The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 777 - Sky Dragon’s Roars

Chapter 777: Sky Dragon’s Roars

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Tang Wulin looked down at his right hand, then he turned around and bashfully said to his companions, “It’s explosive force, it’s explosive force.”
It was then only then that Wu Zhangkong responded to the situation. “The standard strength of a black mecha’s strike at full power is thirty-five thousand kilograms. It can only pass as a black mecha when it achieves this standard. The strength of a red mecha cannot be tested for specific reasons.”
In other words, the strength of Tang Wulin’s right fist had already exceeded a black mecha’s by threefold.
“Big brother, you’re simply a beast in human form. Now I see that you were being merciful with Yuanen earlier.”
Yes, there was no way more suitable to describe Tang Wulin than a beast in human form. Don’t forget that he had to yet don his battle armor or even use any strength-amplifying soul skill, such as the Golden Dragon Body.
“Alright, there’s no need to continue the test anymore.” Wu Zhangkong waved his hand.
Tang Wulin asked in confusion, “Why, Teacher Wu?”
An extremely worrisome expression appeared on Wu Zhangkong’s face. He spoke in an unpleasant tone, “The instrument’s endurance limit is two hundred thousand kilograms. I’m worried that you’ll exceed the strength limit once you’ve donned the battle armor at full force. Nevertheless, I must also give you a suggestion. You need to elevate your soul power as soon as possible, and also elevate your battle armor’s level too. Otherwise, your one-word battle armor is incapable of withstanding your current strength. It’s highly possible that your battle armor will be damaged if you were to meet with an extremely violent collision.”
Tang Wulin’s battle armor might not withstand his strength?
Yuanen Yehui gave a forced laugh and spoke, “I thought that I’d already outdone you. It seems like the disparity is getting greater.”
Strength was not a fantastic ability for a soul master. After all, the limitation of pure strength is very high.
Even so, any type of ability that had achieved a certain level of perfection could not be evaluated using conventional methods anymore.
Wu Zhangkong revealed more info about another statistic. “When a strength-type Title Douluo breaks through to rank-90, a punching strength of one hundred thousand kilograms is the foundation. Generally, only a strength-type three-word battle armor master is capable of achieving this strength level. Wulin, are you genuinely a human?”
That the usual icy cold Teacher Wu suddenly spoke like this made Tang Wulin feel a little awkward, but he could not help staring at his hands. Was he still considered a human being after absorbing the Golden Dragon King Seal’s energy?
Whatever the case, this had also proven that Tang Wulin’s strength had become incredible. Even as Shrek Academy’s teacher, Wu Zhangkong was feeling astonished by Tang Wulin.
Wu Zhangkong looked at Tang Wulin with a hint of gentleness in his eyes. “All of you have grown. There’s not much else that I can teach you anymore. You’ll receive even more guidance from the academy’s Title Douluo powerhouses in the future.”
Tang Wulin was concerned in his heart. “Teacher Wu…”
Wu Zhangkong waved his hand. “You, Gu Yue, Xiaoyan and Xie Xie were raised by me all the way from Eastsea City. I’m proud to witness all of your achievements today. I’ve already resigned from my position as a teacher from the academy temporarily. I’ll begin my closed-door cultivation soon. This time, I’ll be engaging in closed-door cultivation for no less than a year.”
At this point, he suddenly paused for a moment as his gaze swept past every single one of them. “It was all of you that brought me hope and reignited my willpower to develop further once again. Wulin, there’s no need to worry too much about Gu Yue. Gu Yue’s abilities are strong enough. I think that the barrier between you and her is mainly derived from the competitive relationship between the Spirit Pagoda and the Tang Sect. If you truly loved her, then put all your effort into making yourself more powerful. Power is always the foundation for everything else in this world. When you’re powerful enough, every impossibility will become possible. I’m overjoyed that I haven’t seen you get dispirited or give up. Your greatest advantage is that your courage mounts as the battle progresses so that you never flinch from difficulty. This will also be the root of your success. For Gu Yue, yourself and also your companions, work hard and go forward!”
“Yes, I’ll certainly do that.” Tang Wulin clenched his fists tightly as he answered in a sonorous and forceful manner.
The test proceeded smoothly afterward. Tang Wulin produced extremely shocking data in every test that was related to his body. The durability of his skin was enough to be on par with a defense-type soul beast of over one thousand years. It was astonishing. Judging by his overall data, he truly was less like a human and more like a monster with a human appearance.
“Alright. That’s all for the tests. I’ll hand over this set of data immediately to the Sea God Pavilion. You’ve just returned to the inner court. I believe that the Sea God Pavilion will appoint a tutor for you straightaway. In my opinion, your grandteacher is the most likely to be appointed. You’ve learned from him beforehand after all. You should pay a visit to the Spirit Pagoda now to name your battle armor.”
The naming of one-word battle armor!
This was absolutely every soul master’s most yearned-for event. A complete set of one-word battle armor was required to do so.
One was only allowed to name the one-word battle armor with a single word, but every soul master anticipated the naming even if it was only one word. This was because this was evidence of their power and also unparalleled pride.
Tang Wulin looked toward his companions subconsciously and found that everyone was looking back at him too.
Xie Xie laughed and spoke, “Big brother, we’ve always known that you’d return. That’s why we’ve not put much effort into our two-word battle armors all this time despite already owning complete sets of one-word battle armors for some time. You must help us to begin our forging soon! That way, we can have an overall elevation of our battle armors.”
The group of them laughed in unison.
Yuanen Yehui spoke, “You’re the only blacksmith we trust, since only you understand the requirements for our battle armor metal the most.”
Tang Wulin asked, “Have all of you named your battle armors?”
Yuanen Yehui nodded. “Generally, one-word battle armor’s name is related to one’s martial soul, or perhaps you can say the first two words of the name are related to one’s martial soul.”
Xie Xie sniggered. He spoke, “When you have a higher word count then you can use words related to your lover. Yuanen, which part of your name should I use when my battle armor’s rank is higher in the future?”
Yuanen Yehui’s charming face blushed. “As you please.”
Xie Xie sniggered. “Then I’ll need to give it some thought.”
Tang Wulin was slightly distracted by his battle armor’s name. He suddenly recalled Wu Zhangkong’s battle armor name – Sky Ice. His two-word battle armor was named Sky Ice. Wu Zhangkong’s Sky Ice. The word ‘sky’ was derived from his martial soul Skyfrost Sword and ‘ice’ from his lover Long Bing 1 ‘s name.
What a waste that he could only use one word to name his battle armor now so he did not have much choice on that. He could wait until he was permitted two words…
“Then I shall go over to register myself now,” Tang Wulin announced.
Everyone left for their own cultivation as they walked out of the academy. Tang Wulin exited Shrek Academy’s inner court alone and boarded a taxi as he headed straight for Spirit Pagoda headquarter.
The Spirit Pagoda was considered an absolute colossus for a soul master like him. Lofty sentiments suddenly surged in Tang Wulin’s heart as he could see the colossal pagoda-shaped building from afar.
If there was a day when he had to fight the entire Spirit Pagoda organization for Gu Yue, what would he do? As long as he was powerful enough, nothing was impossible.
‘Gu Yue, wait for me. I’ll certainly become more powerful for you. Not only myself, but I’ll make sure that I wield powerful influence. I’ll stand by your side when you need me one day. I’ll even seize you if I have to.”
He walked into the Spirit Pagoda. Even though this was not his first time going there, he was still awed by the place like always.
A member of staff stepped forward to greet him. “Hello. How can I help you?”
Tang Wulin answered, “I would like to register a name for my battle armor.”
A sense of surprise flashed past the man’s eyes. He sized Tang Wulin up. “Are you from Shrek Academy?”
“Hmm.” Tang Wulin nodded.
The expression on his face immediately became respectful. “Please follow me.”
Tang Wulin followed him to a rather spacious elevator. The exterior was encased in glass, so he could see the scenery outside.
Soon, the car rose upward swiftly as the ground rapidly shrank in his visual field. It felt like he was suddenly flying upward.
“Ding!” The elevator stopped when the number displayed on the screen was one hundred and one.
“Welcome to Spirit Pagoda’s Level One Hundred and One – Sky Dragon’s Roar.” He made a hand gesture for him to go ahead.
He walked out of the elevator as another staff member immediately stepped forward to welcome him. This one was a different person from the previous staff dressed in ordinary attire. The staff member before his eyes was a young maiden with a charming appearance. She was dressed in a long, white lacy dress with a faint dragon pattern. She was elegant and would have been about twenty years old.
Her eyes brightened as well when she saw Tang Wulin. What a handsome young man he was!
She was well aware of the reason someone would be brought to Level One Hundred and One. She saluted Tang Wulin respectfully before gesturing for him to come in. “Our respected battle armor master, please follow me.”
In his heart, Tang Wulin was feeling somewhat touched. The treatment given to a battle armor master was indeed something else. His teacher had been right about how power was everything in the soul masters’ world.
He began to size up the so-called Level One Hundred and One Sky Dragon’s Roar at the same time.