The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 774 - Yuanen’s Insufficient Strength

Chapter 774: Yuanen’s Insufficient Strength

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However, Tang Wulin had no intention of dodging as he raised his arms vertically above his head. They suddenly swelled up several times as dragon scales appeared all over the battle armor. His Golden Dragon Claws emerged.
Tang Wulin watched as the two hammers’ Air Cannons arrived before he grabbed them with his hands simultaneously.
The crowd could only see that his pair of Golden Dragon Claws suddenly burst out with dazzling light. There was a sparkling golden mist that enshrouded Tang Wulin’s body. In the next moment, the pair of Air Cannon balls were forcefully crushed.
“Poof, poof.” The two Air Cannon balls dissipated while the powerful force crashed against Tang Wulin, yet he was not even swayed.
Yuanen Yehui’s pair of hammers came upon him and dropped from above Tang Wulin’s head at lightning speed. Tang Wulin’s eyes suddenly turned bright. Just as before, he did not dodge, as his pair of Golden Dragon Claws formed into fists. He shouted aloud as he pounded repeatedly with his fists. He was fighting against the twin hammers with his fists.
After all, the pair of giant hammers weighed more than five thousand kilograms! Other than Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui was the only one capable of wielding the hammers among the members of Shrek Seven Monsters’ squadron. At present, the terror of her immense power in addition to the Diamond Titan’s strength could immediately pulverize a yellow mecha without its protective soul shield. Yet Tang Wulin had only relied on his fists to attempt to fight brute strength with brute strength.
Even Yuanen Yehui was feeling incredulous. She would never believe that anyone of the same rank could rely on their body alone to block her double hammers by force. She reduced her strength subconsciously due to her trust in Tang Wulin.
“Boom!” A loud boom exploded when the double hammers met the double fists. An intense shockwave exploded with the two fighters’ collision point at the center.
It was during that split second when everyone felt as if Tang Wulin had already transformed into a lofty mountain. He did not wield any soul skill or blood essence soul skill. Golden light glowed brightly from his entire body as his one-word battle armor unleashed its dazzling array of light.
The sparring arena’s protective shield underneath Tang Wulin’s feet was also bursting with rings of intense light.
‘Did I manage to stop it?’
The rest of the crowd were staring with wide eyes but also feeling breathless with anxiety on behalf of Tang Wulin. Everyone understood Yuanen Yehui’s power very well. She was the entire squadron’s number one assault-type soul master during Tang Wulin’s absence and also the main pillar of strength in the squadron.
However, they witnessed an unbelievable scene.
Yuanen Yehui’s double hammers were flung away from the blows of Tang Wulin’s fists before she was tossed through the air and fell to the ground.
Soon after, she fell back repeatedly and uncontrollably. She fell back continuously for a dozen steps before she sat onto the ground without any control over her body.
“Clang!” The double hammers crashed onto the floor. Yuanen Yehui’s arms were limp at her sides. Her eyes hidden under her helmet were filled with disbelief.
Even though she had reduced her strength slightly during the last moments, but it was still at a level within her control!
Yet she felt that she was not fighting against a human but a beast, as she lashed onto Tang Wulin’s fists. The terrifying impact of the crash slammed against her like an unstoppable tide. Moreover, she could see that Tang Wulin had obviously pulled his fists back before he struck. This signified that he had not used all his strength.
Tang Wulin stood on the same spot without budging. He did not pursue and attack, leaving the rest of the onlookers stunned.
In a flash, Xie Xie had already pounced toward Yuanen Yehui. Ye Xinglan’s usually calm face could not help widening her mouth.
Tang Wulin arrived before Yuanen Yehui swiftly as well. “Are you alright?”
Yuanen Yehui had already lost the double hammers in her hands. She gave a forced laugh. “I’m fine. I think I’ve dislocated my arms. Without the battle armor, I’m afraid that I…”
“Dislocated? Big brother, you’re too ruthless. I’ll fight you!” Xie Xie pounded twice upon Tang Wulin’s battle armor in anger.
Tang Wulin spoke apologetically, “I’m sorry! I didn’t know that would happen. I’ve reduced my strength quickly when I felt your insufficient strength in the end, but I was too late.”
Silence. All in the surroundings was absolutely silent.
‘When I felt your insufficient strength’…
‘When I felt your insufficient strength’?
‘When I felt your insufficient strength’!
Oh my god! That was the Titan Giant Ape, along with a pair of giant hammers weighing hundreds of kilograms.
That was Yuanen Yehui’s Air Cannon attack.
Absolutely no one else was capable of taking such attacks. Yet, his feedback was “insufficient strength”…
Yuanen Yehui was staring at Tang Wulin in bewilderment. “Tell me the truth. How much strength did you use earlier?”
Tang Wulin considered before answering, “About fifty to sixty percent.”
Yuanen Yehui was also rendered speechless. Her body had already shrunk to her usual state, while Xie Xie adjusted her dislocated arms so as to mend them.
She spoke in all apparent seriousness, “Captain, I think you should go for a test of your strength first. I feel that even Long Yue can’t compare to you anymore just judging on your strength alone. How did you become so physically powerful?”
Tang Wulin gave a forced laugh. “It had better be, seeing as how I’ve been absorbing nourishing energy for the past three years. I bet all of you must be wondering where was I when I went missing. The story goes like this…”
“Real dragon skeletons? Burying the skeletons for three years? Big brother, you’re the champion!” Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin incredulously.
Tang Wulin smiled. “Seek peace of mind. All of you are aware that my martial soul is the Bluesilver Grass. In reality, I’m utterly useless without the Golden Dragon King Bloodline no matter how hard I work. Thus, I’m grateful for the things the bloodline has given me. It was even helpful in allowing me to absorb more Dragon Clan energy in the Dragon Valley. The Dragon Clan helped me so much, so how could I bear to see their remains scattered all over the wilderness? Only I didn’t expect that it would use up so much of my time. I spent every day digging holes and transporting dragon bones. All of this was hard labor, and it was especially difficult for me to rearrange the heavy dragon bones back to their original state. The dragon bones were extremely heavy. Hmm, it’s even heavier than you’ve imagined because it may have possibly absorbed the Dragon Clan’s essence energy in it.
“I was absorbing a little dragon spirit every day in addition to my continuous hard labor. It’s possible that my strength was elevated naturally. I sensed it myself as well, but I didn’t expect it to be elevated so much. However, I’m still capable of controlling it. At least it’s not affecting my forging process.”
Xu Xiaoyan spoke, “It seems like it’s not such a bad thing that your soul power has not elevated. Big brother, the strength of your body is even more terrifying. Your strength has gone so far beyond most soul skills that even Yuanen is incapable of resisting you. With your strength, who else is a worthy opponent?! I think you could even compare with a Title Douluo.”
Tang Wulin laughed. “That’s impossible. A Title Douluo’s soul power can dominate me easily. However, I think that I should test my strength as well so I can exercise even better control in the future. I think that I wouldn’t be that strong without the battle armor. Yuanan, let’s try again when you use the Titan Giant Ape, but I won’t don the armor.”
Tang Wulin’s strength undoubtedly shocked everyone. He was so strong it seemed like he could lift the heavens if there was a handle and pull the ground if there was a notch. It was utterly inhuman.
The inner court’s testing room was equipped with the most advanced technology. The inner court’s students would need to test their physical states once every three months over here, including their accurate soul power cultivation base, strength, speed, spiritual power, reaction speed, et cetera. It was so precise that the students could fine-tune themselves based on their different situations.
When Tang Wulin and his companions arrived at the testing room, someone was already standing there waiting for them.