The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 752 - My Name Is Not Nervous

Chapter 752: My Name Is Not Nervous

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Xie Xie’s eyes were still staring in the direction Yue Zhengyu left from. His emotions became even more disturbed because although Xu Lizhi’s words were supposed to motivate him, Yue Zhengyu’s failure in professing his love only made him more anxious. He had known all along that Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan should be together! Yet, how did they suddenly have a fall-out? Could it still be possible for him when even Yue Zhengyu had failed?
“Student Number Sixteen, if you still don’t come forward then I’ll assume that you’ve withdrawn yourself!” Lan Muzi reminded once again.
“Xie Xie!” Tang Wulin’s voice echoed in Xie Xie’s ears. It was only then Xie Xie snapped out of it. “Huh, are you calling for me?”
Lan Muzi spoke with a slight frustration, “If you’re number sixteen, then yes, I’m calling for you. It’s your turn.”
Xie Xie was astonished. His body swayed from his alarmed emotions just as the lotus leaf underneath his feet began to move. However, he hastily stabilized himself.
At this exact moment, he could only feel his heart beating many times faster than usual as his face blushed scarlet. Despite knowing that he had already made countless preparations, why was he still filled with anxiety when the moment finally arrived? ‘What should I do? What should I do? What should I do if she rejects me as well?”
“You may begin now!” Lan Muzi reminded.
‘Just do it!’
Xie Xie strenuously inhaled a deep breath and even shifted his soul power with great effort in order to ensure the color of his face returned to normal. Then, he raised his head with resolution and determination as he looked toward the females before him.
Still, when he saw that face, the courage that he mustered earlier seemed to have drifted away.
“I… I…”
Xie Xie had only managed to utter these two words before he turned speechless. This was the first time this situation had ever occurred in today’s third segment.
Tang Yingmeng smiled. “Junior, don’t be nervous. Could it that it’s even more difficult to display your affection than sit for your final exams?”
A bitter smile emerged on Xie Xie’s face. “Perhaps this very moment is truly more difficult than anything else to me. I have someone I love, just like Yue Zhengyu. It’s only that I’m even more miserable than him because the person that I love… I’m afraid she won’t ever love me back.”
Lan Muzi replied, “Junior, you’re also one of the Shrek Seven Monsters if I’m right. Could it be that all the Shrek Seven Monsters are so fragile in relationships?”
“Of course not!” the words suddenly escaped Xie Xie’s mouth. His emotions were immediately triggered when Lan Muzi mentioned the Shrek Seven Monsters.”
“My name is Not Nervous!” Xie Xie blurted. Instantly, the entire Sea God Lake turned into a sea of roaring laughter. Even the Sea God Pavilion elders on the tower ship could not help laughing when they heard his self-given nickname.
Xie Xie could not help covering his face with his hands and wished that he could jump into the lake. This was truly too embarrassing.
“Calm down, it’s fine. Speak the words from your heart. Lizhi did it, so why can’t you? Don’t think about the results. What you need to do now is to speak from the depths of your heart.” Tang Wulin’s voice echoed in his ears, gradually calming his state of mind.
“Quiet please,” Tang Wulin suddenly spoke coldly. He was speaking in a hushed tone but every single student felt a strange shock when they heard his voice. Even Lan Muzi and Tang Yingmeng were affected despite their eight-ringed cultivation base.
All of a sudden, everyone began sensing his voice gradually getting saturated with an unnerving overbearingness. It was as if a pair of calm eyes had appeared in everyone’s mind, shaking their states of mind.
Long Yue looked toward Tang Wulin who stood by his side. Despite his cultivation base and martial soul, he still felt an overbearing feeling of complete submission when Tang Wulin spoke those few words.
It had only taken the time of a few breaths before the roaring laughter from earlier quieted down.
On the tower ship, astonished expressions appeared on the faces of the numerous Sea God Pavilion elders.
“T-This is…” Elder Cai spoke in astonishment.
Zhuo Shi and Feng Wuyu’s eyes met. Of course, they could tell it was Tang Wulin’s voice but yet, how could his voice…
“That was more than just a spiritual suppression. There seems to be something else that came along with it. This… This is very odd. It was as if an unseen force was echoing behind his voice. It’s a very peculiar feeling,” the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue spoke in astonishment.
“When did the inner court accept such a young fellow. His spiritual power is at least at the Spirit Abyss with only a four-ringed cultivation base. To top that off, he’s is also capable of communicating with origin energy like he just did. This is indeed interesting.”
Zhuo Shi summoned the courage to speak, “Sister Yue, that’s my disciple.” Long Yeyue had only allowed them to address her as Sister Yue regardless of the disparity between their seniority.
Feng Wuyu hastily spoke as well, “He’s also my disciple in forging.”
Shrek’s Holy Twin Dragons were afraid that Light Dark Douluo would suddenly express her wish to accept another closed-door disciple, making it a truly devastating loss for them.
Long Yeyue darted them a look. How could she not figure out their little idea! She nodded but held her tongue from commenting any further.
On the surface of the lake, Xie Xie slowly lowered the hands that covered his face. He gave a forced smile before he continued speaking, “I’m very sorry that I lost my cool. I’m not usually like this or rather, I guess it’s true that too much concern makes for chaos.”
“It’s such a coincidence to be acquainted with you. When I first saw your true face, I was almost beaten to death by you. Moreover, that was more than just once. However, it was precisely because of that beating which left behind a profound impression in my heart. You’re very strong, and you’re much more powerful than me. You once mocked me and regarded me to be beneath you. When I felt the piercing pain in my heart during that incident, I discovered that you were already so important in my heart.”
“You seldom speak on usual days, and you speak to me harshly as well but… when anyone is in trouble or needs your help, you’ll never hesitate, not even the slightest bit when you help them. You’re a girl that’s cold on the outside but warm on the inside. I’m still beneath you when it comes to natural endowments and power. You once told me that I’m only qualified to pursue you when my power exceeds you one day.”
“Initially, I used to be rather lazy but I began to work with great effort ever since that incident. It’s not because I wanted to catch up to our companions but instead, I was afraid that I’d lose the opportunity to catch up to you if I was too far behind.”
“Yet, I cultivate painstakingly but so did you. Why, why won’t you stop for moment just to wait for me and give me that thread of opportunity?”
Xie Xie’s words finally sounded smooth now when he expressed about himself as such, he was calming down as well. There was a bitter smile on his face and his words were tainted with bitterness. However, it was those words that made the smile on those inner and outer court students mocking him earlier vanished.
“Frankly, although I’m not as chubby as Lizhi, I have a thicker face than he does. Over the years, I’ve confessed my love to you countless times and spent my free time hanging out by your side in hope of gaining your attention and yet, you refused to give me any chances what-so-ever. Alright, that’s enough for me to understand. I know that I’m not worthy of you. Perhaps, I’ll never be able to exceed you for the rest of my life. However, I have to tell you that I’ve truly worked hard. I refuse to stop even if I’m so tired to the point where I vomit blood. I’ve been working painstakingly without stop every day and my only hope is to exceed you one day.”
“Before stepping onto Sea God Lake, I still had high hopes in my heart. I was thinking that I’d stand a better chance with today’s circumstances, before so many people in the academy’s fated date festival but I’ve calmed down now.”
He finally raised his head completely and looked toward the maiden in the distance. “I’m sorry, Yuanen. Although I’ve troubled you throughout these years, I also have to tell you that I’m sincere although I’m usually a joker. There is not a drop of water that dilutes my love to you. I’ve been pursuing you for so many years so I’m not as easily satisfied as Lizhi. I wish to be together with you for real if we were to become a couple or I’d rather leave. Perhaps, if I can’t see then my heart won’t hurt as much. Thus, I’m going all out today. If you still remain reluctant, then please reject me outright and I’ll never bother you anymore in the future. I’ll stay far away from you and wish that you find your true love.”
Yuanen? Yuanen Yehui?
Not everyone was aware of Xie Xie’s love to Yuanen Yehui. The entire scene was silent when they saw him saluting gently at Yuanen Yehui’s direction.
Yuanen Yehui looked at him retreating back to his original position. Her lips were pursed tight while her hands were clasped behind her back. At least, there was no way to tell about her mood now judging by her outlook. Yet, was she truly as calm as she appeared?
Lan Muzi exhaled and gave Xie Xie a thumbs up. “A true love’s confession is always most touching. If only Zhengyu could understand this, then perhaps he won’t… Alright, let’s continue with the next person.”