The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 751 - The Unexpected Rejection

Chapter 751: The Unexpected Rejection
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Shrek Academy was not just an academy but also a city that was larger than Star Luo City. Their inner court disciples’ abilities were no less inferior than Star Luo City’s Eight Heavenly Kings. He had never witnessed a true powerhouse, yet the towers afar made him feel as if he was in a bottomless pit. Even his teacher had never felt so terrified.
Lan Muzi smiled. “We welcome you to the all-inclusive Shrek Academy. Everyone can only depend on themselves to achieve what they desire. We treat everyone the same regardless. I congratulate you beforehand for the achievements you’ll gain over this period of time.”
“Thank you.” Long Yue nodded toward Lan Muzi as his lotus leaf returned to its initial position.
The time spent in the third segment was undoubtedly longer than the prior two segments. As long as they did not exceed the time given, Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng would not interrupt their self-introduction and self-display.
In other words, if peacocks were invited to participate in the Love at Second Sight segment, it would be a great opportunity for the peacocks to show off their bright plumages to the peahens.
As it is, the majority of the students were behaving in such a way.
Finally, it was Yue Zhengyu’s turn.
The lotus leaf underneath Yue Zhengyu’s feet pushed the water aside as it moved forward. Yue Zhengyu smiled confidently. The radiance on his body appeared even more dazzling when he stood at the center captivating everyone’s attention. He gazed at the opposite direction and locked eyes with the maiden standing on a lotus leaf.
“I’ve been waiting anxiously for this day for a very long time. To be honest, I have someone in mind that I love. We’ve spent time together for many years especially during our cultivation practice. I think there’s no need for me to introduce myself in detail. I come from the Holy Angel clan and possess the holy bloodline. I’m a five-ring one-word Battle Armor Master, and I strongly believe I’ll be able to protect you and make you happy. I ‘ll support you, your family, and ensure your needs are taken care of. Deep down, I know that you love me too. Isn’t that right? They said that the Sea God Lake Date Festival provides the best opportunity to confess one’s love. That’s the sole reason I’m here. I love you so much. Let’s be together. I’ll be so happy if you’ll be my bride, and I’ll always protect you from harm. Just like Senior Lan and Senior Tang, we’ll have a family in the future. I promise to keep you happy and contented.”
The radiance on Yue Zhengyu’s body shimmered with a pair of pure white feathered wings that had spread out from his back to complement his handsome features and his gorgeous white suit. It was as if the entire Sea God Lake was filled with his radiance.
Xu Xiaoyan stood and watched him without much response. Her charming face that was initially joyful began to change following Yue Zhengyu’s speech. It seemed like her joy was gradually vanishing and was soon replaced with a blank expression.
Yue Zhengyu flapped his wings gently as he hovered in the air above the lotus leaf.
“I think there’s no need for us to waste everyone’s time anymore. Xiaoyan, I love you. Are we going to leave this place together?” Yue Zhengyu smiled brightly as he flapped his wings. He had already transformed into a stream of golden light as he flew in front of Xu Xiaoyan while reaching out for her with his arms.
On the shore, many of the outer court female students shrieked loudly. Someone even hollered his nickname, ‘Angel Prince’. The moment belonged to Yue Zhengyu.
He came from a rich and powerful family with an outstanding background and was blessed with good looks. He seemed to have it all, and his physical achievements had been extraordinary, beyond what any ordinary person could hope to achieve.
Lan Muzi frowned. It was apparent that Yue Zhengyu’s behavior violated some of the Sea God Lake Date Festival’s rules. Unfortunately, they had no grounds to stop him if they were already in love prior to this event.
“Xiaoyan…” Yue Zhengyu was slightly disappointed to find Xu Xiaoyan had yet to lunge into his arms as he had hoped. He could not help but call out to her softly.
Xu Xiaoyan lowered her head and muttered to herself, “No, this is wrong. This should not have happened.”
Yue Zhengyu spoke anxiously, “Xiaoyan, what’s wrong? Is everything alright?”
Xu Xiaoyan raised her head slowly and looked straight into his eyes as if she was staring into emptiness. Her eyes were red, and her gaze was filled with disappointment. “It should not have been like this. Zhengyu, I’m sorry… I can’t go with you. I can’t… I don’t like you like this… More to the point, I hate you! I’m sorry…”
A ball of starlight radiated from Xu Xiaoyan’s body. She instantly dashed forward as the starlight slowly enshrouded her. The starlight plumed with dazzling radiance in the sky and dropped in a split second. She was seen rushing wildly toward the far end.
The change that came unexpectedly shocked everyone on the scene.
After all, Yue Zhengyu was one of the eligible male students from the start, and undoubtedly, the person most of the females were vying for. If it were not for Tang Wulin who had shown up, no one would have been able to steal the limelight away from him.
Yue Zhengyu did not understand why she had reacted that way when he chose her out of so many females and had even confessed his love for her. How could she reject him?
Yue Zhengyu was so stunned that it left him totally speechless. He had never felt so embarrassed in his whole life and was finding it difficult to accept the situation. The perfect love confession had turned into such an awful disappointment.
He had even met Xu Xiaoyan prior to participating in Sea God Lake Date Festival. He had told her that he would announce his love for her so that everyone would know of their relationship. Yet, he had absolutely no idea it would turn into such a disaster during the date festival. The perfect ending he had hoped for did not happen. On the contrary, Xu Xiaoyan left him and fled the scene.
“You’re such a dumbass!” Yuanen Yehui’s voice echoed mercilessly.
Yue Zhengyu was angered and replied out of irritation, “Shut up! Mind your own business.” He flapped his wings abruptly and flew toward the shore. However, he was not flying in the direction which Xu Xiaoyan had gone, but in the opposite direction.
Xu Xiaoyan’s sudden departure was a huge blow to him. He could not understand what went wrong. He had prepared everything in advance to make a grand appearance in the hope that she could become the princess and center of everyone’s attention! This was meant to glorify her!
“But why? Why did she suddenly flee? Why did she do that? Could it be that she’s in love with someone else?”
All sorts of troubling thoughts made Yue Zhengyu felt like his head was about to explode. He howled wildly when he reached the shore, then flapped his wings with full force before disappearing without a trace.
The turn of events came unexpectedly that it shocked everyone. No one understood why this situation happened. It happened so suddenly. No one at the scene had expected such a turn of events, let alone grasped what actually happened.
They were supposed to be a couple who were meant to be, but why did they suddenly fall out just as he was confessing his love for her?
Tang Wulin frowned because he knew the reason that caused Xu Xiaoyan’s sudden departure. Only those who truly knew them both would understand.
There was not a doubt that Yuanen Yehui understood as well, only then could she shout at Yue Zhengyu in rage. On the other hand, Yue Zhengyu was completely oblivious of the reason all that had happened.
It seemed like Tang Wulin would need to look for Yue Zhengyu to discuss
the incident after the date festival was over.
Even so, the interlude did not stop the date festival from continuing. In fact, Yue Zhengyu’s departure was a relief to all the participating males because he was truly outstanding and too much of a competition. After he left, many of the females who had initially planned on choosing him changed their minds. It was always a good thing to have one less powerful competitor.
“Perhaps there was some misunderstanding between them, but I believe they’ll be able to resolve it. Alright, we shall continue drawing lots. The following student is… student number Sixteen!”