The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 740 - The Sea God Pavilion Master’s Story

Chapter 740: The Sea God Pavilion Master’s Story

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Yali’s extended lifespan was given to her by Yun Ming. He had the greatest natural abilities in the modern world. His incredible power brought him longevity, but he shared half of it with her.
He had been by her side, protecting her all this while. He had even said jokingly that she was a bride he had snatched from someone else.
That was a grand wedding. There were not many wishes, having shocked the entire Federation.
Yali did not belong to Shrek Academy. In fact, she was even the successor of a secret organization nurtured by the Federation’s parliament. However, Yun Ming had snatched her away, which also put him on bad terms with the mysterious organization. The two sides had clashed roughly a dozen times. Yun Ming had relied on his own strength, and he defeated all the experts from that organization, using his extremely domineering power to keep Yali by his side.
In an attempt to hurt him, Yali even claimed that she did not like him, but Yun Ming only said that time would change everything. That was a hundred years ago. The Atlas Douluo also rose to fame after that battle. It was through that battle that everyone knew that there was such a powerful presence existed in the world.
To go against him, the secret organization controlled by the Federation’s parliament sent out three red mechas. Under the siege of these divine mechas, he crushed them all in less than ten minutes, ripping into the sky with a single thrust. The immense spatial wave nearly tore the entire city on which parliament was located.
He had only left a few words behind at that time. “If the heavens stop me, I’ll break the heavens; if the ground stops me, I’ll break the ground, if a person stops me, I’ll kill the person; if a god stops me, I’ll kill the god!”
It was such an overbearing sentence that Shrek City was made as stable as a mountain. He was also a being who, after meticulous research done by the Federation, could not be threatened by any soul technologies of the current age. This fact was also publicly recognized.
After that day, he had truly become the white jade column which propped up the heavens and the purple gold beam which supported the ocean of Shrek Academy. With his strength alone, he had made Shrek City and Shrek Academy an institution that attracted universal attention, while being shunned by the Federation.
This was the love between the Atlas Douluo and Spirit Douluo. Their love was on a grand and spectacular scale, but it had been calm and peaceful for a hundred years after that.
First, they were united with vigor and vitality. Then, they spent their days warmly.
That was why they could not take him out of Yali’s hands no matter how much they loved this man regardless if it was the Silver Moon Douluo or Heavenly Pheonix Douluo.
Yali had even told Yun Ming many years ago that she hoped that he would have one or more wives. How could he not pass down such top-grade genes?
However, Yun Ming had rejected the notion. He only told her that his heart was very small and could only accommodate her. He did not have any other romantic needs, so that was not what he sought.
That was the end of the conversation. The only thing was, every time this topic was brought up, Yali would always feel very sad. She was unhappy that she could not bear a child for this man who loved her and whom she loved.
“Ehem, I say, Captain, can you stop being cruel to dogs? Don’t you know that we’re all single?” Zhuo Shi coughed.
Yun Ming shot them a glance. Zhuo Shi chuckled. Feng Wuyu beside him also nodded seriously. “That’s right, Captain. It’s not good that you’re doing this. You must know that we were all Yali’s admirers back then.”
Yun Ming smiled. “I’ve been living too idly these days. I need some excitement in my life every once in a while. I know, why don’t we find the time and…”
“Forget it, we said nothing just now,” Zhuo Shi and Feng Wuyu said this, almost in unison. That was close. If they had allowed him to finish his sentence, he would have most certainly used them as spear practice. ‘Don’t be absurd. Fight with him? That’s not your usual way of looking for torture.’
The other Title Douluos broke into laughter. Elder Cai curled her lips. “I think the final reason why the two of you aren’t looking for partners is because you’re already so in-sync with one another.”
The tower ship sailed to one side of Sea God Lake and stopped at a prime spot. From there, its passengers could clearly see the center of the lake’s surface.
The waters of Sea God Lake were clear. When the lights burst forth, like fresh flowers blossoming, the lake water was set off in a faint bluish hue. It was like a giant sapphire which even flickered with halos. It was lustrous and dazzling, and the view was extremely beautiful and moving.
The light scattered to the surroundings. If one looked close, one would notice that these lights came from under the water’s surface. Their lights were filtered by the water and were spread evenly on the lake’s surface. It was as if the lake itself was glowing. It brought with it a warm and romantic atmosphere, giving the entire venue a breath of life.
Shortly after that, two beams of light rained down from afar. Two figures stood amidst the two golden columns.
They both had smiles on their faces. It was a man and a lady.
The man looked to be in his thirties. He was handsome and of a slender build. He was slightly smaller than Wu Zhangkong but was not much different from him. He wore the uniform of Shrek Academy’s inner court, along with a faint smile on his face.
The lady beside him was around 1.7 meters in height. She looked to be around twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old. Her looks were average, but she appeared friendly. When she smiled, it was easy to feel the kindness she projected.
“On Sea God Lake, there’s Sea God Festival. Welcome to this year’s date festival. First of all, let us introduce ourselves. I am inner court disciple Lan Muzi. The lady beside me is inner court’ Tang Yinmeng. We’ll be your hosts during tonight’s Sea God Festival on Sea God Lake.”
Tang Yinmeng smiled and said, “It is our honor to be your hosts tonight. The reason for it is that the two of us must be the oldest among the inner court students. I wanted to be an assistant very much, but I couldn’t let go of my young student’s identity. That’s why we’re here.”
She said it with humor. Her tone was gentle and had a hint of a smile. When the outer court disciples on the edge of the lake heard this, they broke into laughter.
In truth, there were not many who knew about these two. This was because their outer court peers had all graduated already. Their actual ages were at least five years older than their appearance.
Wu Zhangkong stood in a corner at the edge of the lake. When he saw them, he could not help but sigh inwardly. ‘Brother Lan and Sister Tang, they looked to be doing well! If they were the eldest, then they must be the big brother and big sister of the inner court.’
The outer court students did not know about these two, but how could he not know who they were? Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were both at the pinnacle of his generation. They entered the inner court in the same batch as him.
After that, he had left Shrek for his loved one, but they had stayed on. If he was not mistaken, the two of them were already three-word battle armor masters. Yes, they were both students, and they were already three-word battle armor masters. This situation would only happen in Shrek Academy.
It was very difficult to imagine the existence of a three-word battle armor master student. With their combined strengths, they must have already surpassed the ordinary Title Douluos.
If he had chosen to stay on in the academy all those years ago, he might have been able to reach the same level as they did. After he reached the ranks of a three-word battle armor master, he would have to cultivate his soul power harder and reach for the rank of Title Douluo. Brother Lan had been regarded as the best of their batch. He must have had a cultivation base of eight rings already. He was currently the academy’s youngest expert at the rank of an eight-ringed Soul Douluo. He was surely only thirty-three this year.
Sister Tang Yinmeng would not be much weaker in comparison.
Lan Muzi smiled. “That’s right! As long as I can put off my graduation, I will not easily choose to graduate. It’s not because I’m young. At the same time, there are too many events in my past which I cannot forget. I cannot forget the Sea God Fated Date Festival which I had participated in. Yinmeng, are you still together with our batch?”
Tang Yinmeng’s delicate face blushed and she rolled her eyes at him. “Stop saying that, I’m feeling shy already.”
Lan Muzi laughed, “What’s there to be shy about? I won’t tell our juniors how you threw caution to the wind and expressed your love for me in that year’s date festival.”