The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 737 - So You Still Know How to Come Back!?

Chapter 737: So You Still Know How to Come Back!?

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Everyone was a proud son of god. Who could be sure that they would not be fancied by the Dragon Spear Goddess?
Na’er’s appearance, strength, and her identity as the direct disciple of the Sea God Pavilion Master, befitted her status at the pinnacle of the students’ circle. She was also the goddess of every male student!
“You’re taking part as well? No, no,” said Tang Wulin sternly.
Na’er looked shockingly at him and asked, “Why not?”
With a sense of righteousness, Tang Wulin said, “You’re still so young, how can you possibly take part in some date festival? As your elder brother, I don’t approve.”
Na’er broke into a laugh. “Brother, I’ve never taken you to be a conservative!”
Tang Wulin said seriously, “I’m your brother, it’s only natural that I’ll be responsible for you. You’re not allowed to have any romantic relationships before you turn eighteen, is that clear? Also, even if you fancy someone, you must have my approval first before you involve yourself with him. My little sister is so beautiful that I can’t be cavalier about the company you keep.”
Na’er giggled. “Don’t worry brother. If I do have someone that I like, I’m sure that you’ll approve of him as well.”
Tang Wulin was astonished, “You truly have someone that you like?”
Na’er nodded, “Of course I do! I like you!”
Tang Wulin laughed hysterically and said, “You silly girl, stop making fun of me. You can take part in this date festival if you like, for fun that is. But you mustn’t go pick someone on a whim!”
“Alright, alright. I know that already. Even if I like someone, I must get your approval. Are you happy now?” said Na’er with a smile.
“Hmm, that’s more like it,” said Tang Wulin with satisfaction. “Alright, I’m going off to visit grandteacher. Which way should I take? It’s been so long since I came here last, I’m not familiar with the place.”
Na’er said, “I’ll take you there, and then we’ll go visit our teacher. After that, let’s meet back here at my place. Oh, don’t give your comrades a soul call. Just surprise them during the date festival.”
Tang Wulin smiled and nodded. “Okay, I’ll do it your way.”
Date festival, was it?
That familiar face kept appearing in Tang Wulin’s mind. He couldn’t help it, and his emotions were soon in turmoil.
He was a young man, after all. How could he not have appreciated an event such as the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival? The only thing was whether he could participate in this date festival.
Tang Wulin’s heart trembled a little with his face’s expression becoming weird as well.
With mixed feelings, Tang Wulin met his grandteacher.
Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi was having tea in the courtyard. When he saw Tang Wulin entering through the door, the teacup in his hand was shaking mildly. He did not even feel the hot tea which had spilled over his hand.
“Grandteacher,” Tang Wulin hastily walked forward and knelt on one knee.
In the blink of an eye, Scarlet Dragon Douluo jumped with a speed that was unusual for someone his age. He made a grab for Tang Wulin as a gesture to him to stand up.
“You brat, where have you been? Never mind that, everything’s fine if you’re okay! Did you think that small worlds are places that can be visited casually? Do you know that the crazy old man and I dredged the entire Tang Sect? It’s good that you’ve returned. The crazy old man almost went crazy for real. His bad temper is getting out of hand lately. I must tell him the good news.”
A soul call was made. Within three minutes, Blazing Dragon Douluo Feng Wuyu descended from the sky. When he saw Tang Wulin, his expression darkened. He went over and gave him a slap.
Tang Wulin dared not evade the assault! He staggered under the blow. It appeared forceful, but it did not hurt at all.
“Crazy old man, what’re you doing? If you’re going into a crazy fit at my place, don’t blame me if I take it out on you!” Zhuo Shi was infuriated.
“What d’you know? Step aside. Tang Wulin, you little bastard. I see that you still know how to come back. Let me ask you, did you slack off in your forging?” Feng Wuyu stood akimbo. He shouted angrily at Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin dared not make a single sound. He replied hastily as soon as Feng Wuyu was done with his furious yelling. “I think I did quite well, and I didn’t slack off. I think I’m at least a rank-6 blacksmith. I was waiting to come back here and learn Soul Refining from you.”
“Come with me. I’ll have to check.” He then grabbed Tang Wulin and leaped into the air.
“Wait for me, I’ll go too. I want to keep an eye on you, in case you abuse this grand-disciple of mine.” Scarlet Dragon Douluo followed behind them.
Tang Wulin was speechless. ‘I haven’t even completed the procedures to enter the Inner Court! Also, what should I do about the date festival tonight?’ He knew Feng Wuyu very well. Once he entered into his forging state, he could care less about the happenings in the world outside.
It was fine for Feng Wuyu not to care about those things, but not Tang Wulin! He was sure that she would be going to the date festival as well. He had wanted to participate in the date festival! Whether he would succeed or not, he had to give it a go. How would he know if he did not try?
For Shrek Academy, each year’s date festival was the event which all the adult students looked forward to attending the most.
Even the Outer Court disciples who did not manage to enter the Inner Court were in buoyant spirits. This was because they could witness the powerful strengths of their Inner Court seniors. Also, this was an event that would provide them the motivation to improve themselves.
Although the Outer Court disciples could not obtain an endorsement for their marital relationships from the academy, in reality, neither would the academy meddle with their choice of partners.
The only thing was, for Shrek Academy, if its students ended up together after the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival, it would be considered a verification of the students’ true love for each other and be regarded as an ideal relationship on Douluo Continent.
So, to just get a date during the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival would not be a big deal. In any case, the date festival was very popular in the entire continent.
Many would have loved to come and observe the festival. However, according to Shrek Academy’s rules, nobody could enter the Inner Court to witness the festival except for the Inner Court disciples taking part in it. However, the Outer Court disciples, who were of age, and the teachers could witness the festival.
This added to the mysterious mood of the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival.
Also, according to the rules, once the two students accepted each other during the festival, they would receive the blessing of fidelity from the Sea God Pavilion Master himself. In the event the couple wanted to divorce in the future, they had to answer to the Sea God Pavilion Master who would be the mediator. If the reconciliation effort failed, the couple would then be allowed to divorce.
This provided another form of protection to the longevity of their relationship. For Shrek Academy’s Outer Court students, the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival was the stuff of legends. The festival had become one of the motivating factors, if not the top reason, for the Outer Court disciples to enter the Inner Court.
This year’s festival attracted even more attention. News had spread that Na’er, the Dragon Spear Goddess would also be at the festival. Whether she would be a participant or an attendee was unimportant. Just her presence alone was enough to attract the people and get their attention.
The festival had been going on for ten thousand years since its inception. The rules have been modified over the years. No matter the changes made, the central theme remained the same. At the end of the day, they still had to verify the strengths of the Inner Court disciples and help them find their one true love.
It was impossible for one to be successful at the festival if one did not have sufficient strength. This was a fundamental principle.
On this front, Shrek Academy could not be argued with. One should forget about finding a partner if one lacks the strength. Instead, one should focus on one’s cultivation before making an attempt.
It looked to be just a simple date festival. However, for the Outer Court students, it provided much motivation. Especially when the students already had someone special in mind, they would need to cultivate more if they were to stand any chance of success during the festival.
According to Shrek Academy’s statistics, the stronger one was, the higher the success rate would be. This was a fact set in stone.
There was also another interesting statistic for the festival. The success rates were high, which was over sixty percent, for cases where the girl confessed to the boy. On the other hand, the success rate for a boy confessing to a girl was lower. This was due to the fact that there were generally more males.
This was what the saying ‘too many wolves and too little meat’ referred to.
Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie were walking shoulder to shoulder. They came out of the Inner Court’s lecture building. As they walked through the streets, their appearances attracted quite a few glances. At present, the disciples from the Outer Court were not allowed to enter the Inner Court yet. That was the reason the Inner Court was fairly quiet.
Yue Zhengyu wore his usual white ceremonial dress. There were golden patterns in the shape of feathers on his white ceremonial dress. The patterns looked elegant and divine. Needless to say, he looked noble and showed no sign of being an upstart. This was the distinctive, traditional character of the Holy Angel Clan.
Xie Xie, who walked alongside him was equally groomed. His black ceremonial dress had silver patterns on it in the shape of dragons. If Yue Zhengyu was the divine son, then Xie Xie would be a ghost traveling in the night.
Both of them, in black and white, looked handsome and regal. When they walked together, how could they not be the center of attraction?