The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 748 - Tang Wulin’s Eighteen Lights

Chapter 748: Tang Wulin’s Eighteen Lights

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Long Yue stared at Tang Wulin standing by his side with an unbelievable look. He did not expect to see Tang Wulin at this moment either. If he were asked who he was most unwilling to meet now, there was no doubt that it would be this guy by his side.
At least, he should not run into him at Sea God’s Lake Date Festival. The overcast on his face was growing darker as Long Yue watched Dai Yun’er danced with joy on the opposite side.
Tang Wulin nodded toward Long Yue. “Brother Long, it’s been ages since I saw you last. I didn’t expect that our meeting to be in such a situation. Welcome to Shrek Academy.”
Long Yue only nodded, but he did not speak.
“Tang Wulin?” Tang Yingmeng muttered to herself the name that had the same family name as her’s. In the next moment, she gasped suddenly and exclaimed, “You’re Tang Wulin?”
At present, even those inner court disciples who had never met Tang Wulin before had recollections who this person was.
“He’s Tang Wulin?” Almost everyone’s gaze was fixated on him. He was a legend to many because the situation of a missing outer court student who was then immediately endorsed by Shrek Academy to be an inner court student upon his appearance had never happened before.
The footage of how he led his squad during the Star Luo Empire’s Continental Young High-Ranking soul masters Elite Competition was the account which inner court disciples took delight in discussing over and over again.
He had returned much to everyone’s surprise, after three long years. Furthermore, he participated in Sea God’s Lake Date Festival promptly upon his return.
Most people remembered the formidable power he displayed when he led his comrades to defeat their mighty opponents. However, today was different. Everyone on the scene paid attention to his looks instead. He had a strikingly handsome and charming countenance that he closely embodied perfection.
He was just too good-looking. He was more an adult now as compared to three years ago. His physique had matured completely. He had wide shoulders, muscular arms, and a supple waist. His thick, long hair flowed across his back. He was beaming like a ray of sunshine.
His gaze looked toward his comrades as he acknowledged them one by one. When every single one of those Shrek Seven Monsters who were influential people in their own right saw him, they seemed to turn child-like at that instant. Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan, in particular, looked as if they were going to pounce him and release their pent-up feelings for all those years he was not around. How did he have such charisma?
“Alright. Will everyone please decide if you’re willing to light up for our junior Tang Wulin?” Lan Muzi continued to push through with the event while simultaneously nudging his girlfriend from her stupor.
It was only then Tang Yingmeng reacted and chuckled softly. “The guy is awfully handsome! If I were younger by ten years, perhaps I might even be lighting up for him during the date festival then.”
“I’m jealous!” Lan Muzi whispered into her ears with a vicious tone.
In response, Tang Yingmeng gathered next to his ear and mentioned something to him. Then, Lan Muzi’s expression froze as he looked at her in surprise. Soon after, his face changed to fill with joy.
“Oh my god! This, this is simply amazing! Why did you wait until now to tell me this? Yingmeng, I love you.” He completely lost control of his emotions as he hugged Tang Yingmeng. His eyes were red.
The females were deciding if they should illuminate their lights when they suddenly took note of what transpired. Everyone was feeling baffled as to what was happening that the event was abruptly interrupted.
“Alright, alright. We’ll talk more when we return home.” Tang Yingmeng hastily reminded him.
All of a sudden, Lan Muzi came to his senses. He quickly let her loose but could hardly contain the immense joy that he felt.
“I’m very sorry to interrupt such an important event. However, I must say that I’m the happiest person in the world right now. Earlier, when junior Tang Wulin made his appearance, Mengying told me that she would perhaps illuminate her light for Wulin if this event had been a decade ago. I immediately told her that I was jealous. Then, she told me that she’s pregnant with our child. Oh! That’s why I can’t help myself. I’m truly joyous.”
He suddenly turned around as he was saying that and gave Tang Yingmeng a long kiss. Her face immediately turned scarlet, and she lightly pounded him a few times. The loving ambiance affected everyone at Sea God’s Lake.
When Lan Muzi told Tang Yingmeng that he was jealous, her reply was, “I’m pregnant!”
It was such an unexpected turn of events!
“Alright, our Sea God’s fair maidens, please make your choice to illuminate your lights for Male Number Fifty-One,” Tang Yingmeng took control of her emotions and spoke immediately.
The elders of Sea God’s Pavilion were watching. Although it was fine for them to express their sentiments, it was still embarrassing and awkward.
Lights were illuminated. However, no one expected the first light to be illuminated by Female Number Eighteen.
There was a total of thirty-one females on the scene, yet there were two people who had not illuminated their lights at all from the beginning till the end. They were Female Number Eighteen and Female Number Eleven.
Female Number Eleven was Hell Wu Siduo, but how about Female Number Eighteen?
As for Female Number Seventeen, she had only illuminated her light once earlier for Xu Lizhi.
At the moment, Number Eighteen took the lead to illuminate her light. Then, it was followed by Number Eleven Wu Siduo, and then Number Nineteen Dai Yun’er. They had illuminated their soul lightings simultaneously.
Soon after, the lights were illuminated in succession. In the time it took to catch a few breaths, a dozen lights were already illuminated.
Except for a few older females, Yuanen Yehui, Xu Xiaoyan, and Ye Xinglan, almost all the females’ lights were illuminated for Tang Wulin. There was a total of eighteen lights, a total which exceeded Yue Zhengyu’s.
Yua Zhengyu was already considered handsome. In addition, he was filled with the holy aura. However, he was still inferior when compared to Tang Wulin whether it was his looks or skills.
There was nothing Yue Zhengyu could do about his looks. On the one hand, the holy aura of Yue Zhengyu was filled with brightness while on the other, Tang Wulin’s was filled with vitality with a mysterious touch.
“Wow, eighteen lights. I imagine the confrontation during the following segment will certainly be exciting.” Lan Muzi looked at the females in astonishment. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin broke a new record as even those inner court females who were unacquainted with him were also attracted.
Lan Muzi could not help thinking. ‘Tang Wulin is just like my peer, Wu Zhangkong. It’s such an advantage to be good looking! No, he’s far better than Wu Zhangkong because he has better looks and skills. In any case, he’s Wu Zhangkong’s disciple. This hierarchy issue is truly perplexing.’
Tang Wulin did not expect so many females to illuminate their lights for him, yet his gaze fell upon Female Number Seventeen. Number Seventeen’s light was not illuminated. Indeed, Number Seventeen was not among the eighteen illuminated lights.
Tang Wulin frowned slightly but he did not utter a word. He was not certain if his judgment was correct.
Lan Muzi spoke, “Very well. Everyone has chosen. The males whose lights were not illuminated, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to leave. We’re about to begin the third segment.”
“After the initial Match Made in Heaven and Love at First Sight, we are about to begin the next segment of the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival. After this segment, every prospect’s dream will become crystal clear. Our fellow juniors will understand their cherished loves even more. Hence, the following segment that we’re about to begin is known as ‘Love at Second Sight’.”
“This time, the females will have to pay more focus because you can’t simply make a choice like earlier. You must be responsible for your choice. Every male will be given one minute for self-introduction. After the self-introduction, the male shall come over to my side and present to me the number of the fair maiden you fancy. On the other hand, the females shall begin the choosing process. Your choice this time will be your final choice. Every female is given only one chance to choose so you can’t change your mind later. We shall begin the fourth segment after the choice is made.”
“Our fellow males, please take note that when you are introducing yourselves, you’re also allowed to display your powerful skills, the level of your cultivation base, et cetera. You can mention anything about yourself so long as you feel that it’s good enough to attract the female you fancy. This time, we’re going to determine the sequence by drawing lots so that it’s fair for all the participants.”
There was an air of anxiety at once. If the first two segments were described as exploratory, then, the third segment ‘Love at Second Sight’ would be the implementation.