The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 783 - Nature’s Child

Chapter 783: Nature’s Child

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Yun Ming frowned and spoke, “It should be because his cultivation base was not enough, his soul power was inadequate to urge his soul skill. Hence, the effect of soul skill was not revealed. Let me give you a hand and try it out.”
He moved in a flash and arrived behind Tang Wulin’s back as he was saying that. The hand that was pressing on Tang Wulin’s shoulder initially had shifted to the middle of Tang Wulin’s back now.
Tang Wulin could feel a gush of extremely gentle but also unusually dense and pure soul power slowly infusing into his body and filling his dried meridians rapidly.
It was the Mysterious Heaven Method!
This was absolutely the purest form of the Mysterious Heaven Method. Tang Wulin was surprised because he did not expect the Pavilion Master to cultivate in the Mysterious Heaven Method as well.
“Calm and empty your mind. Focus your attention. Try urging your soul ring!”
How high was Yun Ming’s cultivation base? He cultivated in the Mysterious Heaven Method as well so it was quite easy for him to imitate Tang Wulin’s soul power. Tang Wulin hastily moved his soul power and infused into his fifth soul ring.
A greenish gold radiance appeared once again and absorbed the soul power in Tang Wulin’s body like a whale.
It was only through actual contact that he could truly sense how terrifying a hyper powerhouse’s power was. Tang Wulin felt the Mysterious Heaven Method’s soul power which radiated from his back flowing and surging like a great river. Even though the green soul ring was swallowing swiftly, it did not affect the level of soul power in Tang Wulin’s body at all.
The greenish-gold soul ring became more dazzling. Tang Wulin could feel as if something was slowly blooming in his sea of spirit. When he focused his attention and took a glance, the sea of spirit turned greenish gold as well much to his surprise.
He raised his head slightly as a thread of green light emerged silently in the middle of his forehead. The thread of light appeared like a newly germinating seed. Soon after, a greenish gold halo bloomed forth from Tang Wulin’s forehead.
The halo diffused into the surrounding area with a diameter of ten meters before it slowly landed on the ground.
The rest of the Title Douluos dropped back a distance instinctively as they witnessed a miraculous change of scene at present.
The greenish-gold halo landed on the ground and turned green. A lustrous and dazzling green glowed from within the halo as greenish gold runes slowly emerged. The runes did not appear on the surface of the ground but were suspended in mid-air.
Extremely dense life source burst out from the halo, but the vitality was not for human absorption as it belonged to the plant world.
Tang Wulin’s arms spread out from his sides subconsciously. Soon after, the green aura that appeared earlier was now behind his back as the greenish gold figure that was a replica of himself emerged once again.
Enormous greenish gold vines surged out from the center of the greenish gold figure. There was a total of twelve vines and each vine was as thick as a water jug. The vines dropped down from the sky and plunged straight into the ground.
All of a sudden, the ground turned greenish-gold at a spot with the color spreading out across the ground. All the plants turned into gold upon contact with the spreading color.
It was even more terrifying when these golden plants began to sway and emit an unusually dense energy fluctuation.
Tang Wulin was completely immersed in his spiritual world at present. He felt his consciousness covered the entire Sea God’s Island in a split second. Then, his consciousness began to spread outward Sea God’s Island and covered the entire inner part of Shrek City in the next moment. All the plants in Shrek City’s inner city turned golden as well.
The plants were like Tang Wulin’s eyes and arms. Wherever his consciousness swept over, he was capable of controlling these plants into doing anything.
What was even more shocking was that Tang Wulin discovered he could send his consciousness through these plants anywhere and an indescribable sense of potency arose continuously. Each and every plant seemed to be contributing all its energy into him. As long as his body could withstand it, the energy in his body could be elevated continuously.
At the same time, all the plants were absorbing the origin energy in the air furiously and transforming the origin energy into the purest form of life energy to nourish themselves and Tang Wulin as well.
He sensed everything quieting down. All of a sudden, his vision darkened. Before he knew it, he was unconscious.
When he awakened, the sky had already darkened outside. Tang Wulin had a splitting headache as if something was about to tear open his head.
He could not help moaning in pain.
“Are you awake?” A gentle voice echoed by his side.
Tang Wulin turned his head to the side subconsciously. His vision was still slightly blurred but he could make out that it was Atlas Douluo Sea God Pavilion Master Yun Ming.
“Pavilion Master.” Tang Wulin struggled in an attempt to sit up, but he realized that he did not even have an ounce of strength. Not that he was completely without strength in his body, only his spirit was too weak. He even felt that he had no control over his body.
“It’s my fault for being inconsiderate. Lie down.” Yun Ming arrived by Tang Wulin’s side and stuck a golden pearl on his forehead.
Tang Wulin could feel a gush of refreshing sensation radiating from the spot between his eyes. His pain diminished immediately.
Yun Ming spoke, “It’s highly possible that you made history. You have an impressive soul skill.”
“Huh?” Tang Wulin looked at him in astonishment. His vision became crystal clear as his spirit recovered.
Yun Ming spoke, “If my guess is correct, that fifth soul skill of yours should be formed by the fusion of Bluesilver Emperor and Gold Tree. We can’t determine its form or age right now, but I can tell you that your soul skill is a domain-type soul skill. Moreover, it’s one that has a wide scope. In other words, it’s capable of covering an extensively large domain. Your soul skill should have the largest domain, at least, according to the soul skills within my current knowledge.”
“We can gather some information through your changes at the time, but we’ll still need your input. We could sense that all the plants that were covered by your soul skill and perception turned into gold. These golden plants would absorb the origin energy and all sorts of elements from the surrounding air. In other words, your soul skill is capable of producing the effect that is close or even better than elemental stripping. The powers of all the element-type soul masters within your domain would be greatly limited. Of course, this is based on the premise that there are adequate plants in the domain for your perusal.”
“And also, your cultivation base is rapidly elevated when your soul power receives the regurgitation from your soul skill. At its highest peak, your cultivation base is elevated to the standards close to rank-80. In other words, you have elevated your soul power more than tenfold.”
Elevating one’s soul power from rank-40 to rank-80 was more than just doubling the increase. The soul power increment was not a linear increment according to the rank. Tenfold was just a conservative estimate. Tang Wulin’s concentrated soul power could be more than just tenfold.
“There was no way we could feel any more in the end, because I just discovered then that the soul skill not only required an extremely large amount of soul power to launch it, but it also consumed a large amount of your spiritual power during the process of launching the soul skill. You managed to sustain for thirteen seconds in total during the process at the time. Your spiritual power that had already exceeded seven thousand points could only sustain for thirteen seconds. This is too terrifying.”
“Overall, we are still far from completely understanding the soul skill’s ability at our current situation. Did you feel anything?”
Tang Wulin considered for a moment before he answered, “I could only feel my spiritual world turning greenish-gold at the time just like my soul ring’s color. Then, I could see far into the distance of my spiritual world. All the plants seemed to be my eyes, and I could even transmit myself to another location. I was capable of controlling the plants into doing anything I wished. I felt the regurgitation that you mentioned. As long as my body could withstand it, it seemed like pure life energy would constantly infuse into my body and transform into my soul power.”