The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 780 - The Old Man in the Dream

Chapter 780: The Old Man in the Dream

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Tang Wulin’s forging had already achieved the peak level of a rank-6 blacksmith. He was only a step behind a rank-7 blacksmith which required the completion of soul forging.
Feng Wuyu was capable of that but he could only tell Tang Wulin about his experience in soul forging. Tang Wulin had been attempting all along but was not successful. Feng Wuyu suggested that he look for the Divine Craftsmen Zhen Hua, the number one Divine Craftsmen with a profound mastery of soul forging. Feng Wuyu had no choice but to allow his favorite disciple to learn from Zhen Hua for the sake of Tang Wulin’s future.
Tang Wulin’s heart had already calmed down after three months. Perhaps, it was his hectic cultivation schedule that distracted him such that he had no time to worry about anything else.
He used a large amount of rare metals he accumulated and his rank-six blacksmith’s experience to complete four types of metal fuse forging within three months. Moreover, he performed modifications on the battle armor for himself and his comrades.
In other words, he had upgraded the material’s quality of their one-word Battle Armors. What was left to be done was crafting their battle armors afterward.
Gu Yue had already completed the designs earlier, just like Ye Xinglan who had elevated to a rank-6 mecha craftsmen could now begin crafting her two-word battle armor.
However, there were still some difficulties when they were crafting their two-word battle armors just like when they were crafting the one-word battle armor back in the beginning. They did not possess adequate cultivation base.
Typically, one would require a cultivation base of six rings in order to completely don a two-word battle armor.
Zhuo Shi said, “Since you’re going to attempt to break through to five rings, I shall bring you to a place.” He grabbed Tang Wulin’s shoulder and leaped into the air as he was saying that. In the next instant, both of them vanished in mid-air.
Tang Wulin could only feel the wind howling past his ear. It seemed like only a few seconds had passed when he landed on solid ground once again.
This was a small valley located on Sea God’s Island apparently. Its surroundings were lush green vegetation with a dense, life source. The fragrance of plants filled the air.
Tang Wulin whose martial soul was the Bluesilver Grass could not help feeling overjoyed. The natural, dense source of the place could not be better for him to attempt breakthrough.
He hastily sat and crossed his legs as he began to enter a meditative state.
Zhuo Shi stood by Tang Wulin’s side as he sensed the change in Tang Wulin’s soul power fluctuation.
Tang Wulin’s mind calmed down as soon as he listened to the sound of wind blowing past his ears and breathed in the scents of the soil and plants. It was so easy to relax oneself in the wonderful nature.
Tang Wulin’s soul power moved along the Mysterious Heaven Method’s circuit naturally. There seemed to be green flickers of light that were silently illuminated one after another in Tang Wulin’s spiritual world. Those were the plants by his side.
They sensed the Bluesilver Emperor’s aura on Tang Wulin’s body so they emitted friendly signals immediately as they echoed each other.
Faint blue radiance was emitted from Tang Wulin’s body as his black hair gradually turned blue from fusing with his aura. It seemed like he was a part of the great nature.
Even Zhuo Shi could not discern Tang Wulin’s presence despite his profound cultivation base by just relying on his sensation without using his eyesight.
Zhuo Shi nodded quietly. Tang Wulin’s current state signified that he had truly comprehended the secrets behind his own martial soul.
This was great!
The Golden Dragon King bloodline’s aura was completely restrained. Only the Bluesilver Emperor’s aura was present. Gradually, his perception of the plants spread out toward the far end. Green flickers of light proliferated in Tang Wulin’s spiritual world.
His soul power was elevating while exerting a subtle influence on him. More plants were emitting their own aura and even unleashing their tiny bits of energy to fuse into Tang Wulin’s aura. The Bluesilver Emperor’s aura that was unleashed from his body following the rhythm of his breathing was channeled to the plants. The plants exuded joyous and excited emotions from his action. It was easier for the plants to produce their spiritual intelligence due to the influence of the Bluesilver Emperor’s aura.
Tang Wulin’s face cracked into a faint smile. He felt as if he had found many relatives in the flora and they were flourishing together. His spiritual world was spreading out on an even larger scale and covered the entire Sea God’s Island.
All of a sudden, Tang Wulin’s body shook. He sensed something unusual that was radiating from the plants. The feeling was different from the emission of the plants on Sea God’s Island which were on a higher life level. Yet at this moment, there seemed to be a special trait that was emitted from these plants.
Those green flickers of light gradually turned golden in his spiritual world as they blended with his Bluesilver Emperor’s aura. Most importantly, the energy that was being channeled to him was suddenly elevated.
Instantaneously, Tang Wulin felt as if an enormous creature charged forcefully into his spiritual world with such a loud bang that his body shook intensely.
Then, he discovered in astonishment that there was the addition of a colossal golden ball of light in his spiritual world. It was so large that it filled his spiritual world to the brink.
In the next moment, Tang Wulin’s consciousness blurred. Right after, he discovered in surprise that he had arrived in a golden world.
In his surroundings were all sorts of colorful, varied plants. These plants were in a faint golden color and emitted a life source that Tang Wulin had never felt before in his life.
The dense life source made him breathe in large gulps, with every breath elevating his life level.
“Young boy. The aura on your body is of Bluesilver Emperor,” an aged voice suddenly echoed. Then, Tang Wulin saw an old man walking slowly out of the woods.
He appeared truly peculiar with his already bent body enshrouded in a bright golden color. His long beard touched the ground, so was his long white hair, and even his brows were touching the ground. His faint golden eyes were exceedingly clear as he looked at Tang Wulin with an astonished look.
“Hello. Where’s this?” Tang Wulin asked in surprise.
The old man replied, “You haven’t answered me. Where does the Bluesilver Emperor’s aura on your body come from?”
Tang Wulin answered, “My martial soul is precisely the Bluesilver Emperor!”
The old man smiled as he shook his head. “That’s impossible. Mankind can never possess the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul. Tell me, how did it come to you?”
Tang Wulin was stunned. “Why can’t mankind possess the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul?”
The old man explained, “Because the Bluesilver Emperor is the same as me. We belong to the highest life level of the plant world. It’s impossible for us to combine with another life form. Unless you’re part of the Bluesilver Emperor, you don’t possess the Bluesilver Emperor bloodline. In simple terms, part of your body belongs to the plant. Do you understand?”
Tang Wulin spoke in a daze, “I don’t understand. What do you mean by part of my body belongs to the plant?”
The old man answered, “You’re a fool. That is to say that one of your biological parents is a plant. A human being combined with a plant gave birth to you.”
Tang Wulin cried out involuntarily, “How is that possible? How can a human being possibly combine with a plant?”
The old man spoke, “Nothing is impossible. A plant with spiritual intelligence is a soul beast. It can cultivate throughout its long life span. A plant can transform into a human being after one hundred thousand years of cultivation. So why can’t it combine with a human? I’m right, you have his aura on your body. The aura that is inherited through a skipped generation. Yes! Bluesilver Emperor can only be inherited through this lineage on the continent. The aura on your body is so dense. Whoever is capable of awakening the Bluesilver Emperor should be his direct bloodline. This is unbelievable!”
Tang Wulin was all confused. “So you’re saying that one of my parents is a one-hundred-thousand-year plant-type soul beast that transformed into a human? That’s impossible, how’s that possible? My father and mother are the most ordinary human beings.”