The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 749 - Xu Lizhi’s Shout

Chapter 749: Xu Lizhi’s Shout

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A choice once made could not be easily changed. This was especially significant among the females. They only had one chance to choose and it would be final. There could be no further change.
Usually, they could estimate the number of couples that would remain by the end of this segment. It was also the segment with the most eliminations.
It was rare for the Sea God’s Lake Date Festival to bring about more than ten couples. Nearly half of the participants would withdraw by themselves. Naturally, the majority of the males were eliminated because they were not chosen by the females. However, if multiple females chose the same male, then there would be further competition.
A box appeared in Lan Muzi’s hand as he spoke to Tang Yingmeng by his side, “Yingmeng, you will draw the numbers from this box. Let’s see who will be the first male to introduce himself and profess his love. Males, please take note that your time is limited, prioritize the things you need to do. Take my advice from someone with the experience in this. Sometimes, heartfelt confessions are better than displaying your skills. Be bold and don’t miss the opportunity.”
Tang Yingmeng had already drawn a lot number from the box while Lan Muzi was speaking.
“The first person to come forward to introduce himself is Number Thirty-Two. Male Number Thirty-Two, please.”
The lotus leaves parted revealing Male Number Thirty-Two. The lotus leaf underneath Male Thirty-Two’s feet slowly moved forward to bring him to the front position placing him before everyone.
The male participant swayed and almost fell into the water as he stood on the lotus leaf. ‘Isn’t that Xu Lizhi?’
Number Thirty-Two was indeed Xu Lizhi! His gaze appeared dull and his expression indescribable. He clasped his hands before him in a distracted state of mind.
When he realized that Tang Wulin had returned, his heart was filled with excitement similar to his comrades, while at this moment, he felt perplexed.
He could clearly see that Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, and Xu Xiaoyan did not illuminate their lights for Tang Wulin, but they illuminated their lights for him. He guessed right about how they were showing him sympathy. although he felt odd that Female Number Seventeen did not illuminate her light for Tang Wulin. However, he could care less about anything else at the moment as his heart felt so heavy.
Was it sympathy? Were they showing sympathy for me?
Xu Lizhi mocked himself. As he stood there, the expression on his face gradually turned calm.
“Alright, junior. The time starts now, you can introduce yourself,” Lan Muzi announced.
“My name is Xu Lizhi.” Xu Lizhi enunciated slowly, “I’m a food-type Soul Master. I enjoy all food and I’m an inherent foodie. My martial soul is a meat bun. The reason for my body shape. I believe that no one will fancy an obese man. Nevertheless, I’m here. Perhaps making such a bold move will grant me hope as mentioned by Senior Lan. Thus, please allow me to say the following.”
“When I was young, I’ve already found the love of my life. Yes, it happened when I was young. I love her just like how I fancy delicacies. Due to my being a food-type Soul Master, I had always been bullied by my classmates. She was the one who protected me every single time and was my guardian angel. Since then, I’ve always admired her. That’s the reason I’m standing here today.”
Yue Zhengyu, Xie Xie, and even Tang Wulin were surprised upon hearing Xu Lizhi. They had been unaware of Xu Lizhi’s feelings all along. How could they not know the person Xu Lizhi was talking about? They understood this situation more than anybody else!
Xu Lizhi seemed to be speaking smoother now, “Days passed and we grew day by day. She became stronger as she pursued the perfection of a soul master with determination, while I stayed by her side watching her every day. When I was young, I regarded her as my sister and my guardian angel. Later, I realized that the most important thing in my life is not food, but her.”
He paused for a moment at this point, then he continued speaking in a solemn tone, “If there’s one person I’m willing to go on a diet for, then, it’s her.”
The look on all the females’ faces changed when he said those words. The words were simple, yet when it came from an obese man whose weight exceeded a hundred kilograms and was a food-type Soul Master, the words definitely surpassed countless whispers of love.
Xu Lizhi paused for a moment at this point.
Lan Muzi took a glance at the time as he was about to remind Xu Lizhi that time was up when Tang Yingmeng stopped him. There were already tears shimmering in Tang Yingmeng’s eyes.
Xu Lizhi was silent for a moment before he sighed softly. “I know that I’m not her worthy match. I’ve always realised that. I once thought that the reason why I love her was possibly due to my lack of motherly love when I was young. I finally realized that it was not a mother’s love that I yearn for with the passing of time. I swear on my life that I love her. It’s the kind of love between a man and a woman. I genuinely love her.”
“She’s so beautiful while I’m so fat. Yet, I love her. Thus, I’ll stay by her side every moment. Wherever she is, I’ll be there. I’ll not leave her for even a single day.”
“Perhaps, today will be the only day I’ll ever have the courage to speak from my heart. Everyone may not possibly know how much courage this requires, yet all of you must know that I’m taking the risk of making her embarrassed. However, I’m expressing myself today because I don’t want to keep my feelings for her in my heart for the rest of my life.”
“I’ve never thought that I could succeed, nor have I ever thought that she would love me. After all, there is a huge difference between both of us. Yet, I must tell her that I love her, and she alone in this whole wide world. I’ll love her forever. I can only hope that my words today will not be wasted. However, I will not mention her name.”
“I feel much better after having spoken my heart.”
At this point, Xu Lizhi’s seemed relaxed. He took a hard glance at the females’ side. “I don’t need sympathy. I only want to stay by your side, if possible. Even if you were to find someone you love one day, I hope we’ll remain friends.”
He took a deep breath until his body seemed to double in size, then shouted as loud as he could which exhausted almost all his strength, “I… love… you…”
He leaped up after saying that and jumped into Sea God’s Lake.
There was no doubt he understood that he did not stand a chance. After he had expressed his heart, he did not wish to cause any further embarrassment to her life. So, he chose to leave.
It was at this moment when a stream of blue light suddenly glowed and wrapped around his fat waist in the air. It was a blue vine. The vine gently pulled Xu Lizhi back just as he was about to hit the water surface of the lake. Then, the vine straightened as it forcefully supported Xu Lizhi’s body in the air so that he did not fall.
“How do you know that you won’t succeed then? You’re not allowed to leave before you receive the result.”
Xu Lizhi turned around and looked at Tang Wulin who was using his blue vine to support Xu Lizhi’s body. His chubby face was already covered in tears.
The vine retracted slowly and placed him on top of the lotus leaf gently.