The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 741 - Light Dark Douluo

Chapter 741: Light Dark Douluo

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“Hey, you!” Tang Yinmeng stood akimbo. She called out with a timid look about her.
The shoreside was roaring with laughter. This couple who were seniors really knew how to rouse the crowds.
Lan Muzi retracted the smile on his face. He looked at Tang Yinmeng affectionately and said, “Although you were the one who professed to me, I must say I’m thankful to you. I’m most grateful that when I was still ignorant about love, you were my guide who gave me the pointers. I’m appreciative of all the care and help you’ve given me all these years. I’m most obliged for all that you’ve done for me. My dear, the one correct thing that I have ever done in my life is to share my life with you. It has been my good fortune which might’ve been the result of ten lives’ worth of good deeds. I’ll work hard to make sure it lasts for another ten lifetimes.”
Tang Yinmeng’s initial irate mood vanished immediately. She lowered her head and nodded lightly, with her delicate face blushing red.
The shoreside was in an uproar. On the tower ship, Zhuo Shi reacted angrily. “This little brat who’s torturing us singles in public. It’s too unbecoming. Whose disciple is he anyway?”
An old married woman who sat beside Yun Ming raised her head slowly. She glanced at Zhuo Shi. “Mine. What’s the matter? You have a problem with that?”
When he saw her, the smile on Zhuo Shi’s face froze. With a straight face, he replied, “No, I just thought that the disciple you’ve nurtured is truly outstanding.”
“Then shut your big mouth. Don’t you disturb me while I’m trying to reminisce about my youth,” said the old woman drily.
Atlas Douluo Yun Ming could not help but smiled and shook his head, “Sister Yue, that temper of yours!”
This old married woman looked as normal as could be. She was dressed in the simple clothes of a poor housewife. She looked no different from any old married women in the poverty-stricken districts. However, there were not many who truly knew about her existence.
She was the oldest person in the entire Shrek Academy. She was already the vice-master of Sea God Pavilion before Atlas Douluo Yun Ming became the current Sea God Pavilion Master. She was over two hundred years old.
In terms of seniority, she was Atlas Douluo’s senior, not to mention the most senior living elderly in Shrek Academy. She usually spent her days on Sea God Island in seclusion, dwelling within Sea God Pavilion and rarely came out.
Zhuo Shi did not notice her presence until he heard the old woman’s voice. Even the hot-tempered Scarlet Dragon Douluo dared not utter another word.
The old married woman had a title that shocked the heavens and the earth which reflected her domineering nature over the world. She was called ‘the dazzling shine of the sun and the moon, the Light Dark Dragon Empress’. Her title was Light Dark.
A hundred and fifty years ago, at the mere mention of the Light Dark Douluo, Long Yeyue, the soul masters of that generation would quiver.
The old woman’s most memorable incident was during a conflict between her and Spirit Pagoda. She had single-handedly forced her way up to Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters and gave the Spirit Pagoda’s Master a great slap.
Even though this was the Spirit Pagoda’s secret in Shrek Academy, the top-ranked experts in the soul masters’ realm were aware of what transpired.
That incident had nearly initiated a full-blown war between Shrek Academy and Spirit Pagoda. In the end, it was after the mediation of the Sea God Pavilion Master back then, that they finally reached a settlement with the Spirit Pagoda. Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue had to apologize for the altercation.
The verve of this old woman’s character and the strength she had was apparent from the incident.
She was the only person who could be absent during Sea God Pavilion’s meetings. She was definitely someone who had things done her way in Shrek Academy.
The reason why Yun Ming referred to her as a sister was at her own request. She did not want to appear old. Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were her disciples.
Long Yeyue squinted her eyes. She looked at Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng at the center of Sea God Lake. There was a smile on her face. “Looking at these children, I can’t help but think of my teenage years. Alas, that scoundrel died too soon. Otherwise, we could’ve witnessed the children dating. Back then, we also ended up together in a date festival such as this.”
Her husband was the previous Sea God Pavilion Master who had passed away forty years ago.
Yun Ming said softly, “Sister Yue, all of us miss Elder Bei dearly, but you must take care of yourself.”
Long Yeyue chuckled, “I’ve been alive so many years, and have spent what would’ve been two lifetimes for an ordinary person. What more can I ask for? The longer I live, the more unwilling this old man in heaven will accept me. Don’t worry, I’ve at least twenty years in me still. I want to see more of these young children. They’re my greatest source of joy.”
Yun Ming smiled and nodded, “That’s right! When I see these children getting together, my mood is also uplifted. Alas, I wasn’t able to confess my love for Yali at Sea God Lake.”
Long Yeyue chuckled. “It’s still not too late!”
Yun Ming laughed as well. “No, I can’t. I’m well over my years. I’m not that thick-skinned in front of the children. Let’s watch them instead.”
Lan Muzi’s deep confession of love toward Tang Yinmeng had set the emotions of all the outer court disciples on fire. It would be difficult to remain single after this.
Tang Yinmeng leaned into Lan Muzi’s embrace. Her expression was one of happiness.
“Hmm, let’s host this event first. I’ll reward you when we get home tonight,” said Tang Yinmeng with a gentle tone. Her eyes were wet as the tears welled up.
They had soul loudspeakers on their bodies. Everyone present could hear their voices no matter how softly they spoke. For a time, there were whistles and catcalls from the crowd. Even the temperature of Sea God Lake seemed to have increased slightly from their warm show of affection.
Lan Muzi coughed, “Alright, that’s all the teasing done. If you want to find your better half in the Sea God Lake Date Festival, then better work hard, my juniors! Now, let’s invite all the inner court disciples who will be taking part in today’s Sea God Lake Date Festival to make their appearance.”
“I believe that there are some juniors who are unfamiliar with the rules of our date festival. Let’s take a look.”
As he said this, he pointed to an area in front of him. Dark green lights shone from both sides. The glows were from the giant lotus leaves being shone upon by the underwater lights. The sparkling green light was full of life which made it eye-catching on the lake.
“The Sea God Lake Date Festival isn’t only an event to find your partner, but also an opportunity to display your strengths. Hence, throughout the date festival, the male and female students will stand atop the lotus leaves on both sides, which are a hundred meters apart, in front of me. If you fall into the water during the proceeding, then I’m sorry, you can’t continue participating in the date festival. Before the first segment starts, the ability to occupy a good spot is the best proof of one’s strength. With that, let’s start with the incoming participants. I invite my juniors from both sides to begin securing their spots!”
“Begin!” With Tang Yinmeng’s blaring announcement, the Sea God Lake Date Festival had officially begun.
On both sides of Sea God Lake, scores of figures leaped into the air at the same time. Some ran swiftly along the lake’s surface, while others leaped into the air. They wore green masks with hoods that shrouded their heads, and loose cloaks that completely covered their bodies.
The students on the other side all wore bamboo hats. Their long, white dresses flowed in the air. Three-feet long green veils were draped from their bamboo hats. Their faces could hardly be seen.
Those wearing the green cloaks were the male students, while on the other side, those with bamboo hats were, undoubtedly, the female students.
The participants from both sides were leaping toward the lotus leaves at blinding speeds. Each of them displayed quite different abilities. Everyone’s action and speed, together with their skills, was unique in their own way.
They were all inner court students, and they were familiar with each other. Hence, if they observed closely, they could get an inkling of each individual’s identity.
A male student who was exceptionally tall and big moved extremely fast. Each spot he passed, a rock would protrude from the water’s surface. He kicked strongly against a rock and rebounded to the forefront like a meteor that chased after the moon. All of a sudden, his body flashed and he dropped toward a lotus leaf in the middle of the first row.
There were altogether three rows of lotus leaves on the male students’ side. Whereas, on the females’ side, there were only two rows. It was obvious that there was an imbalance in the numbers.
Just when the male student was about to land on the leaf, another student moved swiftly to overtake him from the side and landed squarely on the lotus leaf in the next instant.
On another lotus leaf beside him, a light flashed and yet another student appeared on it.
In response, the tall, buff student made a circle with both hands and an immense suction force appeared out of nowhere. There were rules they had to follow while fighting for a spot. Physical contact was not allowed, nor could they use their soul skills. Nevertheless, they could still use their pure soul power.