The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 743 - The Inherited Spirit Soul

Chapter 743: The Inherited Spirit Soul

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Student Number One turned pale with fear. He had landed on the ground when he realized that the situation was bad after seeing the seven-ring senior standing opposite him. He had an unpredictable temperament, and this was his first time participating in Sea God Lake Date Festival. The mighty wave he generated earlier, as a display of his strength, impressed the females, yet he had no intention of provoking the females.
He watched helplessly as the tiger arrived before him. He braced himself as he lifted his arms cautiously and ignited his fifth soul ring. Instantaneously, a green radiance condensed and transformed into a green giant sword on top of his head. The sword made a stabbing motion for the tiger.
Just as the tiger was about to be slashed into two, it suddenly transformed into a mighty torrent, completely dodging the powerful Windgod Sword, to lash Male Number One’s body instead.
Male Number One did not manage to release his battle armor before he was blasted into the water by that strong torrent. Even the lotus leaf under him was overturned.
There was no doubt that he lost the qualification to continue the blind date.
All at once, the male students were silent, as the cicadas in late autumn, after having witnessed the aggressive female for themselves.
The reaction of most people was one of shock. Apparently, they swallowed their saliva as an involuntary reflex. It seemed like the date festival was not as they had imagined.
Lan Muzi could not help covering his eyes and coughed spontaneously. “Male Number One, why don’t you suppress your grief and accept your defeat. I don’t know what you were thinking. Were you planning to drench every female here? Moreover, now that you’ve revealed yourself, I’m afraid you may be the antagonist of all the academy’s female students. Thus, I’d like to remind every male student here to give it serious thought before you attempt to remove the female’s bamboo hat. Be sure not to dig a hole and bury your own self in the process. At the same time, I’d like you to bear in mind that you’re really not a worthy opponent of the female students judging by your mediocre power.
“Male Number Two, do you wish to reveal yourself?”
“Yes.” Male Number Two removed his mask without the slightest hesitation while simultaneously removing his cape to reveal a white suit which looked pure as snow. His golden hair streamed in the wind while his handsome face cracked into a faint smile. He saluted the female facing him with his right hand on his chest. He stood on the left side of the first row so the female could have a better view of him.
“Hello, seniors and juniors. My name is Yue Zhengyu, and I’ve only entered the inner court recently. Allow me to unveil myself.”
Male Number Two was precisely Yue Zhengyu. There was no doubt that his handsome face, tidy suit, and well-mannered demeanor left a deep impression on the females. Moreover, almost all the inner court’s students were aware that Yue Zhengyu was one of the current generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters!
Even though the females remained calm, the males were quite relieved too. With the appearance of a male student of such caliber and repute, it provided an opportunity to change the overall impression of the females toward the males.
Tang Yingmeng smiled. “A very good-looking junior. Put in extra effort, it’s up to you.”
“Thank you for your support.” Yue Zhengyu smiled as soul rings arose from underneath his feet.
Four purple and one black soul rings emerged. The level of his soul rings far exceeded Male Number One’s. Then, his hands turned over to reveal floating speckles of golden light which fused onto the surface of his palms rapidly. Following that, the golden light gradually condensed into a form.
What was that?
A little, glossy golden angel with stretched out wings on her back stood atop of Yue Zhengyu’s palm. She was only half-a-foot tall with white- feathered wings and a golden ring on her head. She was so adorable like a doll sprinkled with white powder and carved out of jade. Her little cheeks were puffy and fair as she pouted her lips and mumbled something to Yue Zhengyu in a seemingly dissatisfied manner.
“Go, my precious. Help to remove the sister’s bamboo hat.” Yue Zhengyu lifted his hand gently while a speckle of golden light glowed on his right hand which he stuffed into the little angel’s mouth. The little angel smacked her lips scrumptiously. She then flew away unwillingly.
What was that? An angel? A spirit soul?
This spirit soul was not used by the Spirit Pagoda or found anywhere else on the continent. It was inherited from a spiritual source and among the rarest of all spirit souls.
The biggest difference between an inherited spirit soul and an ordinary one was that it was incapable of providing a soul master’s soul ring. However, it could elevate a soul master’s specific ability just as how some soul masters possess powerful bloodlines.
There was no doubt that Yue Zhengyu’s inherited spirit soul little angel gave him the ability to control the holy energy. In short, she was his additional lifeline. This was the first time his comrades had seen his inherited spirit soul, let alone the other students who were present.
‘It’s too adorable, isn’t it?’ The females were in a commotion with some of them whispering occasionally to one another.
The little golden angel’s ability to fly did not seem too convincing. She was swaying side to side, and up and down as she flew across the surface of Sea God Lake with everyone worried whether she would fall into the lake.
Similarly, there was a commotion on the males’ side as Yue Zhengyu’s performance was truly impressive and unparalleled. They had a premonition that a calamity might happen next.
The little golden angel finally found her way to the front of the females. The first female that she approached was surprisingly the seven-ring Soul Sage inner court’s student who retaliated earlier.
The little angel stuffed the female’s right index finger into her little mouth and smacked her lips. She did a little pout and said, “Hello sister. Sis, Yue Zhengyu said that if I don’t unveil the sisters I’m not allowed to return, and I’m so tired. Will you be so kind as to help me, please?”
The female gave a humph. “He bullied you? Do you want me to beat him up for you?”
“Please don’t, sister. We share the same life. It’ll just be like beating up myself if you were to beat him. I’ll be in pain and agony. Sister, if you’re unwilling, then so be it.” As she was saying that, she flapped her little wings with great effort to stretch the sister’s index fingers with her chubby little hands. She lowered her head and put the sister’s index fingers together. She was as charming as could be and manipulative at the same time.
“Baby, don’t cry,” the female’s voice turned gentle at once. She raised her hand and removed her bamboo hat from her head.
As the host, Mu Lanzi could not help laughing. He turned to speak to Tang Yingmeng on his side, “This is a clever trick! Yue Zhengyu is truly worthy to be one of the new generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters. He managed to execute his persuasive ploy to perfection. He is definitely powerful. However, I’m afraid that it’s going to be stressful for the other males.”
Tang Yingmeng laughed softly. “I really didn’t expect Ding Xiaoling to unveil herself in this manner. I thought that no one would unveil herself, yet Yue Zhengyu managed to do it. Xiaoling is the eldest amongst the inner court’s female disciples. Yue Zhengyu had albeit displayed his ability, but I’m afraid that Xiaoling wouldn’t have a good impression of him. If I’m not mistaken, Xiaoling hates unkempt fellows the most. However, it seems like she has maternal instincts though!”
Indeed, when she was looking at the little angel, her gaze was so gentle that it was unimaginable that she was the one who overpowered Male Number One earlier. She even raised her hand to rub the angel’s tender cheeks.
Ding Xiaoling was definitely the eldest amongst the inner court’s female students. Her cultivation base was only second to Tang Yingmeng’s. If Tang Yingmeng were known as the inner court’s first female disciple, then Ding Xiaoling would be the second. Her cultivation base was exceedingly powerful, and she was working hard to become a three-word Battle Armor Master.
The little angel smiled sweetly at her before flying to the female next to Ding Xiaoling.
The little angel used the same tactic and even the exact same words on the next female. The female hesitated for a moment before she plucked off the bamboo hat on her head revealing a plain, cold face underneath.
The males on the opposite side were puzzled. Was that not Xu Mi’er? She was the girl with the most unpredictable temperament in the inner court. She was the odd girl who researched on mechas specifically and not battle armors. Apart from her cultivation practice, she was said to produce a set of exclusive black mecha on her own and spent most of her time researching all sorts of high-end, lethal soul devices. She was known as the female deicide. Most of the outer court students were unaware of her existence. On the other hand, all the inner court’s disciples knew her. She was possibly the youngest mecha master in Shrek Academy’s history at thirty years of age.
Ding Xiaoling and Xu Mi’er were the older students among the academy’s female students. The fact that they were yet to marry after all these years was an indication that getting married was not their top priority. However, their bamboo hats were immediately removed as soon as the little angel came. They were much older than Yue Zhengyu! At the same time, Yue Zhengyu would not be able to match the power of these two elder sisters.
The males on the opposite side felt shocked and were secretly fearful of them. They now understood Lan Muzi when he mentioned how the females were generally more powerful than the males.