout this period of slightly more than three years, the greatest torture he experienced was loneliness. If he could not talk with the dragon bones, Tang Wulin truly suspected that he would go crazy.
However, he had made it through it all. Currently, his mind was unimpeded, he was at peace with his own bloodline, and he felt connected to the other Golden Dragon King abilities that were still sealed. All these made Tang Wulin understand that what he did was right. His understanding of himself might seem insignificant now, but once his cultivation actually reached a certain level, it would have extraordinary meaning.
“What about you, Na’er? I see that you’re already a two-word battle armor master. Has your cultivation base exceeded six rings?”
When Tang Wulin saw Na’er nodding her head slightly, he could not help but feel astonished in his heart although he had pretty much guessed the answer.
Sixteen years old, and she was a six-ringed Soul Emperor! Such a record might not have even existed, let alone be reached again. Moreover, she had to craft her own battle armor. This needed a lot of time and energy! Na’er’s condition could no longer be described as being immensely gifted with natural talent.
Tang Wulin raised a thumb to Na’er. “What about my companions? How’s everybody doing right now?”
Na’er replied, “From what I know, they were pretty depressed when you didn’t come back. However, after becoming the Shrek Seven Monsters, they’re now subjects of public attention. They worked hard in their cultivation. I think it was about a year ago when everyone’s cultivation base had at least reached five rings. Even before that, they were all one-word battle armor masters already. As for their current cultivation bases, I’m not too sure about that.”
Everyone was of a five-ringed Soul King rank and a one-word battle armor master? ‘I must’ve affected the crafting of their two-word battle armors by not coming back, right? After all, it’s not easy to forge a two-word battle armor with spirit metals.
Tang Wulin raised a hand and caressed Na’er’s head. “Na’er, I haven’t report myself to the academy since I got back. I’ll go meet my teachers and report to them. We’ll talk later.”
Na’er said hastily, “What’s there to report about? Although you didn’t return three years ago, the academy had already granted you permission to enter the inner court with them because of your contribution to the academy. In other words, as long as you return, you’re an inner court disciple. I think that you should look for the Scarlet Dragon Douluo, grandpa Zhuo Shi. That old man will certainly take care of everything for you. Then, oh wait! There’s a grand occasion in the academy today. I bet that your friends are busy preparing for it right now. If you show up now, you’re bound to affect their work. Why don’t you give them a surprise instead?”
Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. “What grand occasion?”
Na’er smiled mysteriously and said, “It’s the Sea God Fated Date Festival!”
Tang Wulin was stunned. “Sea God Fated Date Festival? The dating festival of the inner court?”
Of course he had heard about the Sea God Fated Date Festival before. The only thing was that he was not entirely sure about its rules. When he heard Na’er mentioning it now, he realized that he was already at the age where he was eligible to take part in the date festival. For some time, he could not help but felt all kinds of emotions in his heart. How time flew! He was already an adult.
Na’er mumbled a few sentences in Tang Wulin’s ear. Tang Wulin’s eyes flickered and a faint smile also appeared on his face.
“You’re saying that every single inner court disciple above eighteen years old must participate in the Sea God Fated Date Festival?”
Na’er giggled and said, “Yes, yes! Actually, according to the official rules of the continent, a person is already considered an adult at sixteen years old. That’s why I’m also an adult right now. I’ve obtained special permission from the teachers and I can participate in this year’s date festival. I heard that this will better stimulate the competition between the students and increase everyone’s motivation to cultivate in the future.”
This was the truth. Tang Wulin was unaware that his little sister was known by the name of Dragon Spear Goddess in the inner court. When the officials announced that the sixteen-year-old Dragon Spear Goddess would also be taking part in this year’s date festival, even the inner court disciples who were on assignment far away rushed back to the academy.