The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 771 - Silver Dragon Scale

Chapter 771: Silver Dragon Scale
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“I can tell that she loves you too. Then why did she leave in such an abstruse manner?” Xu Mi’er spoke coldly, “It’s no more than your inability to make her feel secure. You’re not powerful enough yet! Shrek Academy may be powerful but the academy is neutral. There must be some powerful enemy she needs to face, yet she refuses to incriminate you, that’s why she left. Am I right?”
Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. Xu Mi’er’s wild guess hit its mark regarding the situation at hand.
“Since it’s this reason, then it’s your problem. Whose problem is it that you’re not strong enough? You wish to look for her, but you must first become more powerful. Otherwise, even if you manage to find her, she’ll still leave you again when she has no other choice. You suffer because of your weakness. When you’re powerful enough, who else in the world is capable of seizing your lover?”
Xu Mi’er’s voice sounded tough and mocking, but it felt like a sledgehammer that pounded his heart ferociously.
‘Yes! Why did she leave? It’s precisely because I’m not powerful enough!’
“However, Na’er…”
Xu Mi’er spoke in disdain, “Na’er? She’s going to be fine even if you’re not. Don’t you know anything about a two-word Battle Armor Master’s power? How about you? You’re only a four-ring. What’s the point of worrying over this? Look at you, you’re good for nothing except for your good looks. You’re just like a pewter spearhead that shines like silver – impressive but useless. I really don’t understand why there are so many females fond of you.”
“Hey, you’re not allowed to call him that.” Dai Yun’er was furious with Xu Mi’er.
Xu Mi’er spoke earnestly, “Foolish little girl. When you’re looking for a man, look for a man capable of protecting you. I wouldn’t even take him if he were given to me for free. Bye.”
She smacked Long Yue who was at her side as she was saying that. Then, she turned around and left.
Long Yue did not have much sympathy for Tang Wulin. He could not help feeling an intense joy as he listened to Xu Mi’er scolding Tang Wulin in rage.
After Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s date ended yesterday, Long Yue finally chose Xu Mi’er. He could not believe himself either as he had just met Xu Mi’er recently after all!
However, he felt he made the right choice the more he thought about it. Xu Mi’er was frank and upright. She advocated one’s individual strength and power. Did he not possess strength the most? He fancied Xu Mi’er for being a girl who appeared hot-tempered but was actually exquisite within.
“Mi’er, wait for me.” Long Yue chased after her in quick strides.
“Mi’er, were you acquainted with Tang Wulin in the past?” Long Yue asked.
Xu Mi’er darted a look at him. “I wasn’t. Why would I be acquainted with a coward like him? Women today are all face-worshippers, but what’s the point of having a good-looking face? I’m a pragmatic person. Even though you look ugly, you’re a tough guy.”
Long Yue’s expression stiffened instantaneously. “Are you complimenting me?”
Xu Mi’er glared at him. “Of course! What do you think?”
Long Yue gave a forced smile. “You probably know my story, right? The story about how the Shrek Seven Monsters defeated us in the Star Luo Empire’s Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition.”
Xu Mi’er nodded. “Yes. I thought that was exaggerated initially, but after battling you yesterday, I think Gu Yue and the others are quite capable.”
Long Yue spoke, “Gu Yue wasn’t the leader of the team at the time.”
Xu Mi’er was stunned for a moment. “Oh? I’m not that interested in this matter. If it wasn’t Gu Yue, then who was it?” She had no idea regarding this because, as an inner court disciple, she spent most of her time in closed-door cultivation and studied her soul devices.
“It was the guy you called a coward earlier. I was a six-ring, two-word Battle Armor Master then. Both he and Gu Yue weren’t even one-word Battle Armor Masters although they were both four-ring. They joined forces and defeated me. Even though I’m unwilling to admit it, I must say that Tang Wulin isn’t a coward. He’s rather powerful. I feel threatened by him despite being a seven-ring myself.”

Dai Yun’er told Tang Wulin eagerly, “Don’t listen to her. She doesn’t know how powerful you are.”
Tang Wulin gave a forced smile while shaking his head. “She’s right, you know. In the final analysis, I’m not powerful enough. That’s why I’m incapable of protecting them. Thus, both of them left me. Aren’t I a failure?”
Dai Yun’er grabbed his arm. “Don’t you ever think like that. You still have me by your side even if both of them are gone. I’ll never leave you. I’ll always stay and accompany you as long as you’re willing.”
Tang Wulin shook his head. “Yun’er, you’re a nice girl. However, I already explained during the Sea God Lake Date Festival earlier. There is no space for a second person in my heart, at least not right now. However, don’t worry. I won’t sink into depression because of this incident. There are still many things for me to do. They left, so I’ll look for them. Senior Mi’er is right. They’re powerful enough to protect themselves under normal circumstances. I need to improve myself because I’m weak. I must elevate my power as soon as possible. I’ll certainly look for them when I’m powerful enough.”
Tang Wulin had always been a tenacious person, especially when he faced a difficult situation.
He suffered a great blow this time. He had just returned when the two people most important to him left. However, Xu Mi’er’s words awakened him. Despite suffering from the excruciating pain in his heart, he brought himself to undertake the number one priority which was to elevate his power.
At this point, Tang Wulin stood up. “Yun’er, I’m heading to the inner court now. I’ll pull myself together. You’ll always be my friend. However, we can never be lovers. I’m sorry.”
Tang Wulin dashed in the inner court’s direction upon saying this. He did not wish to hurt her but he needed to get the message across to Dai Yun’er. Otherwise, he would only cause further misunderstanding later on.
Dai Yun’er stood there in a daze as she watched him leave. There were mixed feelings in her heart.
Tang Wulin’s place in the dormitory had already been assigned but the dormitory was not on Sea God’s Island. Na’er’s departure had infuriated Atlas Douluo Yun Ming. Even though he did not punish Tang Wulin, he would not treat him well either.
The inner court’s academic building was large while the dormitory space behind it was vast. The number of inner court disciples was fewer than the outer court’s. Hence, there were always enough places in the dormitory even with everyone assigned to a room each.
Tang Wulin returned to his room and removed his clothes in a jiffy before entering the bathroom.
It had been a few days since he last took a shower. He wished to cleanse his body and take a good rest before he began to focus his energy into elevating his power.
He would work hard to elevate himself since he could not find them for the time being. While waiting for their return, he would practice to become even more powerful. Tang Wulin believed that Na’er and Gu Yue would certainly return. Perhaps, he would look for them instead when he became more powerful.
At the moment, it would be meaningless for him to go searching blindly. Xu Mi’er was right about how he was the cause as he was not powerful enough.
He revived the goal in his heart once again. His strength at the moment was barely powerful enough. He needed an even more potent power.
He turned on the tap in the bathroom. Just as Tang Wulin was preparing to wash himself, he was astonished to find a necklace around his neck.
He had been in an agonizing and self-deprecating state for the past few days. He was not even aware of the necklace until now.
The necklace was a fine silver chain and there was a pendant hanging from it. The oval-shaped pendant was the size of a pigeon egg. It was made of silver and dazzling with fine striations on its surface. This was obviously a silver dragon scale. From his knowledge of the Dragon Clan’s aura in the Dragon Valley, he recognized the dragon scale to be from his very own bloodline! ‘Did Gu Yue leave this behind for me?’
Tang Wulin carefully removed the pendant. His gaze appeared bedazzled. He felt as if Gu Yue was standing before him as he touched the pendant for some unknown reason.
He placed it close to his eyes for a better look and discovered that the pendant was not truly flat. It bulged a little on one side while the reverse side was concave. It appeared to be similar to a tiny shield. There was a total of four layers of striations on the scale with each layer overlapping another making it appear multi-dimensional. All the striations curved upward. With just a faint glimmer of light shining onto the scale, it would reflect a radiance that appeared holographic.
Tang Wulin spun the scale subconsciously and shone the reflected radiance against the wall. It formed into the shape of a tiny dragon and was exceptionally peculiar.
‘Gu Yue loves me. She left because she had no other choice.’
The sadness in Tang Wulin’s eyes gradually faded and was replaced with a determined look.
One was most worried when one’s love for another was not being reciprocated in a relationship. However, when Tang Wulin saw the pendant, he knew this was not the case.