The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 781 - Five-ringed Soul King!

Chapter 781: Five-ringed Soul King!

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The old man spoke calmly, “I can’t discuss this because I don’t really understand what happened to you. Even so, I can sense the change in your body and your Bluesilver Emperor Bloodline. It was he who grafted me back in the beginning. He gave me the opportunity to be born so that I could take root in the ground until I was finally completely awakened and became such a life form. Since you’re his progeny, I shall give you the same opportunity as well.”
“You’re…” Tang Wulin had only said one word when all of his surroundings suddenly turned into thick yet magnificent golden color. He could feel the golden hue fuse into his body while blades of the Bluesilver Emperor surged out from him. However, his Bluesilver Emperor had turned a brilliant gold.
The grass blades plunged into the ground and turned the surrounding land golden. Golden radiance flashed on Tang Wulin’s forehead as a golden tree branch-shaped marking emerged.
In the next moment, he was completely immersed in the golden sea.
His entire body felt warm and fuzzy with an indescribable easiness. Tang Wulin discovered to his surprise that his spiritual world had completely turned into a wondrous golden color. His spiritual power had not elevated very much. In fact, it had reduced by more than half but his spiritual sea completely liquefied then reappeared in an even stickier form. Most importantly, his heart felt open. It was a permeability that he had never felt before. It made all that had confused him in cultivation previously was thoroughly understood in a split second.
The feeling was miraculous. It was as if he had suddenly become intelligent. Even though Tang Wulin understood that the situation was unbelievable, it truly felt like that.
It was not known since when his soul power’s rank-50 bottleneck had been breached so naturally. His soul power was elevated to a new level as it swept over his body, while it and his blood essence power turned into golden color, much to his surprise. His soul power was a slightly whiter gold, a little different from the pure gold of his blood essence power.
‘What’s going on? What did I actually encounter?’
His soul power flowed as rivers flow into the sea. Tang Wulin slowly exhaled a foul breath before opening his eyes.
He was greatly shocked the moment he did so. He was so astonished he leaped up from the ground immediately.
This was because he discovered that there was more than just the Scarlet Dragon Douluo Grandteacher Zhuo Shi was standing guard by his side. There was also another dozen people around him. Everyone’s body was emitting incomparably terrifying auras. The Sea God Pavilion Master, who was also Na’er’s teacher, Atlas Douluo Elder Yun Ming was standing right before Tang Wulin.
The group’s gaze was fixated on him, and they appeared to be rather unfriendly.
Tang Wulin looked at Yun Ming, then he turned his head around to look at Zhuo Shu by his side. He could not help being stunned.
There was something odd about Zhuo Shi’s expression that Tang Wulin could not determine his current mood based on his expression.
“Tell me, what’s going on?” Yun Ming spoke with a deep voice.
Tang Wulin was staring in bewilderment as he spoke, “I…I don’t know what’s going on either. Elder Yun, what happened? I was only breaking through rank-50 bottleneck earlier! What are all of you…”
The corners of Yun Ming’s lips twitched once. “Only? Only breaking through rank-50 bottleneck?” His voice was raised to an obviously higher pitch, and he sounded quite furious.
Tang Wulin gulped. He was truly unaware of what he had actually done that had triggered the Atlas Douluo’s burning anger.
Zhuo Shi coughed once as he spoke softly, “Wulin, what did you actually do earlier? All the plants on the entire Sea God’s Island turned gold not long after you began to meditate…”
Tang Wulin looked at Zhuo Shi in bewilderment. “What? The plants on Sea God’s Island turned golden, just like in my dream?
Yes, all the plants on the entire Sea God’s Island turned golden. It appeared just like an island cast in gold. The inner court disciples by the Sea God’s Island shores were stunned by what they had just witnessed. This was a majestic scene that had never been seen before in the ten-thousand-year history of Sea God’s Island ever since it was built.
“Dream?” Yun Ming looked at Tang Wulin as a speculative look flashed past his eyes. “What did you see in your dream?”
Tang Wulin hesitated ever so slightly before he explained briefly about everything that he had seen during his earlier meditation process.
The expressions of Yun Ming and the surrounding eldest Title Douluos became peculiar.
Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue sighed softly. “It’s the grand old man’s actions. However, this is truly very odd. What is he referring to actually? Pavilion Master, will you be communicating with him?”
All of a sudden, Yun Ming’s expression changed as he looked toward Tang Wulin with a blazing gaze. “You mentioned earlier that your martial soul is the Bluesilver Emperor, and that old man asked you the same question as well?”
“That’s right!” Tang Wulin spoke without the slightest hesitation.
“The Bluesilver Emperor and its bloodline could not possibly be inherited through the Bluesilver Emperor martial soul. Could it be that the old man was referring to…” Yun Ming’s face revealed that he was immediately shocked.
It had already been a very long time since such an expression had ever appeared on a person of his status and identity. Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue appeared to have recalled something as well. The expression on her face was similarly unusual. There was even shock within the eyes of the two great Title Douluos.
Tang Wulin spoke in a clearly confused manner, “Pavilion Master, what do you mean?”
Yun Ming inhaled a deep breath and spoke with a deep voice, “In the history of Shrek Academy, you’re not the first student to possess Bluesilver Emperor martial soul. You’re the second person. Before you, there was someone else who had the Bluesilver Emperor. You should know about that already.”
Tang Wulin felt a jerk in his heart, then he spoke with a respectful expression on his face, “You mean the almighty who created Tang Sect? The person who was also the first generation Shrek Seven Monsters of Shrek Academy?”
Yun Ming nodded. “It’s indeed him. According to Elder Gold’s words, your bloodline is possibly inherited from that…”
Tang Wulin’s face was filled with shock. “How-how is this possible? That was a person who existed over twenty thousand years ago. If he had an heir, then I shouldn’t be the second person to possess Bluesilver Emperor martial soul either. Moreover, Pavilion Master, my martial soul was originally the Bluesilver Grass then it became the Bluesilver Emperor when it was triggered by my bloodline’s elevation recently. It should be considered my martial soul’s second awakening.”
Yun Ming looked at him with profound meaning in his eyes. “The first ancestor from twenty thousand years ago possessed the same Bluesilver Grass and became the Bluesilver Emperor after the awakening. He possessed such a bloodline because his mother was a one-hundred-thousand-year Bluesilver Emperor that cultivated into a human being. Elder Gold can never be wrong because no one understands the plant-type martial soul’s world more than the grand old man. Thus, your bloodline is possibly inherited from that person. Even though it’s separated by many generations, your surname is Tang as well.”
Tang Wulin was slightly confused. “So you mean that the old man in my dream truly exists?”
Yun Ming gave a cold grunt. “Do you realize that energy at the true center of Sea God’s Island has lessened by more than thirty percent during your meditation process?”
Tang Wulin’s face was filled with confusion. Of course he did not realize that, and he was utterly unaware of what Yun Ming was telling him.
“Everyone follow me.” Yun Ming waved his huge sleeve at Tang Wulin as he spoke. Tang Wulin could only feel as if he had lost control of his body in a split second. He became dizzy as the vision before his eyes blurred, but he was not feeling unwell either.
There was a single brilliant flash if light. When the vision before his eyes became crystal clear once again, he had already arrived at another location.
The first scene that came into view was a towering tree. The giant tree was so enormous that its crown seemed boundless. A large treehouse was built under it that was completely supporting the massive tree’s existence. A plaque inscribed with three large words was hanging on the treehouse.
‘Sea God Pavilion’!
Tang Wulin was shocked. This was his first time visiting here, but there was no doubt that this was Sea God Pavilion, the most central location of Shrek Academy and even Shrek City! This was the place that only the fellow Sea God Pavilion’s elders were allowed to stay.