The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 739 - The Atlas Douluo

Chapter 739: The Atlas Douluo

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“I’m so looking forward to it. I’m finally eighteen and finally have the chance to see the Sea God Fated Date Festival with my own eyes. I’ve always heard the seniors describing it as something fantastic. I wonder what kind of interesting scenes we’ll see in this year’s Sea God Fated Date Festival!”
“Of course it’s interesting! I heard that this time, even the Dragon Spear Goddess is taking part! Although she might not be choosing a partner, she wouldn’t be any much different from an actual goddess if she came to the festival on Sea God Lake as one of the Sea God Fated.”
“You’re talking like you’ve seen the Dragon Spear Goddess before.”
“Of course I’ve seen her! I’ve seen the side of her face from far, far away once. She’s too beautiful, and exquisitely so at that.”
“Really? Then I’ll have to see for myself later. I heard that she’s the goddess of every inner court disciple. Also, the Dragon Spear Goddess isn’t only beautiful, she’s very powerful as well.”
“Oh, that’s right. Have you guys heard? There are two exchange students from Star Luo Continent. They’ve also been admitted into our inner court to study under special permission. They seem to be taking part in today’s date festival as well. Although… I’m not sure if this is true or not.”
“I think it’s true. I’ve heard about it as well. I hope our inner court seniors won’t fancy them though!”
“I heard that among the students who came, the male student is exceptionally powerful. He’s only twenty-three years old, and he’s already a two-word battle armor master.”
“Is he that strong?”
“Yeap. That’s not all, it’s said that some of his battle armor pieces are already at the level of three-word battle armor.”
The outer court students whispered among themselves, discussing about the students involved in this year’s Sea God Fated Date Festival.
Most of their conversation revolved around the Dragon Spear Goddess, Long Yue, Dai Yun’er, and the members of Shrek Seven Monsters. This year’s Sea God Fated Date Festival obviously drew more attention than the previous years. This was also due to the participation of the people mentioned above.
The skies had darkened completely. This also meant that the Sea God Fated Date Festival was about to begin.
Far away, on Sea God Lake, a towering ship slowly sailed toward them. The ship was brightly lit. When they saw the tower ship, the outer court disciples stood up together without prior agreement to bow and pay their respects.
The ones who could sit atop the tower ship were all the most elite beings in Shrek Academy. They were the ones who had real control over Shrek City — the elders of Shrek Academy’s Sea God Pavilion. Even the federation respected them.
On the tower ship, a young man sat in the center. He was completely covered in white and he had a faint smile on his face. His black hair hung loosely behind him. He had an easygoing air about him.
The one who sat beside him was Shrek Academy’s Holy Spirit Douluo who was recently appointed as the president of the inner court. Beside the Holy Spirit Douluo was the outer court’s president, the Silver Moon Douluo, Elder Cai. Beside her were the Holy Twin Dragons, the Scarlet Dragon Douluo, Zhuo Shi and the Blazing Dragon Douluo, Feng Wuyu. Feng Wuyu’s expression was clearly different from usual. This man who had become a crazy old man currently had his brows tightly knitted together. He lowered his head, lost in some unknown thought.
Aside from them, there were a few more old Title Douluos who sat at different positions on the ship. In other words, those who could board this ship were all Title Douluo-ranked experts that were rank-90 or more. They were at least as strong as three-word battle armor masters.
“Eh? Look, everyone! Who’s that right in the middle of the ship? How can he be on board the tower ship when he’s still so young?”
“My god! Don’t say such nonsense, lower your volume! If I’m not wrong in my guess, that must be the best man of our academy, he might even be the best man of the entire continent. A hundred years ago, he shocked the entire continent by becoming Sea God Pavilion’s Master, he’s a true expert. A Limit Douluo, and a four-word battle armor master. He’s the spiritual leader of Shrek.”
“Huh? You’re saying, that’s him? That young? This can’t be? My god! I never knew that the old man would look so young.”
“That’s right! I heard that the Holy Spirit Douluo is the old man’s wife.”
“Quit saying ‘old man this, old man that’. The Pavilion Master looks so young, how can you even call him old? By the way, does anyone of you know the Douluo title of the Pavilion Master? It must be brimming with domineeringness, right?”
“That’s a must. The Pavilion Master’s title is Atlas. The Atlas Douluo. His martial soul must be an Atlas Spear. It is said that he can break the heavens with a single thrust and his domineeringness shocked the masses. He’s the best expert publicly recognized by the entire continent. A hundred years ago, the old man was the leader of that generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters. He was regarded as the one being in Shrek Academy who has the highest possibility of attaining godhood. He’s a true demigod expert! It’s not that we can’t sense the godly realm’s aura but he might’ve long surpassed his limits and reached that level already.”
Anyone who recognized that person would be so excited that their veins dilated. Even they who were Shrek Academy disciples rarely had the opportunity to see this person, let alone the outsiders.
“Brother Ming, the students are all excited because of your appearance,” the Spirit Douluo Yali spoke to the young man in white beside her.
The young man in white smiled and patted her hand, “It’s all because of that little girl Na’er. She had initially told me that she wouldn’t be taking part because she’s not even eighteen years old yet. Although she’s already considered as an adult at sixteen years old, according to the academy’s rules, one must be at least eighteen years old to take part in this festival. However, for some unknown reason earlier, she told me that she must participate. I suspect that this young girl has someone that she likes. I want to see who on the continent can deserve my beloved disciple.”
Yali smiled. “Oh, you! You’re spoiling this little girl too much. Now you’re practically acting like a father who discovered that his beloved daughter is about to elope with some young guy.”
The young man in white chuckled. “Maybe a little. That, I admit.”
Yali said gently, “It’s all my fault for not being able to bear you a child.”
The young man in white caressed her hand. “I thought we had an agreement to not talk about this, no?”
Yali’s eyes reddened slightly as she tightened her grip on his hand. This man had given her all his love, he was also the greatest happiness in her life.
Elder Cai who sat on Yali’s other side occasionally threw glances at them. She sighed inwardly. If she could swap positions with her back then, she would even be willing to give up dozens of years of her lifespan!
However, back then, he had only chosen her in the end, despite his many admirers. Even though he knew that she had some bodily defect, he proceeded without hesitation. Whether it was herself or the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, Leng Yaozhu, they could only indulge in their own unrequited love.
However, he had never hurt them as he was a very decisive person. He would reject them at the first moment without even the slightest hint of hesitation. With his status and position, it would not have hurt him to have a few more women by his side. There was even one time where Elder Cai heard Leng Yaozhu saying to his face that she was even willing to be his secret mistress in the shadows.
Who was Leng Yaozhu? She was the vice chairman of the Spirit Pagoda. She only had one person above her and millions under her. She was of a position which carried a heavy significance in the soul masters’ world. She even considered herself superior when she met the president of the federation. She was a proud woman.
However, for him, the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo had never married anyone. She herself was similar to her.
Leng Yaozhu must have had the same notion as her. After they met the best one, even a person with the slightest flaw became unacceptable. Yes! After knowing him, how could she have another man in her own eyes and heart?
This was the Atlas Douluo, Yun Ming, a proud son of god who held up the skies above him and reached down to the abyss below him. In her heart, she was even willing to compare him to the Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yunhao, who existed ten thousand years ago, and Tang Sect’s founder twenty thousand years ago, the Thousand Hands Douluo, Tang San.
She presumed that he was on par with those men as well.
At this moment, Elder Cai suddenly felt heat on her hand. When she raised her head to look, she saw the caring gaze of Holy Spirit Douluo, Yali.
Elder Cai managed a smile. She shook her head lightly in her direction.
Toward the Holy Spirit Douluo, she was slightly envious, but she admired her more. She even felt a heartfelt admiration toward her. She was the kindest woman in the world. The reason why she lost the ability to bear children was because she had ignited her life force to expand the overall rescue area during a plague in a poverty-stricken area.
Back then, she saved tens of thousands of lives that would otherwise be lost to the plague. However, she had almost died because she had overdrawn her life force. Although the Atlas Douluo saved her life, he could not heal her completely. She was the highest-ranking Recovery System soul master, but she could not heal her own body.
She had easily and freely said that this was a punishment from up above. The heavens had intended to take away ten thousand lives but her actions stopped this from happening so the heavens took her fertility in return, and this was already merciful enough.
When she recovered, he declared that she was his wife, despite the fact that they were not even a couple before that. However, he had declared that in an overbearing manner.
He had countless rivals back then, and so did she. However, he did not care and only told her that he had been admiring her for a very, very long time. When he finally mustered up the courage to tell her so, she had been gravely injured instead.