The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 745 - Long Yue and Number Fifty-One

Chapter 745: Long Yue and Number Fifty-One

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Long Yue nodded toward Yue Zhengyu and spoke aloud, “Hello everyone. I’m from Star Luo Empire’s Monster Academy, and I’m honored to be studying in Shrek Academy as an exchange student. I’m fortunate to be here on this occasion to participate in today’s Sea God Lake Date Festival with the approval of Shrek Academy’s teachers. It’s my pleasure to meet all of you. So, I shall begin.”
Star Luo Empire’s Monster Academy?
The females standing opposite were all frowning.
Long Yue’s appearance was hardly welcomed as he was too tall and bald. Moreover, he did not belong to Shrek, and he was not popular over here. The females stared at him mostly out of curiosity and not because he cut an impressionable figure.
It was apparent that Long Yue did not have high hopes that he could make a favorable impression. He participated in Sea God Lake Date Festival for his own ulterior motive.
Radiance flashed past his eyes once before he abruptly became a towering figure. An immensely forceful soul power burst forth from his body instantly.
Two purple and five black soul rings arose from underneath his feet one at a time to reveal his formidable valiant power.
Both the males and females were shocked upon witnessing the colors and number of soul rings on his body. Even the Shrek Seven Monsters were mildly affected despite being acquainted with him.
This guy was more powerful than expected. Not only was his cultivation base elevated from six rings to seven rings, but his soul rings had also evolved. He truly deserved the title of rare genius in Monster Academy.
Ding Xiaoling was currently the most powerful female in Shrek Academy’s inner court. She had a seven-ring cultivation base, yet one could tell that Long Yue was superior going by the colors of their soul rings. Although this did not signify an actual disparity between their powers, Long Yue was at least capable of using his soul rings to prove his cultivation base.
At twenty-three years of age, he had already cultivated to seven soul rings. Furthermore, those were such powerful soul rings that it elicited an alarming response from the soul masters’ world.
Radiance flashed past Long Yue’s body as he pointed his right hand toward the Sea God Lake. All of a sudden, the entire Sea God Lake trembled as a pillar of water surged skyward.
Huh? Was he going to use the same trick of splashing the females with water as Male Number One did?
Just as everyone was uncertain of what was going to happen next, a peculiar scene appeared. The water pillar disintegrated to transform into countless droplets of water that dispersed into the sky. The droplets seemed to be independent of each other, flying swiftly with its own trajectory toward the females. The droplets were simultaneously spinning at high speeds which created tiny vortices as they skidded past the water surface.
Soon, the water vortices were in front of the females. The gushes of air blasts produced by the water vortices blew against the veils.
A cold humph echoed as a stretch of darkness spread out from the opposite side to enshroud the females.
Was that the Curtain of Darkness? Xie Xie’s eyes brightened immediately upon seeing the black fog. What a waste it was, the darkness appearing without warning, that he missed the opportunity to see who unleashed it. Albeit, he managed to capture the direction it came from. At least, he could identify which side the love of his life was at.
Long Yue smiled calmly. Divine radiance shone in his eyes as those spinning droplets arose to transform into a large stretch of fog. The darkness element in the air was absorbed within a split second resulting in the darkness vanishing instantly. The water droplets became leaping pellets that pushed the females’ bamboo hats away.
The one-handed control was executed flawlessly. His martial soul was not of the water attribute actually. He was only capable of doing so by completely channeling the Mountain Dragon King martial soul’s control of water.
As soon as he heard a loud bang, Long Yue saw a ball of tangerine radiance flying through the air as the ball of light reached him in the next moment.
Long Yue was startled by the tangerine ball of light that appeared before him. He crossed his arms and blocked it.
“Boom…” The intense loud bang caused a tremendous airflow that blasted the males beside him away.
Long Yue’s sturdy body fell backward causing one of his feet to step into the water. In the nick of time, he had managed to deflect the tangerine ball of light’s explosive power.
On the opposite side, it was apparent Xu Mi’er had a heavy caliber soul handgun in her hand. The handgun appeared lopsided but the grip was normal. Only the grip appeared ordinary while the gun’s barrel was like a giant drainpipe. Its bore had a diameter of one meter. This was more than just a handgun. It was ahand cannon 1 and the tangerine ball of light was fired from it.
Xu Mi’er was expressionless. Radiance flashed past her hand and the large hand cannon disappeared.
“Outsider, stay away.” Her dull voice floated over.
Long Yue’s gaze changed at once. His eyes that were shimmering with crystal yellow radiance just now turned red, but it only lasted for a moment before his eyes were back to normal. He spread open his hands and shrugged, but he did not say anything. He failed to remove even one bamboo hat.
He did not expect Shrek Academy’s females to have such fiery tempers. The force of Xu Mi’er’s handgun was truly powerful. Its fire rate was swift, not to mention its explosive force which was no less inferior to a Soul Emperor powerhouse’s full force attack. This was no ordinary soul device!
Long Yue felt astonished at the same time he was furious. Shrek Academy truly deserved its reputation as Shrek. Monster Academy could not match the cumulative power of these Inner Court disciples before him. Besides, they were truly elitist!
Lan Muzi frowned as he looked toward Xu Mi’er. “Junior Mi’er, be kind! This is supposed to be a blind date. Go easy with your deadly devices.”
Xu Mi’er darted him a look, then looked toward Tang Yingmeng by his side before nodding gently, but her expression remained indifferent.
There was still one last male remaining who had yet to participate in the Match Made in Heaven Segment. On the females’ side, there were still ten females with their bamboo hats on.
The outer court’s students could not help speculating that the Dragon Spear Goddess would be one of those ten females if she were to participate in today’s event. Shrek Seven Monsters’ most powerful Gu Yue should be among them too. Needless to say, Yuanen Yehui was among the ten as well.
“Contestant Number Fifty-One, you may begin.” Mu Lanzi made a hand gesture to invite the last male student to begin.
Contestant Number Fifty-One stood slightly off-center in the first row, next to Contestant Number Fifty, Long Yue.
Male Number Fifty-One shook his head gently to signal that he would not be revealing himself. Then, he leaped up and pounced straight for the opposite side.
His speed did not seem to be particularly swift, while the aura that appeared from his body was also not that powerful when he leaped up. However, Long Yue standing by his side felt a tug in his heart. For some unknown reason, he could feel a sense of intimacy radiating from the male’s body.
‘What’s going on? Why do I have these feelings? This is abnormal!’
The male flew in midair. Due to Long Yue’s earlier appearance, the females’ side was more vigilant now. However, it was at this moment when the male suddenly pushed down with his hands as a rush of thick soul power pinned down the lake surface. Soon after, waves bounced off the lake’s surface while he turned over his wrists and pushed yet again, this time revealing a pair of white jade-like palms at the instant he pushed forth.
All of a sudden, water droplets shot out akin to the blossoms scattered by heavenly maids. Some of the droplets flew in straight lines through the air, while some moved in parabolic curves. The innumerable droplets transformed into a large water screen which was fast approaching the females opposite.
It looked even more extraordinary when those droplets gradually turned golden. It appeared magnificent against the night sky above Sea God Lake as the backdrop.
After Male Number Fifty-One was done, he turned around and returned to the lotus leaf he stood on initially.
‘This is almost similar to Long Yue’s earlier trick. What’s this?’
Ding Xiaoling was fairly astonished, but she did not make a move this time. There were only a male and a female from Monster Academy. It was unlikely that there would be anyone else from Monster Academy on the males’ side. So, there was hardly any need for her to pay attention.
However, Ding Xiaoling’s expression suddenly changed just as those droplets flew over her head. She sensed no soul power fluctuation whatsoever on those droplets, yet it was no ordinary water spray. It was evident those water droplets were endowed with hidden energy.
“Be careful, my sisters!”
Ding Xiaoling shouted in her shrilled voice.
Meanwhile, a bizarre scene emerged. Those water droplets suddenly collided into one another in midair. Some fused together while some changed directions. All the water droplets underwent split-second changes just when they were less than five meters away from the maidens.