The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 746 - Peacock Spreading its Feathers

Chapter 746: Peacock Spreading its Feathers

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What was that…
The droplets of golden water diffused to form something akin to a peacock spreading its feathers. While it was dazzling, it was also confusing to the eyes. It seemed like there was the soft echo of a dragon’s roar.
Shrek Academy’s inner court females were not easy to deal with for every single one of them was exceedingly powerful. Even though the change happened abruptly, each and every one of them reacted to the situation swiftly. Soul power in a variety of colors erupted with radiance all at once.
The Sea God Pavilion Master Atlas Douluo Yun Ming sitting cross-legged in the middle of the tower ship suddenly smiled. “This is Tang Sect’s Technique of Peacock Spreading its Feathers. It is rare to see someone cultivating the stealth technique! He pretends to aim at a target, while in reality, he’s shooting at another! This is interesting.”
The maidens had already dispersed all the golden water droplets during the time it took for him to speak.
It was precisely at that moment when streams of water spurted from beneath the females who were still wearing their bamboo hats.
These water spurts came in a sudden manner, but the timing was perfect such that it caught the females off guard when the Peacock Spreading its Feathers dissipated.
It was amazing how Male Number Fifty-One’s timing had achieved the level of perfection.
He was aware that it was impossible to remove all the bamboo hats with his power under ordinary circumstances, so he exploited the females’ psyche. With his magnificent Peacock Spreading its Feathers technique to attract everyone’s attention, he used the water droplets to launch an attack from below at the crucial moment.
“Poof, poof, poof…” One after another, the bamboo hats were blasted away revealing the surprised, charming faces.
There were only two figures reacting to the situation. One of the figures leaped to dodge the spurting water, while the other vanished during the split second the water was about to hit her. She then reappeared after the water spurt had flashed past. Meanwhile, the rest of the bamboo hats were blasted away in one strike.
This was a huge turn of events that no one expected! For a moment, even Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng were staring in bewilderment.
What happened? Twenty-nine out of thirty-one females’ bamboo hats were removed after the first segment of the Match Made in Heaven, much to everyone’s surprise. Such an outcome had never happened before during the previous year’s date festival. Just the two of them, Male Number Two, Yue Zhengyu and the mysterious Male Number Fifty-One, had unveiled half of the females.
The bamboo hat on Yuanen Yehui’s head was blasted away too, for the water spurt that came from below was too sudden that there was utterly no way she could dodge.
She had only caught a glimpse of the golden light flashing underneath the water before it disappeared in the males’ direction afar.
Dai Yun’er was similarly shocked at the turn of events. She was here with Long Yue. How could she ever miss such a fun date festival?
Her little mouth parted forming the shape of an ‘O’ on her cute, expressive face.
‘Leave aside Male Number Fifty-One’s power. His brilliant idea and precise timing are rather unique! Shrek Academy is truly a place with people of exceptional and unique talents. No wonder we were defeated by them back then. What a waste that guy has yet to return, how awesome it’ll be if he’s here too!’
The six females whose faces were revealed were also in shock. There remained only Female Number Seventeen and Female Number Eighteen who narrowly escaped the water spurts with their hats still on.
Male Number Fifty-One retreated back to his lotus leaf. Golden light flashed past his body vaguely as if something had fused into his body and vanished.
“What an ingenious idea. Junior, you’ve won. Aren’t you going to take this opportunity to reveal yourself?” Lan Muzi asked Male Number Fifty-One smilingly.
Male Number Fifty-One shook his head as before.
Lan Muzi smiled faintly. “Alright then. We respect your decision. I’m announcing the end of the Match Made in Heaven segment. I presume that our fellow juniors have gained some familiarity with each other through this recent segment. There are five males who chose to keep their identities a secret. On the females’ side, there are only two females still wearing their bamboo hats, much to my surprise. I presume that everyone can guess their identities by now. Do you wish to unveil yourselves now?”
The outer court disciples had no inkling who the two females were. There were only two females who had yet to make an appearance at the moment. One was the Silver Dragon Spear Goddess Na’er while the other was Shrek Seven Monsters’ leading personage Gu Yue.
There was no doubt that they were Female Number Seventeen and Eighteen! The mystery was gone. So, it did not make much sense for them to continue wearing their bamboo hats.
Lan Muzi noticed that they shook their heads so he did not pester them any further.
“Alright then. We are about to begin the second segment of the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival. It’s known as Love at First Sight!”
“Next, in the second segment.” Tang Yingmeng spoke with a loud and clear voice, “After the introduction to each other during the first segment, the following segment is for the females to express their liking for a certain male. Thus, our second segment is known as Love at First Sight. The rules are simple. Each female will be given a switchboard to control the soul lighting beneath the male students. They will flip a switch for the male student they fancy. The male student whose light is on will remain until the following segment. Otherwise, for the male student whose light is not on, we’re very sorry, but you’ll have to leave the event alone.”
The second segment took the shortest time, but it was a crucial test for male students. In this segment, no matter how powerful a male student was or how extraordinary he thought he was, as long as no female student chose to turn on his light, then he would be immediately eliminated from the event. After all, the number of male students exceeded the females. Thus, this segment was meant to be a do-or-die situation.
Yue Zhengyu occupied the foremost position for he was the first person to bear the brunt. This was because Male Number One was already eliminated after falling into the water.
“Fellow Sea God’s fair maidens, please consider carefully before making a decision. I’ll be giving you a minute. Do consider mindfully! In addition, I would like to emphasize that if everyone chooses not to light up for any of the fifty male students here, this signifies that all of you choose to forsake this date festival and withdraw from Sea God’s Lake.” Lan Muzi solemnly reminded the participants so that the females participating in the event for the first time would seriously consider their options and the opportunity given to them.
The soul lighting beneath the participants’ feet on both sides were all extinguished. In the next moment, the soul lighting underneath Yue Zhengyu’s feet was lighted.
“Will the ladies please light up for Male Number Two,” Lan Muzi announced.
Soon after, streams of light beams were swiftly illuminated. In the blink of an eye, a total of sixteen soul lights were illuminated.
In other words, more than half of the females chose to switch on the light for Yue Zhengyu.
It was obvious that Xu Xiaoyan was slightly infuriated, but the lighting underneath her feet was also turned on.
Lan Muzi smiled and spoke, “Zhengyu is popular as expected. Sixteen illuminated lights is truly impressive! He made a good start for everyone. Next, will Male Student Number Three please come forward.”
The number of illuminated lights was recorded by the professional staff for the convenience of the following segments.
Soon, the males began to be eliminated. It seemed like cultivation base was not the prime factor that influenced a female’s judgment, for the females still illuminated the lights of males with weaker cultivation bases. Good looks were the influencing factor. The females were allowed multiple choices for this segment.
A short male screamed in agony after being eliminated. “This is a world that believes in appearances only!”
Without further ado, it was Xie Xie’s turn. He relied on his good looks and reputation of being one of the Shrek Seven Monsters to receive nine lights. Although he was not as impressive as Yue Zhengyu, the approvals he received was still substantial. Nonetheless, he was elated because the light that belonged to Yuanen Yehui was illuminated as well.
No one turned the lights on for the few male students who did not remove their masks. According to custom, usually the males who refused to reveal themselves were not particularly interested in participating in the blind date or they were likely to have imperfections on their faces or bodies. Hence, the females would rarely turn on the lights for them.
Nevertheless, they were still given the opportunity to reveal themselves during the second segment.
Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, and even Yang Nianxia remained. The second segment of Love at First Sight continued until it was Xu Lizhi’s turn.
The soul lighting under Xu Lizhi’s feet was turned on, illuminating his chubby body. He had revealed himself since the first segment. There was hardly any difference whether he chose to reveal himself or not. With his body size, he would be identified for certain.
“Our fellow Sea God’s fair maidens can now decide whether to flip your switch for Contestant Number Thirty-Two or not,” prompted Lan Muzi.