The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 773 - One-Word Battle Armor Fusion... Complete!

Chapter 773: One-Word Battle Armor Fusion… Complete!

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It had been three years, and it seemed like his soul power had not elevated at all, but then why was the imposing manner of his body so much thicker than before?
If they were to find out that Tang Wulin had been meditating within the Dragon Clan in the Dragon Valley all along, and that he was using the dragon spirit, which had naturally formed every time he was exhausted from burying dragons, to replenish himself, they would no longer be so shocked.
It was true that Tang Wulin’s soul power had not increased by much. On the other hand, his bloodline power was nourished in a way that he had never experienced in the past three years.
The genuine, pure dragon power continuously strengthened his body to the point where even he was unaware of what his bloodline power was capable of achieving.
Indeed, there was no doubt that even Long Yue, who possessed the Mountain Dragon King martial soul, was completely suppressed by his aura.
His bloodline was elevated to such a level even before he could begin to truly reveal the Golden Dragon King aura.
Four golden soul rings arose from underneath Tang Wulin’s feet in succession and spun around his body. The golden mist that burst forth from him slowly seeped into his cuirass.
His cuirass immediately began to emit a dazzling glow. Its faint golden gloss rapidly turned brilliant. Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed brighter and brighter until the dense mist rolled up around his body, three meters thick in diameter. All the golden battle armor pieces on the console table began to shake slightly. The pieces then began to float in midair one by one as they surrounded Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin raised his head as golden scales slowly emerged and rapidly covered his entire body, followed by his original rerebraces and pauldrons.
“Absorb!” Tang Wulin shouted aloud.
All the armor seemed to be consumed by that gold mist and transformed into streams of golden light that fused into his body in a split second. Within just a few breaths, the battle armor had merged with his body.
The one-word battle armor was completely absorbed!
Light golden battle armor covered his entire body. The patterns on it were not excessive, but there was a faint dragon design with sharp blades protruding from his arms and shoulders. A faint scale pattern emerged on the surface of the battle armor when Tang Wulin’s blood essence surged.
The helmet covered his whole head. There were protrusions like dragon horns on both sides of the helmet with a crest line extending ever so slightly in the middle of the helmet. A golden mask shielded Tang Wulin’s face, revealing only his eyes that were glowing with gold light.
The most prominent features of the battle armor were the pair of dragon horns on the helmet and also the protrusions that appeared on the two sides of his forearms and calves. These had sharp edges and appeared rather similar to the shape of dragon horns. There was a peculiar texture to the faint golden light blended with the shimmering radiance from his face mask.
Tang Wulin could feel as something was added to his body in a split second, but they seemed to turn into a part of his body instantly. His soul power and bloodline infused into the armor before flowing back to his body once again. He felt as if his entire physique had grown larger. That enormous amplification made him wish that he could find a location to vent his feelings.
“You need to familiarize yourself with the battle armor’s strength. Shall we go to the sparring arena?” Ye Xinglan asked Tang Wulin.
“Yes!” Tang Wulin wished to try it out as well, to find out how powerful he was after he donned the battle armor.
The inner court had its own sparring arena that was different from the outer court. One would need to pay a fee to access the outer court’s sparring arena while there was no need in the inner court. One could access it at any time as long as no one was using it. After all, it was extremely important for the students who had achieved a certain cultivation base to elevate themselves using the sparring arena. Actual combat experience was even more important than one’s soul power on many occasions, especially for Shrek Academy’s students.
There was no doubt that the strength of the inner court’s sparring arena far exceeded the outer court’s, especially the strength of its protective shield.
The thick protective shield also covered the ground beneath their feet. Even though it did not feel as comfortable stepping onto the soul energy, but it would ensure that the arena was damaged as little as possible.
Xu Lizhi stood on the outside of the sparring arena while the rest of the people stood inside.
“Who’s up first?” Tang Wulin looked toward his companions.
Ye Xinglan was about to speak when Yuanen Yehui had already taken a step forward by her side. “I’ll go first.”
“Sure!” Yuanen Yehui was the strongest among them when it came to her soul power and cultivation base.
“I’ve already achieved rank-57 soul power. Be careful,” Yuanen Yehui warned Tang Wulin.
Her speed of advancing ten ranks in three years did not seem to be swift enough. However, her rank-57 soul power was already rather shocking.
Back when Long Yue was twenty years old, he was only slightly over rank-60.
Tang Wulin smiled. “Alright.”
They were fifty meters apart while the rest of the crowd fell back a distance. Xie Xie could not help shouting, “Big brother, can you please be gentle!”
“Shut up,” Yuanen Yehui spoke unpleasantly.
Xie Xie sniggered. “I’m concerned about you, you see.”
Yuanen Yehui did not acknowledge him anymore. Light flashed past her eyes as she swiftly unleashed her martial soul. The glow of her soul rings arose rapidly with two purple and three black rings. There was no doubt that her elevation was not only in her soul power but overall. She was absolutely considered hyper-powerful at a Soul King’s level.
As Tang Wulin was wearing one-word battle armor on his body, Yuanen Yehui unleashed her battle armor as well without the slightest hesitation. The yellow battle armor as dense as the ground covered her entire body. After her success in collecting a set, the color of her battle armor was slightly deeper than when Tang Wulin first saw it on the Star Luo Continent.
There was nothing she could do about this. After all, Yuanen Yehui also possessed the Fallen Angel martial soul herself, but she could only own one set of battle armor. She would need to harmonize the interplay of her two martial souls as best as she could when she was making the battle armor. Hence, her battle armor had both earth and darkness attributes.
Her battle armor would switch between states voluntarily when she was using different martial souls. This was actually a flaw because the amplification effect on each martial soul was slightly lesser than ordinary one-word battle armor in order to compromise for having more than one.
This was the reason why Yuanen Yehui was always a loyal supporter of spirit alloy one-word battle armor all along, because its amplification was highly important to her.
The creation of her battle armor was the most troublesome. It would delay too much time for her to remake her armor into two-word battle armor all over again. Moreover, spirit alloy could be used to fuse repeatedly in order to strengthen the battle armor even more and reduce the negative effect of double attribute battle armor.
Yuanen Yehui howled into the sky as she spread her arms. Two streams of light shined from her hands. Soon after, the soul rings on her body glowed as her body expanded rapidly and transformed into the six-foot-tall Titan Giant Ape in a split second.
There was no doubt that Titan Giant Ape was most suitable to fight Tang Wulin. The height of her martial soul at present showed that her Titan Giant Ape martial soul was even more powerful than before.
Those two streams of light beaming from her hands were, in fact, the two giant spirit alloy hammers gifted to her by Tang Wulin. Compared to the past, the giant hammers’ aura was slightly different with clearly enhanced soul power fluctuations. The hammers were obviously modified to a certain degree to make them even more powerful.
The Titan Giant Ape was six-feet tall with an incomparably tough body, and with the addition of this pair of terrifying five-meter-long hammers, her power and influence were even capable of scaring away a mecha.
The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips could not help twitching. He was gasping with admiration in his heart as he took a glance at Xie Xie in the distance.
‘Xie Xie must be inclined to masochism.’
Yuanen Yehui was not going easy on Tang Wulin. Even though he had only four rings, Tang Wulin’s overall power was more than just his soul power and cultivation base back then. Moreover, though his soul power had not elevated much after his return this time, the bloodline aura in his body was much more powerful by many times when compared with previously. Yuanen Yehui would never hold back when she was fighting against Tang Wulin now.
She took a step forward with her left foot and her body had already leaped into the air. She raised her pair of giant hammers and pounded down from the sky. The hammers moved in tandem akin to the meteor that chased after the moon.
‘Is this the Air Cannon?’
Tang Wulin was astonished. At the same time, he understood profoundly that Xie Xie was capable of defeating Yuanen Yehui because she was going easy on him yesterday.
It had been a few years since they last met, and Yuanen Yehui had already cultivated the Air Cannon to such impressive degree. Accompanied by the giant hammers in her hands and the amplification of her one-word battle armor, these two Air Cannon balls exploded so frightfully in the air that even an ordinary soul cannon could not measure up to it!