The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 750 - The Light Dark Douluo’s Closed Door Disciple

Chapter 750: The Light Dark Douluo’s Closed Door Disciple

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ng Wulin spoke in a deep voice, “When I was young, my martial soul was a useless Bluesilver Grass martial soul. My first spirit soul was the Spirit Pagoda’s failed specimen. If I had given up at the time, I would never be where I am today. You even have the courage to go on a diet for her sake. Why don’t you have the courage to accept an answer now? Listen to yourself and stay here. We’re not expecting a miracle, but we must give miracle a chance.”
Xu Lizhi lowered his head. He finally regained his soul power to control himself standing on top of the lotus leaf. He nodded gently, yet he did not have the courage to look toward the females’ side.
Tang Yingmeng wiped the tears on her face. “He’s right. You should stay. Don’t leave before you receive a result, alright? I’ll pray for you. You’re a good boy. It’s not your fault for being fat. I didn’t expect that the first love confession today would be so touching.”
The lotus slowly returned to its original position. The look everyone gave Xu Lizhi had changed. Xu Lizhi gradually calmed down. He stood there with his head lowered.
“Lizhi, you’re awesome!” Xie Xie gave him a thumbs up without any reservation.
Yue Zhengyu spoke in a deep voice, “You have our support. Do your best.”
Tang Wulin did not utter a word as he gazed at the target Xu Lizhi had confessed his love toward a hundred meters away.
She was unusually calm. She remained composed as she stood on the lotus leaf. She seemed barely affected by it all. Despite being observed by the females who were aware of what transpired, she did not offer any response.
Lan Muzi spoke, “Junior Number Thirty-Two, please give me the number of your choice later. For those maidens who are interested in Junior Number Thirty-Two, please take note as well. Remember that you’re only allowed to choose one person after this segment.”
“Yingmeng, let’s continue to draw the lots. By the way, I love that you’re so spontaneous.”
Howling voices were then heard from the Outer Court’s students on the shore at present. They were all yelling to support Xu Lizhi, in particular the first class students who were shouting at the top of their voices.
Not everyone was born with good looks and an impressive family background in this world. One might just be a common folk, however, one was entitled to pursue one’s love and happiness. Xu Lizhi’s expression infected most of the folks’ heartfelt feelings.
The Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue who had been sitting cross-legged on the towership sighed softly. “I thought that I would be fine spending my final days which have been dull and mediocre. However, I’ve been infected by what the fat boy said about true love. It was most touching indeed. I’ve made the decision to take a closed door disciple. I don’t think anyone would challenge me on this, right?”
“Cough, cough, cough, cough!” The sound of a few dry coughs echoed from her back. It was quite obvious that there was more than one person who had the same thought.
The Atlas Douluo Yun Ming looked toward Long YeYue. “Sister Yue, if you’re certain that you’re going to accept another closed door disciple, then this is simply the best news in Shrek Academy. Of course, no one will go against you on this. Fortune is smiling on the fat boy.”
He was genuinely joyous. Ever since the passing of Light Dark Douluo’s husband, the previous generation’s Sea God Pavilion Master did not have the will to live on. If it were not for her concern over Shrek Academy, she would have left for her husband already. Even people like Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng were just namesake disciples.
Closed door disciples and namesake disciples were two completely different categories. Only a direct disciple could become a closed door disciple. On top of that, a closed door disciple was the teacher’s favorite disciple. Long Yeyue was going to accept Xu Lizhi as her closed door disciple, so there was no doubt that she would do her utmost to cultivate this disciple. Her vitality was completely within her control due to her advanced cultivation base so she could always extend her lifespan should she wish to do so.
Yun Ming was the happiest about the circumstances since Light Dark Douluo was his senior and Shrek Academy’s guardian angel. She was a stabilizing presence in Shrek Academy just like the divine needle that calmed the sea [KK1] . Despite Light Dark Douluo’s relatively unknown reputation, those in the upper echelons of the highly ranked soul masters knew of her existence. The Spirit Pagoda resented her but dared not show disrespect to Shrek Academy.
Yun Ming was on par with her going by their cultivation bases. In fact, he was even more powerful than her. However, as a deterrence to the Spirit Pagoda, she was more of an influence than Yun Ming. Most importantly, she had a close relationship, that of a mother or grandmother, with Yun Ming!
A faint smile emerged on Long Yeyue’s face. “There’s finally something exciting I can do.”
The second male had completed his exposition during their conversation. He displayed his martial souls and soul rings. It was apparent that he had someone in mind but only expressed his feelings at the moment just before ending his confession.
“Number Fifty.” The third person drawn from the lot was Long Yue standing beside Tang Wulin.
Long Yue did not expect his turn to come up so soon so he appeared stunned for a moment. He turned his head to the side subconsciously and took a glance at Tang Wulin standing by his side, while Tang Wulin was staring at the opposite side at present.
The lotus underneath Long Yue’s feet floated forward slowly and brought him to the front.
His gaze was upon Dai Yun’er on the opposite side.
Long Yue took a deep breath. “I understand that I’m not welcomed here and I’m aware of the reason as well. This is because I don’t belong to Shrek. My purpose here is to learn from all of you because I wish to learn new skills to elevate myself. Star Luo Empire belongs to this continent initially. Even though I refuse to admit it, it remains a fact we were expelled from here. However, soul masters are the same everywhere. I’m just like all of you soul masters. Our goal and direction are the same, that is to be as powerful as one can be.”
“Perhaps I shouldn’t talk about this, but I mean no malice when I come here. In fact, I’m most glad to be present for the date festival this time. It’s truly interesting as it also allows me to express my heartfelt feelings. Frankly speaking, I’ve never been in love. I’ve been cultivating painstakingly all along since I was young. Moreover, my cultivation practice is accompanied by severe hardship which is quite different from most people. The pain I have to go through restricts my movements at times that I’ve to walk one step at a time. There are moments when I lose control of my emotions as well. That’s how I end up with the nickname Madman Long. Nevertheless, even a madman can be sentimental. Yes, I’ve someone I love too.”
“Even though I’m aware that she’s in love with someone else, I’ve always loved her all along. However, I’m uncertain of my love for her as to whether it’s romantic love or brotherly love. I’ve watched over her ever since she was young. Frankly, she has been by my side for the longest period of time and also the person I see the most. Hence, I promise to take her as my bride in the future. Even my friends and acquaintances have encouraged me to fulfill my promise.”
“Yet, I’m feeling a little disturbed as I stand here today. Perhaps, my love rival is too powerful. I’ve never been afraid of anyone when it comes to displaying my powers. Although I strive to be the strongest, I’m certainly not as handsome. Nonetheless, I promise that I’ll protect you, no matter the circumstance, as long as I’m alive. The words of our friend earlier stirred me deeply. Perhaps, I truly need love. I dare not vouch for anything else except that my shoulders are absolutely tough which was proven earlier by the maiden’s hand cannon.
His gaze remained fixated on Dai Yun’er as he was speaking. He was frank about how he was unsure of his love for Dai Yun’er. However, if he were to have a relationship, then Dai Yun’er would be the most suitable candidate.
His words of passion were not considered touching but it was certainly frank and genuine. Simultaneously, it made Shrek Academy’s Inner Court disciples change their view of him. It was apparent that he did not wish to be alone.
In fact, Long Yue was attracted to most of everything he came across after arriving at Shrek Academy. He had always thought that Monster Academy was no different from Shrek Academy. Nonetheless, he finally realized he was immature in his thinking upon his arrival at Shrek Academy.
[KK1]Read Wikipedia about Sun Wukong’s magical staff that was once a needle used by Sea God to measure flood