The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 770 - Without A Trace

Chapter 770: Without A Trace
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Gu Yue had only just called via the soul communicator informing him of her departure when Tang Wulin received such a letter from Yun Ming. His joy and happiness in the early morning had all gone in a split second. It was as if someone had poured a basin full of cold water onto his head.
Two of the most important women in his life had left without a word.
“It’s all your fault. It was you who drove her away with sadness. If I can’t find Na’er, humph!” Yun Ming gave a cold grunt. It felt like the entire Sea God’s Island was trembling.
Tang Wulin gave himself a tight slap with a crisp clapping sound. It was true that he did enjoy a moment of an emotional flare-up with Gu Yue last night such that he neglected his sister. How could he not suffer from pain and sorrow because of this?
However, his eyes calmed down swiftly after he struck himself despite leaving behind a bright red handprint on his cheek.
“Hello. You’re Na’er’s teacher, so you must be the Sea God Pavilion Master, right? Tang Wulin is pleased to meet the pavilion master.” He saluted Yun Ming immediately.
Yun Ming waved his hand once to dismiss him. “Where did Na’er go? Can you think of somewhere?”
Tang Wulin gave a forced smile. “I can’t think of anything. It has already been over three years since I last came here. I can’t possibly think of anywhere. Not only has Na’er left, but Gu Yue has also just given me a call via the soul communicator that she has left too. I don’t know if their departure is related, but I feel like we should look for them at once right now. We should look for them in all the places they have possibly visited. Does Na’er have any friends on Sea God’s Island?”
Yun Ming’s expression was slightly relaxed upon realizing that Tang Wulin had calmed down so soon and had not lost his wits. “Nope. Na’er lives in deep seclusion and rarely comes out on most days. She almost never goes out other than spending time with me and my wife. She doesn’t have many friends either. Otherwise, she could not cultivate so swiftly at her age.”
Tang Wulin spoke, “Both of them have left, so perhaps it’s somehow related. I’m going to ask around from my companions about Gu Yue’s whereabouts. They’re the rest of the members of Shrek Seven Monsters. They might have some information. I was always in the outer court when I was still in the academy back in the beginning so I’m not familiar with the inner court. Maybe they would know more. Moreover, Gu Yu is from the Spirit Pagoda. She might be at the Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters. I think that I should head to Spirit Pagoda immediately and call for my companions to help look for her.”
Yun Ming’s expression suddenly became peculiar. “Do you know that Gu Yue acted as the Shrek Seven Monsters’ leader in your place originally? She can’t join Shrek Seven Monsters because of her background in the Spirit Pagoda. She always believed that you would be coming back, so she helped to substitute for you.”
Tang Wulin was stunned. “I wasn’t aware of that. She…”
Yun Ming spoke with a deep voice. “Leave this aside first. Visit the Spirit Pagoda as you’ve said. I’ll call some of the academy’s people to look for them. We can certainly find them as long as they’ve yet to leave Shrek City. It’s also best if we can find them or I’ll never forgive you.”
“Hmm.” Tang Wulin did not care about Yun Ming’s anger. Despite his great effort in calming himself, how was he not burning with anxiety as well?
He ran outside at lightning speed. As he was running, he dialed his companions’ numbers one by one via the soul communicator. Fortunately, everyone’s soul communicator numbers remained the same.
Xie Xie answered, “What? Gu Yue has left? Big brother, what happened? Oh, sure, we’ll look for her in the academy while you head to the Spirit Pagoda first. You’re right that the place that she’s most probably visiting is the Spirit Pagoda. She visits there a few times every month usually. The last time we went over to the spirit ascension platform to elevate our soul rings, I noticed that the other members of the Spirit Pagoda addressed her in an extremely prestigious manner. Her position in the Spirit Pagoda must already be rather high now.”
Yuanen Yehui said, “Hmm. Go, quick. Ever since you went missing, Gu Yue has been in a troubled mood all along. Leave the academy to us.”
Yue Zhengyu stated, “I’ll look for her outside at some of the places we usually go for meals.”
Xu Xiaoyan replied, “I’ll look for her at our usual cultivation spots.”
Ye Xinglan spoke, “I’ll look in the areas surrounding the inner court. Xu Lizhi is with me now.”
His companions were all bustling about, while Tang Wulin dashed out of Shrek Academy like a bird in flight. He hailed a taxi and headed straight for the Spirit Pagoda headquarters.
The entire Shrek Academy began to take action not long after he had left. All of Shrek City’s authoritative levels and transportation centers received notification and photos of Na’er and Gu Yue so they could search for any trace of them.
Atlas Douluo Yun Ming was a powerful figure. He was capable of launching an absolutely huge force in a split second if he wished to look for a person.
In reality, he had no need to look for Na’er inside the academy. At his cultivation speed, he could spread his spiritual power and cover the grounds of the entire academy with ease and even Shrek City.
Yet he could not find any trace of Na’er or even her aura. It was as if Na’er had vanished into thin air.
Tang Wulin did not receive any useful information from the Spirit Pagoda headquarters. The issue was that he was not from the Spirit Pagoda. There was no way he could find out information of a high-ranking official’s whereabouts. Afterward, the academy personally communicated with the Spirit Pagoda and received the Spirit Pagoda’s information that Gu Yue had not headed to Spirit Pagoda for half a month, so naturally, she was not there right now.
For the next three days, Tang Wulin and his companions had searched through almost every corner of Shrek City, but they did not manage to find even one clue.
Gu Yue was gone. Na’er was gone. There was no way they could be contacted via any sort of communication method.
The violent ups and downs of life were nothing more than this. Tang Wulin searched without rest for three days before he returned to Shrek Academy once again.
He did not go to the inner court. Instead, he returned to the empty working students’ dormitory alone. There was no new intake of students, so everything was exactly the same as before they had headed to the Star Luo Continent.
Tang Wulin sat on the steps in front of the dormitory as he looked toward the front in a daze. His usually bright eyes had now become bloodshot.
‘Why did she leave like that? Why?”
They had just gotten together, and she had just admitted to loving him, yet she left without a word. Now, Tang Wulin realized that she was facing some peril so great that she feared even Shrek Academy was incapable of withstanding the trouble.
Tang Wulin was filled with guilt when he thought about Na’er. He resented himself so much for not accompanying Na’er on that night to console her broken heart.
The double agony of losing someone made Tang Wulin suffer from excruciating pain in his heart. Another person would have already broke down since earlier in his place. He would not be able to withstand this if it was not because of the repeated spiritual, psychological and physical sufferings in the past.
Na’er left when he was six years old.
This time she had left once again when he was sixteen years old.
‘Where is Na’er actually? Where’s Gu Yue? Why did both of them leave? Is it something that can’t be faced together?’
‘Why does everyone leave me?’
Tang Wulin suddenly felt like he was most serene when he was at the Dragon Valley. He spent everyday bustling about continuously without rest but at least his heart was peaceful. Even though he was always missing both of them badly, it did not feel as agonizing as now.
“Wulin.” A gentle voice echoed by his side. Tang Wulin raised his head and found Dai Yun’er standing by his side. There were two more figures behind her. They were Long Yue and Xu Mi’er.
“I’ve heard about what happened. Even though I don’t know why she left but since both of you are in love, please carry on with your search. Perhaps, she may return one day anyhow,” Dai Yun’er consoled.
Tang Wulin shook his head.
Xu Mi’er walked in great strides to his front. “Stand up. Stop acting like a loser. Let me ask, does she love you?”
Tang Wulin nodded without the slightest hesitation. He did not have any doubt about this.