The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 784 - Punishment?

Chapter 784: Punishment?

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“Fixed location? Control over plants. Very well, that’s two more areas.” Yun Ming spoke as if he was deep in thought, “That is to say that if you are capable of controlling this soul skill, you can transmit yourself to any plant within your soul skill’s control and launch an attack enhanced by your increased soul power. Is that right?”
Tang Wulin answered, “I think so. However, I can’t seem to control well. I can sense all these, but I can’t remember anything else.”
Yun Ming nodded. “It’s already not an easy task to sense all these. Hmm, from now on, don’t think about using your soul power before you elevate yourself to eight-ring and break through your spiritual power to Spirit Domain.”
Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. “So you’re saying that I shouldn’t trigger this soul skill without rank-80 soul power?”
Yun Ming spoke, “Yes. According to the total amount of soul power I infused into your body at the time, it should be around that. Fortunately, you cultivated the Mysterious Heaven Method. You’ll only need someone with adequate cultivation in the Mysterious Heaven Method to infuse soul power into you if you wish to use the soul skill by force. However, most people are incapable of ensuring that the output soul power is purely soul power without mixing it with one’s martial soul attribute. Thus, don’t take it lightly, because the other person’s martial soul attribute will affect you and even result in accidental possession.”
Of course, Yun Ming did not fall into the category of ‘other person’. It was not an issue for him to strip away a portion of his excess soul power, but it was highly possible that another person would not succeed.
Tang Wulin swallowed a gulp of saliva. ‘Spiritual power of Spirit Domain? That seems to be too far away from my current level, let alone eight-ring. I don’t even know how long it’ll take me to be an eight-ring. It’s quite apparent that I can’t trigger this soul skill with my blood essence power.’
He did not feel excited although he had gained a powerful soul skill. On the contrary, Tang Wulin was felt gloomy.
Fifth soul skill, this was his fifth soul skill!
The fifth soul skill couldn’t be any more powerful, but what was the point if he could not use it? He would have to wait until he was an eight-ring before he could use his fifth soul skill. Hence, it would not enhance his power now, so it seemed as useless as a chicken rib bone.
Furthermore, he would need to ensure that his spiritual power attained Spirit Domain in order to use the soul skill in the future. Was it going to be easy to achieve Spirit Domain?
Spirit Abyss was already the ultimate level for most soul masters. Although Spirit Domain and Spirit Abyss differed by one level only, their effects were poles apart.
Tang Wulin’s spiritual power was elevated to Spirit Abyss without him noticing it because he received the Dragon Clan’s protection when he was burying dragon bones in the Dragon Valley. Apparently, such an opportunity was not easily gained.
Put differently, it was highly possible that he had no way of using the soul skill if his spiritual power failed to achieve Spirit Domain.
Such a chicken rib bone would be tasteless, yet it would be a waste to throw it away. How could Tang Wulin not feel gloomy?
However, Yun Ming did not have the same thoughts. He had thought long and hard about it when Tang Wulin was unconscious. His eyes were bright and glowing as he looked at Tang Wulin. “The elevation of your soul power can be advanced gradually in due order to make full use of this soul skill, but I think you should prioritize elevating your spiritual power. The spiritual power’s cultivation method is limited, so you can only focus on cultivating Tang Sect’s Purple Demon Eyes at the moment. However, you should not rush the Purple Demon Eyes cultivation. I’ll do my best to help you look for a technique to cultivate spiritual power.”
“Sure, thank you.”
Yun Ming’s expression suddenly dimmed. “However, it was you who caused the Gold Tree’s energy to weaken by thirty percent. You must redeem yourself for the academy. The Sea God Pavilion committee has already decided on the punishment for you after our discussion.”
‘Punishment?’ Tang Wulin felt his chest tightened.
‘What is it? It’s fine as long as it doesn’t affect my cultivation.”
Yun Ming spoke in a deep voice, “You must leave the academy for a period of time. Go out and seek experiences. Not only you but your Shrek Squad as well. All of you are still young with an impressive cultivation base, so the most important thing to do now is to strengthen yourselves. All of you will be sent to the federation army by the academy. You will all receive the toughest training over there. All of you will be allowed to return any time when you get the army’s approval.”
‘Army training as punishment?’ Tang Wulin’s gaze appeared slightly peculiar. ‘It ain’t much to go into the army, even if it’s the mecha troop.’
They were all top students of Shrek Academy and one-word Battle Armor Masters! They were capable of undertaking anything with their powers in the world outside. How could they be bothered with army training?
Tang Wulin was feeling puzzled.
However, he soon noticed the smile on Yun Ming’s face. For some unknown reason, Tang Wulin always felt that the Sea God Pavilion Master’s smile carried a sense of cruelty. Perhaps, it was schadenfreude.
“The army troop is named Under Federation’s Flag. However, they don’t actually belong to the Federation. More to the point, the Federation is uncertain about the army troop’s power. You’ll find out when you’ve arrived there. It’s not an easy task to join this army troop. Take a rest and go home when your spirit has recovered tomorrow. I’ll give all of you a few more days to prepare. Depart immediately when you’re fully recovered.”
Atlas Douluo did not express himself clearly so Tang Wulin could not inquire much naturally. An army troop that the Sea God Pavilion Master thought highly of would certainly be impressive! They were certainly not some ordinary army troop, yet what could they be?
He did not have a good understanding of the army so he could not possibly figure out the answer no matter how hard he thought! Tang Wulin refused to think about it any further. Evasive measures would be taken when there was a necessity. Had they not encounter many events along their path? It was just an army training, there was nothing that they could not overcome.
The news about how Sea God’s Island and Shrek City’s plants turned to gold quietened down soon after. To the lay public, it appeared that Shrek Academy’s elders were conducting some powerful cultivation abilities. Naturally, this added another veil of mystery over Shrek Academy.
Five days later, Tang Wulin and his comrades were ordered to gather at Shrek inner court’s square.
Elder Cai came as Sea God Pavilion’s representative.
Tang Wulin had a bad premonition when he saw Elder Cai. Tasks that were arranged by Elder Cai were never easy to complete.
“Army training? At least one year’s army training?” Everyone found out about the army training, but they did not have a clear idea what it entailed.
Tang Wulin looked toward his comrades while they looked back at him in turn. Tang Wulin had been staying on Sea God’s Island these past few days. He had not been with them. In fact, Tang Wulin had not appeared before them for the past six months except to provide them with rare metals for forging.
Tang Wulin was planning to pay a visit to his uncle who was a master craftsman initially, but he had no time for that anymore. He could only do it when the so-called army training ended. Feng Wuyu had already imparted some skills and cultivation techniques of Soul Forging to Tang Wulin. He would still need more work on his technical skills.
“Captain, what’s going on?” Yue Zhengyu asked Tang Wulin softly. He was standing right next to Tang Wulin while Xu Xiaoyan stood on the other side of the squad. Tang Wulin could tell that the relationship between the two had yet to heal, only that it did not appear to be so on the surface.
Tang Wulin shook his head. “I don’t know the specific details of the army training, but I can tell you that this is the punishment meted out to me by Elder Yun personally.”
Yue Zhengyu widened his mouth in surprise when he heard that.
What kind of person was Yun Ming? It was not an exaggeration if he was described as the head honcho on Douluo Continent. It would be odd if it was a simple army training when he personally told Tang Wulin that it was a punishment.
Meanwhile, Elder Cai had already arrived before them. Elder Cai coughed once as she looked at the seven people before her which included Tang Wulin.
“All of you are adults now. Military service is every Federation citizen’s responsibility. You are of age to perform military service. The army training period is equal to your term of military service. The term is for a maximum of two years. I hope that all of you can complete the two years of military service and return when you’re done.”
“Hope that we can complete it? Why does this sound so frightening?”
Xie Xie could not help asking, “Elder Cai, what sort of military service is this? Can you please give us an idea?”
Elder Cai darted a look at him. “Can we simply discuss military secrets? I can only tell you that there are less than thirty people from our academy who had successfully participated in this military service at the moment. There are only four people capable of completing two years of military service. These four don’t include me.”
Tang Wulin spoke in astonishment, “Is the Sea God Pavilion’s elders included in the thirty people you mentioned?”
Elder Cai nodded, “Of course, but not all. Not every elder has participated in this type of military service before. Very well, it’s quite pointless to discuss it now because you won’t be getting much information from me. It’s better to prepare rather than worry too much. I hope that all of you will gain something from this military service. I’m going to talk about the precautions now.”