The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 779 - One-word Battle Armor: Dragon

Chapter 779: One-word Battle Armor: Dragon

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Only someone like Tang Wulin who possessed the spirit alloy could possibly achieve a higher grade battle armor. It would require a strong metallic body with a high degree of amplification and good forging skills to produce such a battle armor.
There was no doubt that Tang Wulin’s one-word Battle Armor was exceedingly powerful. It was forged with a spirit alloy of eighty-five percent harmony rate. In addition, it was designed by Gu Yue and fabricated by Ye Xinglan.
Only then could such a rare black grade one-word Battle Armor be produced.
The two beautiful personnel seemed to have seen a ghost the moment they looked at Tang Wulin. This was even more surprising to them than when they first thought that Tang Wulin was a two-word battle armor master.
A black, one-word Battle Armor signified that the battle armor master possessed profound inner secrets. A one-word Battle Armor made of spirit alloy was as rare as phoenix feathers or a unicorn’s horn in the soul masters’ world! Furthermore, a one-word Battle Armor made of spirit alloy could be upgraded directly without the need to forge again. One would only need to add in the metal to produce a higher grade alloy and then fabricate a new design. This was much easier than to produce a new two-word Battle Armor.
Hence, the spirit alloy One-word Battle Armor would be considered a futuristic design.
Tang Wulin was young and handsome. How could the female staff resist ogling at him?
“Is it done?” Tang Wulin had to ask twice before the two female staff responded to the question.
Shui Yu hastily spoke, “Yes, it’s done. Please follow us.”
The registration process involved filling in a form with details of one’s academy, age, battle armor master grade, and most importantly the battle armor’s name.
“Dragon!” Shui Yu looked at Tang Wulin in astonishment.
There were many people naming their battle armors ‘dragon’ which related to their martial souls, but there was hardly any spirit alloy one-word battle armor masters. Shui Yu could not help making wild guesses about Tang Wulin’s abilities.
Tang Wulin named his battle armor ‘Dragon’ just as he willingly buried the true Dragon Clan’s bones. It was the Golden Dragon King bloodline that made him. Since then, he had made the decision to use ‘dragon’ as the first word of his battle armor’s name.
Thus, he could use ‘Dragon Tang Wulin’ to address himself as a one-word battle armor master.
Generally, one would only address oneself as such when one had accomplished a two-word battle armor in the battle armor masters’ world. The reason being a one-word name sounded plain. Also, many battle armor master thought of themselves as true battle armor master only upon owning a two-word battle armor. However, a spirit alloy one-word battle armor was an exception.
Tang Wulin boarded the elevator and returned to the ground level under the fixed gaze of Shui Yu. He was not in the mood to exchange his communicator’s number with her. Usually, the Spirit Pagoda’s staff were ethical in not flirting with the visitors. In Tang Wulin’s case, they only looked at him with a longing gaze.
Tang Wulin left the Spirit Pagoda and could not help looking back instinctively. There was a look of confusion in his eyes. ‘Gu Yue, are you there? Are you in the Spirit Pagoda? Where else can you be?’
‘Wait for me. Soon, I’ll have the second word to my name. By then, your name will be the second word.”
Shrek Academy’s inner court finally made arrangements for Tang Wulin. They first confirmed his identity as an inner court disciple. At the same time, he was confirmed as the new captain of Shrek Seven Monsters substituting Gu Yue. This had been decided three years ago.
In addition, Tang Wulin was allowed to live on Sea God’s Island. His appointed tutor was his grandteacher, Zhuo Shi.
It was apparent that the letter Na’er left behind for Atlas Douluo was not in Tang Wulin’s favor. Tang Wulin was not in Atlas Doulou’s good books due to Na’er’s incident.
Atlas Douluo was a virtuous person. In his view, Tang Wulin managed to get the attention of so many females, so he must certainly be doing something that was attractive to them. Tang Wulin was the cause of Na’er’s departure which made Atlas Douluo extremely displeased. Yet, Tang Wulin’s contribution to Shrek Academy was immense. Thus, even Atlas Douluo was incapable of revoking Tang Wulin’s title as the captain of Shrek Seven Monsters unless Tang Wulin made a grave mistake.
Moreover, Tang Wulin’s physical test made a rather impressive effect during the Sea God Pavilion meeting.
“Good boy!” Zhuo Shi slapped Tang Wulin’s shoulder. Tang Wulin bared his teeth unceasingly with the slap from this old man.
“You’ve truly made me proud. What’s going on with that physical test of yours? Your right fist’s strength is over one hundred thousand kilograms. Hahaha! You didn’t see the elders’ expressions during the meeting. Even the Light Dark Douluo Elder Long was extremely surprised. From now on, you shall stay on Sea God’s Island and continue to pursue your advanced studies with me. You’ll need to learn my Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves, and also elevate that piteously low soul power of yours quickly. Your soul power is less than your comrades by one level. How did you manage to become Shrek Seven Monsters’ captain?”
“Yes, I’ll certainly learn diligently.”
Zhuo Shi’s Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves turned into the Golden Dragon Nine Moves naturally in Tang Wulin’s hands. Till now, he had mastered it and was even well-versed with Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.
This could be the best method for Tang Wulin to use his blood essence power. He had yearned for the Scarlet Dragon Nine Moves for a long time. It was because of the limitation of his cultivation base that he did not manage to learn earlier.
Now that his soul power was much elevated than before, he had achieved four rings at least. More importantly, the blood essence power in his body was now exceedingly thick and condensed akin to mercury, so he would yield twice the result with half the effort in cultivating this Golden Dragon Nine Moves.
Zhuo Shi did not take Tang Wulin too seriously when Tang Wulin mentioned he was going to learn diligently. However, it turned out Tang Wulin was indeed serious about what he said.
Tang Wulin soon began learning under Zhuo Shi’s guidance. He learned without stopping.
What did it mean by without stopping? He did not rest at all.
He did three things only every day: practice Golden Dragon Nine Moves, meditate, and forge.
These were the three things he did daily. He considered meditation as a break for him as he continued learning as soon as his soul power was restored. He spent three hours daily on forging and the remaining time was spent on meditating and practicing the Golden Dragon Nine Moves.
This was considered normal practice for an inner court student, but only when the practice is for a day or two. However, in Tang Wulin’s case, he cultivated in this manner for three months.
The strong bloodline power in his body was finally aroused from the cultivation of the Golden Dragon Nine Moves. He relied on his strong bloodline power that he was not fatigued at all.
Tang Wulin seemed to be another person at present in Zhuo Shi’s eyes. He was completely different from three years ago. Tang Wulin’s gifted natural endowments when he cultivated the Golden Dragon Nine Moves exceeded Zhuo Shi’s expectation.
Three months seemed short for a soul master’s cultivation, but Tang Wulin cultivated for three months and yielded results that were equal to an ordinary soul master’s cultivation for a year. Even the most hardworking inner court disciple in Shrek Academy could only cultivate for half the time Tang Wulin spent in cultivation.
Thus, he was a whole new person within three short months.
“Grandteacher!” Tang Wulin saluted Zhuo Shi respectfully.
Zhuo Shi spoke with a pleasant smile on his face, “Is there anything that you don’t understand?”
Tang Wulin shook his head. “No, grandteacher. I wish to stop cultivating the Golden Dragon Nine Moves temporarily.”
Zhuo Shi who had a nasty temper would have slapped and scolded Tang Wulin for being lazy had he been another disciple.
However, he felt relieved when Tang Wulin said that. Was the young fellow finally feeling exhausted and wish to rest?
“Hmm, very well. You ought to relax for a while. Adequate relaxation is beneficial for follow-up cultivation.”
Tang Wulin shook his head. “It’s not like that, grandteacher. I’m not taking a rest. I plan to challenge the bottleneck of rank-50. I’ve already cultivated my soul power to the peak of rank-49.
He had only spent three months to elevate himself from rank-47 to the peak of rank-49!
The Body Sect’s cultivation method had stimulated his body. In addition to the awakening of the Bluesilver Emperor, Tang Wulin’s soul power cultivation speed was finally elevated. He had achieved an unprecedented level. His soul power had finally reached the threshold of another breakthrough as a result of his painstaking efforts.
Zhuo Shi’s mouth was agape. “I think you ought to slow down for a few days to recuperate yourself before you begin the breakthrough.”
Tang Wulin spoke, “Grandteacher, my body is in an extremely good state. I have a feeling that I can do this. The bottleneck of rank-50 is not that tough. Please allow me to have a go at breaking through. I’ll think about rest when I’m done breaking through to rank-50.”
Zhuo Shi hesitated slightly before he nodded. “Alright then, I’ll help to protect you.”
“Thank you, grandteacher.”
It was difficult for Zhuo Shi to say no to Tang Wulin. What did he do for the past three months? He managed to cultivate his soul power to the peak of rank-49, while at the same time, he had accomplished four moves out of the Golden Dragon Nine Moves. He did not just exercise basic control over the moves but he had achieved mastery through his comprehensive learning.
The three final moves of Zhuo Shi’s Golden Dragon Nine Moves required a large amount of soul power that it could not be substituted with blood essence power.
Thus, Zhuo Shi felt there was nothing more he could teach Tang Wulin presently.
Feng Wuyu had the same feeling too.