The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 744 - Unveiled

Chapter 744: Unveiled

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Xue Mi’er raised her hand to stroke the little angel’s cheeks while the little angel nodded affectionately at her before flying to the third female in line.
The males were getting anxious because even the two eldest sisters Ding Xiaoling and Xu Mi’er had unveiled themselves for the little angel. How could the rest of them resist? Yet, who else was capable of competing against Yue Zhengyu, if every female unveiled for him such that he alone hogged the limelight?
The little angel did not even bother with the persuasive chat anymore. She just flew to face the females one at a time and used her little, chubby index fingers to touch them with a miserable look on her face.
Everyone understood that she was doing it intentionally, yet the females could not help falling for her con each time. One after another, bamboo hats were removed to reveal the faces of the females. Of all the females, it was not until the eighth one who had the most exquisite and charming face.
She had a slender figure to complement her exquisite beauty. Her lips cracked into a smile, and she had a faint blush on her cheeks. The stars in the sky seemed to be shimmering due to her charming beauty.
The little angel immediately cheered upon seeing her. She pounced forward abruptly, hugged her neck, and proceeded to kiss her cheek with a loud smack. Then, she flew and spoke to all the inner court’s females, “Thank you, sisters. This little me is so tired, so I’m going back now.”
She turned around her and transformed into a stream of golden light with a whoosh upon saying that. She flew back to Yue Zhengyu instantly before she fused into his body and vanished in a flash. There was utterly no sign of difficulty flying when she flew back unlike earlier.
Despite knowing that they were conned, the females who doffed their bamboo hats for the little angel could not bear to be angry at her.
Yue Zhengyu’s face cracked into a smile upon seeing the appearance of that last female who removed her bamboo hat. He nodded gently toward her. In response, the female stuck out her tongue at him.
Xu Xiaoyan had grown. The old saying that the physical appearance of a girl changes rapidly from childhood to adulthood was true. She became more feminine as she matured. Her beauty was ravishing. She was elegant and reputed to be the number one beauty amongst the Shrek Seven Monsters.
Of course, Yuanen Yehui in Fallen Angel’s transformation was no less attractive going by their appearances. However, the sight of Yuanen Yehui in her Titan Giant Ape martial soul truly ruined her image. Hence, the number one beauty’s title went to Xu Xiaoyan.
Lan Muzi exhaled a breath of relief as he could not help laughing. He then said, “Zhengyu, I thought you were going to unveil all the females’ bamboo hats. If that’s so, then all the males can conserve their energies. However, I predict that you’ll end up being the target of public criticism. It seems like you have found your dream. Let’s wait for the next round then. Coming up, Male Number Three.”
The following males would need to be more cautious after the two earlier displays. Nonetheless, they were both more experienced as well.
Almost all of them removed their masks and then used some gentler techniques to unveil the females. According to the rules, the males were allowed to leap into the air, but they were not allowed to land on the water. They could use their soul skills or any abilities they had so long as they could return to their initial positions.
The first segment was relatively mild. A male would not be eliminated immediately despite his failure in unveiling the female, only that his power was proven to be inadequate.
Soon, one male after another each unleashed their skills in an attempt to unveil the females opposite them. However, no one could match Yue Zhengyu’s ability to unveil eight females consecutively. So far, ten males had already tried their luck in this round. In addition, it seemed Yue Zhengyu still had reserve power at the time.
“Male Number Sixteen, will you be revealing yourself?” Lan Muzi looked toward the male on the front row.
The male shook his head. He was the first male who chose not to reveal himself today.
Lan Muzi nodded and spoke, “Very well. You can begin now.”
Before his voice died away, a few surprised shouts volleyed from the opposite side with four females’ bamboo hats being doffed consecutively.
What was happening?
Soon after, Ding Xiaoling made a move following her yell. The atmosphere seemed to have quietened down. Her right hand gestured as if she was tapping the air. Just then, a gush of tremendous pulling force appeared out of thin air. An indistinct figure appeared following that. However, the figure vanished silently in the next moment.
Male Number Sixteen on the opposite side unmasked himself while removing his cape simultaneously. It was none other than Xie Xie.
“Hello to all the beauties here. I’m Xie Xie.” He was dressed in a black suit and was with Yue Zhengyu prior to this. His appearance and ability were only second to Yue Zhengyu’s among the Shrek Seven Monsters. Last but not least, there was Xu Lizhi.
Undoubtedly, he was using his Shadow Clone ability which he had prepared earlier. However, Xie Xie was a little disappointed that only seventeen out of the thirty-one females had doffed their bamboo hats. Still, there was no sign of Yuanen Yehui. His gaze swept past the crowd in an attempt to look for Yuanen, yet there was nothing to prompt him on Yuanen’s location. There was no way he could distinguish her when everyone was attired in bamboo hats.
He was the second person who managed to doff four bamboo hats preceded only by Yue Zhengyu. At present, most of the females who were unveiled looked strikingly beautiful.
Two of the four females whose bamboo hats were removed by Xie Xie were his acquaintances. One was his previous classmate Zheng Yiran with the nickname Jade Snake, while the other was Hell Wu Siduo.
Both females were exceedingly beautiful. The ambiance on the males’ side consequently became warmer upon the appearances of the gorgeous females.
Zheng Yiran stared at Xie Xie. She waved her fist at him while Wu Siduo was frowning a little. Her bamboo hat should not have been so easily removed with her cultivation base level. She was, however, distracted at that point in time.
If it was not due to the academy’s forced rule that those students of age who were without companions would need to participate in the Sea God Lake Date Festival, Wu Siduo would surely have skipped the event.
She was not interested in a date at all. Perhaps, it was because the person worthy of her was not among the males on the opposite side.
Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng had already appeared earlier on the males’ side. Some of the male students from the same grade included Yang Nianxia and Xu Lizhi who had yet to appear.
However, it was easy to identify Xu Lizhi because he was truly fat. Even a large cape could not conceal his whole body. He was standing in the third row. What could he do when he was a food-type soul master? He was extremely cautious with his posture on the lotus leaf. He relied heavily on his thick soul power to reduce his weight.
“Number Seventeen…”
The Match Made in Heaven segment continued. For the females who still had their bamboo hats on, it became increasingly difficult to remove their hats. The females retained a certain amount of anonymity in order to maintain a strong defense.
When it was Xu Lizhi’s turn, he gave up the attempt to remove the bamboo hats because he genuinely felt he lacked the ability.
It was getting less probable for the females to be unveiled. When it was Male Number Forty’s turn, there were still over ten females remaining to be unveiled.
“Followed by Male Number Fifty.” There was a total of fifty-one males, so there was only a single male left.
“Are you going to reveal yourself?” Lan Muzi asked with a smile on his face.
“Yes!” A thick voice echoed, then Male Number Fifty-One was seen raising his hand to uncover his face. He revealed his bold face with his bald head shining under the sun.
A majority of the people were stunned for a moment when they saw the face because it was not a familiar face to them. On the other hand, the current generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters were hardly shocked for they were only too familiar with the face.
Words escaped Yue Zhengyu’s mouth without him noticing as he was standing not too far away from the person. “Madman Long?”
Male student Number Fifty-One was precisely Long Yue. He was the leader of Monster Academy’s Eight Heavenly Kings, the powerhouse who possessed the Mountain Dragon King martial soul. He was Madman Long, Long Yue.