The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 769 - Their Departure

Chapter 769: Their Departure
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Gu Yue sighed. “However, you should also know that no matter how hard it is, you don’t have an energy source, so you’re destined to return. Otherwise, you’ll only vanish into thin air. You said it before that I’m you and you’re mine when you’ve returned to me. I’ll let go of everything. Since the flaw has already turned into a rift, then we shall accept this rift together. Perhaps, everything will be different now.”
The silvery white silhouettes overlapped. Na’er and Gu Yue spread out their arms as the two silhouettes began to slowly fuse together. Gu Yue’s black hair vanished while her black eyes turned purple. Na’er’s child-like look disappeared as she slowly grew in size.
Once the two of them looked completely identical and had transformed into the Dragon Spear Goddess, who was three years older, the silver light suddenly vanished with a flash into the silent Sea God Lake.
Tang Wulin did not know how long he had slept, but he felt that it had been a very long time since he had ever rested so well. The feeling was simply indescribable.
“Gu Yue!” He suddenly recalled where he was, but he did not open his eyes. His face was filled with satisfaction as he smelled the unique fragrance of her body. He subconsciously reached out for her slender figure. Nothing had happened since he had only held her as they slept through the night. It was a sentimental communion, but his heart was blazing hot at that moment perhaps due to the early morning sun. Despite not knowing what to do, his instincts were still functional.
Yet his hand touched nothing. That hypnotic slender figure was not by his side. He could still clearly remember that her physique was extremely elastic. There was not an ounce of excess flesh on her body. There was an indescribable sense of comfort as she lay in his arms.
“Gu Yue.” Tang Wulin called out once again before opening his eyes.
The sun penetrated through the window of the room, and a ray of light fell onto his body. He felt unusually comfortable and warm. The wooden shed was empty, neat and clean. An extremely large food carrier was placed on the table.
‘Is this the breakfast she prepared for me?’
Tang Wulin leaped up from the bed. ‘Where’s Gu Yue?’ He had this thought in his heart as he walked to the table and opened the food carrier.
All of a sudden, a mouthwatering aroma blew against his face.
The food connoisseur Tang Wulin could determine at once that the meals in the carrier were all extremely nutritious.
“Wow! Awesome! It’s been long since I last had Ruby Shrimp. That’s such a huge plate. It feels so good to come back! There are so many scrumptious foods found only on Douluo Continent.”
The food carrier had a total of six tiers. Every tier contained a type of delicacy that was highly nutritious and extremely delicious. He could tell that the food was prepared in an exceedingly delicate manner and absolutely meticulously.
Tang Wulin did not care about courtesy as he began to feast immediately. Soon, his tummy was already feeling warm and comfortable just as his mouth was filled with fragrant food.
The energy from the food could even diffuse into his limbs and bones. The feeling was truly amazing.
‘It’s always the best when the tummy’s full of food! Where’s Gu Yue? Could it be that she’s in class? Why hasn’t she returned?’
Tang Wulin pushed open the door and walked outside. It was a small courtyard on the outside of the room. It was not of great size, but it was covered in lush green vegetation. The place was filled with life source.
Tang Wulin drew in a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. He felt spiritually renewed at once.
“Where’s Gu Yue? Leave it be. I’ll wait for her in the room. It’s still better than looking for her everywhere. I think she should return soon since she knows I’m here.”
Tang Wulin returned to the room. Just as he was preparing to meditate as he waited for Gu Yue’s return, there was a sudden sound coming from the table next to the bed.
He turned around and found a small soul communicator lying on the table.
‘Is this Gu Yue’s? She didn’t bring along her communicator!’
Tang Wulin walked over and picked up the device. He hesitated for a moment before he answered the call.
“Hello. I’m Gu Yue’s friend. She has forgotten her soul communicator. Please leave your message, and I’ll pass it to her when she’s back.” Tang Wulin picked up the soul communicator and spoke in a highly formal manner.
However, he was surprised to find that there was no voice coming from the other end of the communicator.
“Hello? Can you hear me?” Tang Wulin inquired once again.
There was still no sound from the other end.
Tang Wulin frowned. “If you don’t say anything, I’m going to hang up and regard it as a bad signal!”
“Wulin.” Finally, someone called out with difficulty from the other end of the call.
Tang Wulin’s heart suddenly pounded loudly for some unknown reason upon hearing the voice. The expression on his face became somber.
“Gu Yue?” Tang Wulin struggled to get the words out.
“Hmm,” Gu Yue answered softly.
Tang Wulin asked, “Where are you?”
Gu Yue answered irrelevantly, “Have you eaten the food I’ve left behind?”
“Yes. It was extremely delicious. Come back soon, alright? I’ve just returned, so I have no idea how to enter the inner court,” Tang Wulin smiled as he spoke.
Gu Yue spoke, “I’m sorry, Wulin.”
“Why?” Tang Wulin suppressed the uneasiness in his heart with great effort.
“I’m leaving,” Gu Yue finally let it out.
“Leaving? Where are you leaving to?” Tang Wulin asked in a hurry.
Gu Yue’s voice sounded like she was sobbing. “I have to go, for myself and also for you. I must leave. I’m sorry, Wulin. I’m leaving.”
The soul communicator was suddenly hung up at this point.
Tang Wulin was instantly stunned. He hastily dialed the number which Gu Yue had called from but only got a busy signal. There was no way his call would get through.
He dialed the number again and again persistently and kept trying over and over. However, he could only hear the busy signal. There was no other change at all.
‘Leaving? She’s leaving? Where can she go? No, I have to look for her.”
Tang Wulin dashed to the outside swiftly with the soul communicator in his hand. He had only just left the room when a gush of powerful and irresistible force suddenly descended from the sky. Tang Wulin felt as if he had slammed into a solid wall. His body bounced back, and he was flung roughly onto the floor.
After all, his own incredible strength was not to be trifled with. Even though he had only just begun to accelerate out the door, he would have already built up a good deal of energy. Yet he was so easily bounced back, the shockwave must have been extremely powerful.
A figure descended from the sky.
It was a handsome youth, only that his handsome face currently wire a furious expression. With a single wave of his hand, Tang Wulin’s body flew to him uncontrollably. He grabbed a handful of Tang Wulin’s front robe.
“Where’s Na’er? Where did she go?” Yun Ming who was always calm on usual days was truly ablaze with anger. It had been many years since he had been this enraged.
“Na’er?” Tang Wulin did not manage to react to the situation at once due to the panic in his heart.
Yun Ming raised his hand and slapped Tang Wulin’s head, and cold sensation radiated throughout Tang Wulin’s body, making him shudder before he recovered.
“Na’er? What happened to her?” Tang Wulin hastily asked with anxiousness.
Yun Ming had also calmed down. He recalled his status as he released his grip and placed Tang Wulin on the floor. He then handed a letter from his hand to Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin took it and was immediately stunned.
“Teacher, Na’er has let you down, but Na’er must go. I can’t bear to part with you, teacher’s wife, everyone and everything on Sea God’s Island. Yet Na’er must go. Please don’t be sad, alright? Na’er has a reason which gives her no choice but to leave. I must tell you that Na’er has always regarded you as her father. Just like my brother’s father. Teacher, please don’t be sad. Na’er is fine and everything will be good. Na’er is leaving. Please help me to keep an eye on my brother. My brother is especially outstanding, so if you can, please accept him as your disciple. Also, please inform my brother that Na’er is fine. Tell him that Na’er is off looking for father and mother.”
Signed with ‘Love, Na’er.’
There was not too much content in the letter, but only one matter was mentioned repeatedly. It was that Na’er had left!